Fun Facts About Paige Wyatt’s Career Pursuits, Her Net Worth Recent Whereabouts

Ever heard of the American reality television series The American Guns? The show revolves around Paige Wyatt and her family, as well as their daily activities in their gun store known as the Gunsmoke Guns. Rich Wyatt who is Paige’s stepdad managed the store with his wife Renee and their children for so long before trouble came knocking. The show not only brought Paige to the limelight but also made her family very popular.

Although she first got famous on the show, Paige who is now also known as Paige Hargis has managed to create her own path and rewrite her own story since the family’s reality show came to an end and the store was raided.

The Early Life Of Paige Wyatt

The charming reality TV star was born as Paige Grewcock in Wheat Ridge, Colorado, in 1994. She celebrates her birthday on 30th October of every year. Paige was raised by American parents Renee Wyatt and her husband Rich Wyatt. Meanwhile, Paige is a product of her mom’s previous marriage. She has a brother named Kurt with whom she was raised.

Spending her childhood in Colorado was so much fun. Paige’s stepdad is a well-known gunsmith who owns a popular gun store called Gunsmoke Guns. Thus, Paige, along with her mom, and brother are not left out in the business, they all help their father in managing the business.

Her Time On American Guns

As a teenager, Paige joined the cast of her family TV series titled American Guns. The show was exclusively run by Wyatt family and it premiered on 10th October 2011. It was aired on Discovery Channel and after two seasons, the show was cancelled in December 2012 amid controversies. On the show, Paige was featured as a sales associate while his brother Kurt served as firearms instructor and engraver. Their parents were the managers of the store, as well as firearms instructors.

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The American Guns show, despite being successful, also generated a lot of controversies which eventually led to its cancellation in 2012. Also, their products were linked to the popular Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting in 2012; however, the claims were not authenticated.

The store was raided by the ATF agents in 2015 after which it was abruptly shut down. Paige’s stepfather was further convicted and sentenced to a six-year jail term after it was discovered that his Gunsmoke Guns store has been operating under a repealed Federal Firearms License. It was also alleged that Rich Wyatt was also involved in tax evasion and fraud.

Her stepfather’s conviction took place in 2017 and all the attempts to enter a plea proved abortive. After the court’s judgment, Rich is expected to serve a minimum of 6 years in federal prison.

What is Paige Wyatt’s Net Worth?

The famed television star is very talented and creative. Considering her age, the fast-rising star has shown great potentials which have made her one to watch out for in the near future. She has earned a lot of money from her family TV show and is currently living a lavish lifestyle.

Paige was said to be receiving up to $250 thousand in salary for each episode of the American Guns show. She also has her own car collection which includes 4 x 4 jeep. Her net worth is currently penned at $1 million, she earns her income from her TV career and other business endeavours.

Having achieved so much thus far, she revealed that she is a Top ’40 Under 40′ recipient.

Paige Wyatt’s Life Today

The TV star garnered much popularity through family’s reality TV series and since the end of the show in 2012, most of her fans have been itching to know her whereabouts.

While it is already known that Paige’s father has been convicted for operating the Gunsmoke Guns store with a revoked Federal Firearms License; Paige Wyatt, along with her mother and brother, has resorted to pursuing their other interests.

Interestingly, the young lady has unveiled plans of pursuing a career in acting, as well as modelling. She also ventured into the fashion business, currently; she is the owner of the fashion brand named Hughwear.

A very hardworking individual, Paige Hargis is also a realtor who works with AZ Realtor. She is involved in buying, selling, renting, and investing in real estate. This seems to be the major thing she is now focusing on.

Physically, so much about her has also changed from the popular face known on her family’s reality show. Instead of her blonde hair, she now keeps it black.

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Her Interesting Love Life

One might easily think that for a woman as gorgeous as Paige Wyatt, the model would have a long list of men chasing after her. However, based on available information on the public domain, she has only dated a single man; Pete Hargis.

The two started dating in 2016 when they met in Las Vegas at OMNIA Nightclub. They did not start dating immediately as Pete asked Paige on a date but she needed to go to Boston. Nonetheless, they later found time for the date and that began their love story.

Two years later, in April 2018, Pete asked the model to marry him with an emerald cut ring. She said yes and by May 8, 2019, they tied the knot in an occasion held at The Ashley Castle in Arizona. They are currently enjoying their married life and seem happy together. According to her Instagram profile, she is a mum to be.

Pete Hargis is the founder of A2Z Sports Training, as well as a district sales rep for NALCO Water.

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