5 Interesting Facts To Know About Paige O’Brien Josh Peck’s Wife

Without a doubt, 90s kids will certainly know Josh Peck. He was one-half of the titular characters of the TV show – Drake & Josh. Today, the young man whose acting and comedic skills were a source of delight to millions of children all over the world is now a grown adult whose career has grown past his kid roles has become a husband to Paige O’Brien.

Not only has Josh Peck’s marriage and the arrival of his first child led to the existential realization that 90s children are no longer babies; but it has also led to an increased interest in Paige O’Brien, with several fans of her husband struggling to know who she is. Here, we explore details about Paige, a cinematographer and list five interesting facts to learn about her.

Paige O’Brien Biography

As mentioned earlier, 90s kids are having to come to the realization that they are no longer children. It has never been more apparent that the generation that welcomed the internet and a new millennium are now fully grown adults than through the life of Paige O’Brien, who was born on the 7th of December, 1990 and is now married to one of the heroes of 90s children, Josh Peck.

When it comes to details about her life, not much is known about Paige O’Brien; however, she is known to be the child of Ken O’Brien while the name of her mother is unknown. She was raised alongside three siblings – two sisters and a brother named Blake, Taylor, and Kelly, respectively. Alongside a plethora of information that is currently unknown about the actress is her education history.

However, whatever her education history may have been, it has enabled her to become a cinematographer and a film editor. According to her IMDb page at the moment, Paige O’Brien has several productions to her name.

Her first production was a 2001 documentary titled The Journey. She earned her second and third credits in 2013 for two short films, Let Go and Black Wolf as a cinematographer. In the following year, she earned her first credit as a film editor for a short documentary, Tell Me a Story.

While there haven’t been many accomplishments in her professional life thus far, Paige O’Brien is currently living the dreams of many as the wife of Josh Peck.

Here are five interesting facts to learn about the wife of the Red Dawn star, Josh Peck.

1. Her father was a Professional Football Player

When you are a relatively unknown personality and you are thrust into the fame and attention of the celebrity life overnight, it can be quite overwhelming but Paige O’Brien has had a bit of experience in that department. Her father, Ken O’Brien, was a professional football player in the NFL who played for the New York Jets and the Philadelphia Eagles. Since his retirement, he now works as an assistant coach for the University of Southern California.

2. She started dating Josh Peck in 2013

Paige O'Brien
Paige O’Brien and husband, Josh Peck

The news of their engagement and marriage came as a surprise to several fans of Josh Peck, which sparked curiosity as to how long the couple has been together. According to Paige’s Facebook page, the pair were been together since November 2013, four years before they got married.

3. She got married in 2017

As typical millennials, Paige O’Brien and Josh Peck announced their marriage to the world via social media. The couple, via Paige’s Instagram account, revealed their marriage in June 2017, about a year after they got engaged in March 2016. The wedding was a small affair that featured close friends and family of the couple, including the notable John Stamos, who was Josh Peck’s co-star on Grandfathered.

4. She has a child

On the 23rd of August, 2018, Paige and her husband revealed to the world that they were having a child. It is a biological culmination of what has been a storied love affair between the cinematographer and the actor. Their son was born in December 2018.

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5. Her husband, Josh Peck, is also a YouTube star

It is not every day you learn that a successful actor is also a regular face on YouTube as a content creator. Josh Peck has an accomplished career as an actor with roles in the aforementioned Drake & Josh, Red Dawn, Family Guy, and Grandfathered; he is also a YouTube creator with over 2.5 million subscribers on his channel.

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