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Social media might get a bad rap for all the cyberbullying and outrage craze that is rampant on the various platforms; nevertheless, it has been a very useful tool for several people to gain exposure and become a part of an industry they may not have been a part of if they had to go through the old ways of doing things. In the fitness training industry, which is mostly dominated by men, Paige Hathaway is one of the women who is revolutionizing the industry, all through the use of social media.

Today, not only is Paige Hathaway a popular fitness trainer, but she is also a fitness model and an entrepreneur with a life that most people would be proud to have. There is so much to say about Paige Hathaway and we cover a few of them below. Read on.

Paige Hathaway – Biography & Profile

Paige Hathaway was born on the 31st of July, 1987 in Minnesota. With a middle name called Marie, she was born to parents whose identities are unknown but are known to be misfits. Her father was an alcoholic, a fact that caused her parents to get a divorce when she was just a baby.

Divorced and poor, Paige Hathaway and her mother lived in a trailer and on government aid in Minnesota before her mother fled to Texas to pursue a love interest. The decision resulted in Paige spending time in foster care before she was handed over to her paternal grandmother.

The turbulent beginning to the life of Paige Hathaway ended at the age of 16 when she decided to move away from her relatives and live on her own in Oklahoma. With multiple jobs, Paige funded her own college education and graduated with a degree in Sports Medicine.

The decision to study Sports Medicine was a result of the love for fitness and sports she had developed since she was in high school. Right from college, she began to commit to a fitness life and competed in several competitions such as the Ronnie Coleman Classic, the NPC Oklahoma Grand Prix Class D.

As she grew in the fitness world, she amassed a following that cuts across the real world and online. She got an opportunity to become the face of a nutrition supplement company, Shredz and has become a professional fitness trainer with a successful YouTube and Instagram presence.

Net Worth

Paige Hathaway has been in the fitness training industry since 2011. She has grown to become a recognizable face in the industry, competing in various fitness competitions and has also been able to grow her online brand massively, amassing over 4 million followers on Instagram, where she showcases her routines and the results of her extremely fit body.

Paige Hathaway
Paige Hathaway with a fellow trainer

As a result of this, Paige Hathaway has not only been a leading destination for those seeking a fitness trainer, but she has also become a fitness model, advertising and endorsing fitness brands and products, all of which have resulted in a net worth estimated at around $5.6 million.

Personal Life

You may see yourself as one thing, but to a lot of people, you are different things. To the majority of the world, Paige Hathaway is a fitness trainer and a model but to a couple of men, she has been a girlfriend and a love interest. One of those men is Chase McNary, who is notable for appearing on the show, The Bachelor. The duo had a brief relationship before going their separate ways.

Paige Hathaway has also been linked with Casper Smart, who is best known as the former lover of the popular singer, Jennifer Lopez. However, despite the two past relationships, every indication suggests that Paige Hathaway is currently single.


Across several hundred pictures of Paige Hathaway are pieces of evidence of her extreme discipline and years of taking care of her body, building a fit, energetic and well-defined body. The admirable body stands at a height of 5 feet 4 inches with a body weight of 56 kg. Not only is Paige Hathaway perfect as a fitness trainer, but she also is as a model with body curves that make her the perfect specimen to show off various fashion products.

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Other Facts About Paige Hathaway

  • She is a dog lover and has a bulldog which she is very fond of.
  • Paige Hathaway would spend a lot of time working out and building her muscles, but there is no workout program for increasing your breast size. As a result, the fitness trainer has undergone breast implant surgery.
  • On social media, she is accessible via the handles – @paigehathaway on Instagram and Twitter, Paige Hathaway on YouTube.
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