Paige Green – Everything To Know About John Albert Elway Jr’s Wife

There is no doubt that Paige Green achieved a whole lot as a former cheerleader but she came to the spotlight for dating John Elway, former American quarterback, and the current general manager and president of NFL’s Denver Broncos. Since emerging in the limelight, she has put in a lot of efforts and time in supporting her husband’s charitable causes, as well as establishing herself as a philanthropist and animal activist of good repute. Here’s everything to know about this beauty who won John Elway’s heart since the last decade.

Who is Paige Green?

Paige Green was born on 11th September 1975 in Seattle, Washington, in the United State of America. By virtue of her birthplace, she is an American but her ethnicity is unknown though some sources allege she is white. Facts about her parents and siblings, including their names, and what they do for a living have not been made public. Similarly, Paige Green is yet to disclose the name of the schools she attended, the level of education she attained, what her childhood was like and other information that might give an insight into her early life and history. This is not unfathomable, given that she came to the glare of the public eye as the wife of John Albert Elway Jr.

Paige Green
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She Used To Be An Oakland Raiders Cheerleader

Paige Green’s exposure to sports didn’t start with her marriage to John. She has always been around sports even as a child and served as an Oakland Raiders cheerleader for many seasons prior to her relationship with the retired Denver Broncos quarterback.

Former Relationships

There are reports that Green dated Reagan Dunn who is a member of King County council. Reagan is also known as the son of ex-congresswoman, Jennifer Dunn. Their relationship allegedly lasted for a year, although none of the two officially confirmed the affair.

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Relationship With John Elway

Paige Green and her darling husband, John Elway met in 2005 in Los Angeles during Marcus Allen’s golf tournament. They didn’t start dating immediately but once they became an item, things worked out fast. Green decided to move to Denver with the former NFL player. It wasn’t long before the former football player realized that she was the one for him and then took a leap in their relationship and proposed. Fans were shocked to learn that John Elway was ready to be married again – he was previously married to Janet Elway for 19 years before they parted ways in 2003. In September 2008, he married Paige in a romantic and intimate ceremony that took place during a vacation in Venice, Italy. The two have since never looked back.

She Is A Great Step-mother

Although Green doesn’t have any child of her own yet and doesn’t look like she and John Elway are planning to procreate, she gets the taste of motherhood by being an amazing step-mother to Elway’s’ four children from his first marriage. Their names are Jack, Juliana, Jordan, and Jessica.

She Is  A Philanthropist Like Her Husband

Paige Green proves that having a supportive spouse can be the key to achieving your desired goal. She supports John Elway who is committed to philanthropy and donates heavily to charitable causes in his beloved city of Denver.

In fact, since they became an item, the two have increased their charitable efforts and support various organizations. Their works have also been recognized with several community accolades. In October 2015 the children’s Diabetes Foundation honored the couple with its High Hopes Tribute Award during the Carousel Ball.

She Is An Animal Activist

Apart from being a conscientious spouse who is diligently involved in her husband’s charitable goals, Green is also an animal activist. In 2015, she collaborated with the program Adopt, Don’t Shop, to help close down puppy mills in Colorado. She has also worked with animal rights groups in the Denver area for the safety of animal lives, including the Humane Society of the South Platte Valley, Colorado Citizens for Canine Welfare, among others. In December 2014, she teamed with Anna Welker, Wes Welker’s wife, to host the inaugural Bowl ‘n Bark event, a fundraising event for the Humane Society of the South Platte Valley where they raised more than the expected amount, all for the good of animals.

Net Worth

There is not a lot of details available on Green’s professional achievements, salary, and net worth, but there are indications that she might have earned a good amount from her career. Her net worth is speculated to be around $1 million. She has also become a part of John Elway Jr ‘s life and the luxury lifestyle he leads which is backed by his huge net worth estimated at $145 million, earned primarily from his football career.

Social Media

Green is active on social media and frequently deploys it to share great moments with her family and friends. On her Instagram page, she describes herself as the wife of #7 Momma to Prince Charles and Prince William and recently Prince Lyle – her three adorable dogs.

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