Paige Dunham – Biography, Age & Net Worth Of Jeff Dunham’s Ex-Wife

Paige Dunham is an American Executive film producer who has endeared herself to so many people because of her charity works as well as her business sense. A very kind woman, she has been involved in philanthropic acts and has also become an advocate for divorced women, winning accolades for her work over the years.

As an executive movie producer, she is known for producing The Face of Love, a 2013 drama/romance movie and Last Days in the Desert, a 2015 drama/history movie. She is also known for being the ex-wife of Jeff Dunham, a very popular American ventriloquist and comedian who has appeared on numerous television shows wowing the audience with his skills every time.

Early Life

Paige Dunham was born on the 13th day of the month of March in 1968. She was born in Savannah, a city in Georgia, USA. While still a child, she and her parents moved to Amelia Island in Florida where she was raised. Growing up, Paige Dunham loved to play and dance at the dance studio owned by her family. She started high school in Amelia but midway through, her family moved to West Palm Beach, another city in Florida where she finished high school.

The identity of Paige Dunham’s parents has not been revealed. However, it is known that the movie producer is quite fond of her family. There are no details about whether or not she has any siblings or if she is the only child of her parents.

After her high school education, Paige Dunham proceeded to attend Clemson University in South Carolina where she majored in business.

Paige Dunham got pregnant and had her first child called Bree Aleece in 1991. Details about who the father of Bree Aleece is have been scarce over the years. Paige gave birth to Bree at her parent’s home in West Palm Beach and soon after that, she met Jeff Dunham who will later become her husband.

Her Marriage To Jeff Dunham

The story of Paige Dunham cannot be told completely without the mention of Jeff Dunham. Their relationship launched her to fame in America, this was because Jeff was already quite famous as a comedian and his fame rubbed off on her.

The exact time that Paige and Jeff met is not clear but the couple got married in 1994. Months after their wedding (in 1995), the couple had their first child called Ashlyn Evelyn. They had another baby called Makenna Paige in 1997.

She Has Made Significant Contributions To Jeff’s Comic Career

Paige became a huge blessing to Jeff Dunham’s growing career as a comedian. This is because she actively became involved in his career by writing materials for his work and even handled the merchandise aspect of the Jeff Dunham empire of comedy and ventriloquism.

For more than 10 years, Paige handled the sensitive matters of her husband’s business. She pitched meetings for show ideas and even succeeded in building an interesting database for his online fan club in 1994. This database which she built eventually helped Jeff Dunham to emerge as the Best Male Stand Up Comic at the 1997 American Comedy Awards.

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Paige Dunham, being a very resourceful woman also helped to create interesting newsletters as well as the Jeff Dunham merchandise which she managed in an online store she opened. Under her watch, the Jeff Dunham enterprise became more popular and successful. In 1999, Paige launched the BRASMA Publications and went on to employ a creative writer-illustrator who created and published a book called ‘Dear Walter’ in 2003. The interesting book contained many questions which were asked by Jeff’s audience and were answered by their favorite curmudgeon called Walter, during live performances.

Paige later initiated the Jeff and Paige Dunham Foundation which was created to use up a portion of the proceeds of Jeff’s stand up shows across the U.S. for the benefit of people in need in America. In 2006, the same year the foundation was created, it presented a check to Hurricane Katrina Relief with Ronald McDonald House of Houston for $35,000.00.

Paige Dunham
Paige Dunham and Jeff Dunham

However, even with all the lovely times that they spent together and all the work they did, Paige and Jeff Dunham could not stay married forever. In 2008, Jeff filed for separation and Paige counter-filed for divorce. The divorce was eventually finalized in 2012.

What Paige Dunham Does Now

Following her divorce, Paige has gone on to build a great life for herself. She is now an advocate for divorced women and serves as a counselor for all women going through a divorce. She helps them through the healing process, giving them advice using her own life lessons.

Paige is also dedicated to pursuing children’s charities. She has been involved in outlets to teach parents about how to show their kids the need to give back to society. She helped in raising $6,000.00 for the National Institution for Mental Health by running the half marathon in San Francisco. She now runs The Paige Dunham Foundation with which she hopes to change lives for the better.

She has served as an executive producer for various movies. In 2013, she was the executive producer of the movie titled The Face of Love. About two years later, she served in the same capacity for another movie – Last Days in the Desert.

What’s Her Net Worth?

Following years of work as a businesswoman and executive movie producer, Paige Dunham is expected to have gathered quite some fortune for herself over the years. At the moment, Paige Dunham’s net worth has been pegged at $20 million by celebrity wealth calculators.

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