Intriguing Things You Should Know About Olivia Pierson, Her Net Worth and Love Life

The Canadian beauty Olivia Pierson is a TV personality, makeup artist, blogger, and internet celebrity who is best known for co-owning the popular online beauty and fashion store, Jérôme, with her cousin Natalie Halcro.

Also known by the nickname Barbie Blank, the Kim Kardashian look-alike has over 3.1 million followers on Instagram and much more on various other social media platforms. In addition to her fame on Instagram due to her outstanding looks, Olivia Pierson is also popular as a cast member on the E! entertainment TV series WAGs.

Olivia Pierson’s Humble Background

Olivia Pierson was born in Langley, Canada on August 20, 1989. She is the daughter of Julia and Brian Pierson and is the fourth out of their five children. Her siblings are Brock, Preston, Owen, and Sophia Pierson.

While information about her educational background cannot be found, we know that her parents are divorced and her father Brian is now married to a woman named Renee. Despite her parents’ separation, Olivia loves both of them so much that she ceases even the slightest opportunity to flaunt and celebrate them across her social media handles. She does that to not just her parents but of her siblings; she cherishes family relationships.

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Social Media Made Her Famous

Olivia Pierson’s outstanding beauty is a reflection of her mother who apparently likes to look her best at all times. To look as beautiful as her mother, the beauty would make herself up even from a very young age. This, of course, could be the root of her passion for cosmetics and all that it relates to.

Olivia’s later rise to fame began on social media, particularly on the photo-sharing app, Instagram, where she is fond of posting beautiful pictures of herself. Her popularity grew further when she left Canada for Los Angeles, California. There, she built her already found celebrity lifestyle. Her followers grew massively on Instagram after she posted a plethora of pictures in stylish clothes and a well made-up face with sultry poses to match.

Capitalizing on her fast growth on Instagram, Olivia Pierson partnered with her cousin and best friend Natalie Halcro to establish their Youtube channel, NAT+LIV, which puts out content on fashion & beauty. The channel has about 274 thousand subscribers with each of their videos garnering thousands of views.

With her popularity soaring higher, the duo co-launched their fashion & beauty brand, NAT+LIV. The pair also launched their blog, Jerome. While doing these things, Olivia joined the E! TV series cast of WAGS (Wives And Girlfriends Of Sportspersons) which premiered on August 18, 2015. She also became involved in a project called The Tub which aims at raising funds for breast cancer awareness.

Following the cancellation of the E! series, the show’s executives announced that Olivia and her cousin would be starring in their own spin-off show titled NAT&LIV, alongside the rest of their family members.

Her Relationship With NFL Player Marcedes Lewis Earned Her a Place on WAGS

Olivia Pierson and ex-boyfriend, Marcedes Lewis-image source

It is only natural for someone as beautiful as Olivia Pierson to be a center of attraction and although she has never been married, she has been involved with a good number of equally nice-looking male celebrities. The most prominent of these relationships is the reason she got to appear in WAGS; her relationship with Marcedes Lewis, an American football tight end who played for the Green Bay Packers.

Pierson and Lewis maintained a very healthy relationship that even attracted rumors of possible marital bliss. The athlete even introduced his significant other to his mother. However, in 2016, their relationship faced a severe blow after Olivia accused Lewis of dating another WAG cast member. The suspicion further increased when in September 2016 the Instagram star spotted the football player at a place other than Florida where he was to go for training.

After much confrontations, the couple separated. The Makeup artist also once accused her sister Sophia of trying to date Lewis. It is not clear if this is true as the two never confirmed it. That has since become water under the bridge as Olivia is very fond of her sister. She even made an Instagram post during her last birthday to tell her just that and how she is lucky to have her by her side.

Her Current Relationship Status Remains A Mystery

Since her relationship with Lewis ended, Olivia Pierson has been linked to numerous other people. She was once linked to basketball player Joel Embiid. The rumor of them supposedly making out began making waves online after she posted a photo of herself and a shirtless Embiid on February 14th, 2017 with a romantic Valentine message. The sportsman quickly cleared the air by denying the rumors and calling it fake news.

Since that time, the Instagram sensation has kept details of her love life on the low. She rather spends most of her time giving her cousin Natalie Halcro all the love and support she deserves as she settles into motherhood. Halcro welcomed a baby girl in April 2020.

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Olivia Pierson Should Be Proud Of What She Has Earned

While Olivia Pierson’s net worth is currently under review, some sources estimate her worth to be between $1 million and $5 million. The TV personality earned much of her fame from social media as she boasts of millions of followers on her various social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram. Reports have it that she makes between $15 to $20 thousand from every post she makes on each of these platforms.

Asides from making her income from her social media platforms, she certainly has made some cash from her fashion and beauty brand as well as from her appearance on different television shows.

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