Proof Of Oliver Peck’s Success as an Artist, His Divorce from Kat Von D and Other Facts

Most of the time, it is celebrities and their tattoos that get noticed; the artists behind the artworks hardly ever get noticed. It is different with Oliver Peck, a tattoo artist who has gained fame both for his work as well as for his appearance in the American reality competition television series, Ink Master as a judge. He was on the show for the first 13 seasons before he got booted out.

Fondly called the Texas Cowboy, Peck has established himself as one of the most exceptional tattoo artists in America, having started since he was a teenager. He is also a businessman and the ex-husband of the very versatile Kat Von D. Of late, he found himself in a controversy that stretches back to his past, even before he met his former wife. The controversy which began after pictures of the tattoo artist wearing blackface surfaced online did not only force him out of the show he has loved for many years, but it has also brought many questions regarding who he really is as well as his past.

The Early Life and Rise of Oliver Peck

Oliver Peck was born to Diane Lucas in Texas in the United States on July 29, 1971. He developed a keen interest in art from a very tender age; drawing pictures and painting canvass.

Peck attended South West High School where he was an avid skater at the time. Soon after he finished high school, peer influence dragged him into drug addiction which led to his incarceration. While undergoing rehabilitation, Oliver worked in a conveyable factory.

However, his passion for tattoos was reignited when he met a tattoo artist called Stell. At the age of nineteen, he moved to Dallas where he worked at Stell’s tattoo parlor called Pair-O-Dice tattoo. Stell was able to guide Oliver, teaching him the rudiments of the business until Oliver became one of the most skillful tattoo artists in the United States. He made his mark in 2008, creating 415 tattoos with the number 13 in 24 hours, thus, earning a spot in the World’s Guinness Book of Record.

Alongside Chris Nunez and Dave Navarro, Peck served as one of the judges on the television show titled Ink Master. He has also appeared in Tattoo Artists Critique show alongside Justin Bieber and Rihanna. He is currently the co-owner of a tattoo parlor called Elm Street situated in Texas as well as the owner of True Tattoo located in Hollywood, Los Angeles.

Exit From Ink Master

Peck alongside the aforementioned duo became the first judges of the Paramount Network reality since which began in 2012. 13 seasons later, the three remained on it without anyone leaving or joining. Unfortunately, by the end of the 13th season which was cut short as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the exit of Oliver was announced from the show.

His exit was preceded by controversy after multiple Myspace photos of the tattoo artist appeared on the internet showing him in blackface wearing a costume that had a large “N” across the chest.

According to a statement he released, he came to an agreement with the producers of the show to part ways following the offensive pictures which emerge many years after he took it. Although Paramount Network came out to criticize the pictures, they praised him for owning up to his mistakes.

He Has An Interesting Love Story

oliver pec
Oliver Peck’s ex-wife Kat Von D.

Oliver peck got married to a fellow tattoo artist named Kat Von D. Kat is not just a tattoo artist but also a model, musician, author and television personality. She is best known for her appearance on the TLC series titled LA Link. Peck and Kat dated for a while and later tied the knot in 2003. There is not much information regarding their marriage. After three years of successful union, the relationship between the tattoo artists turned sour, thus, ending in divorce. Their divorce process was finalized in 2007 and the duo went their separate ways. They both have a daughter from their marriage.

After the divorce, Oliver Peck started keeping a low profile so much that his relationship life has eluded fans and the media. However, in 2019, it emerged that he has been dating a woman named Audra Cabral. Although not so much is known about Audra Cabral, she is known, based on her Instagram posts to be involved in the organic food business. She is also a vegan.

Audra Cabral and Oliver Peck have been in a relationship for more than a decade now, even though they have done a great job at keeping their love life away from the mainstream media. That said, they have never stopped sharing beautiful pictures of each other on social media.

As for Kat, she has also moved on to date several known stars. She had a brief relationship with Nikki Sixx, a bassist with the American heavy metal band known as Motley Crue band; after which she dated a TV personality named Jesse James who has a reputation of being a notorious cheater in Hollywood. Kat also had a relationship with Joel Zimmerman, a Canadian Music producer in 2012 and after a few months of engagement, the duo went their separate ways based on issues of infidelity.

In 2018, Kat married Rafael Reyes who is a member of the band known as Prayers. Although they were married in February, their wedding ceremony was held on June 2 and their families and close friends were in attendance.

He Has a Good Height

Oliver Peck is a very handsome bearded guy with a masculine bodybuild. He stands at 5 feet 6 inches and weighs 66 kg. He has dark-brown hair and brown eyes. In addition to his bearded looks, his whole body is covered in tattoos, showcasing what he knows how to do best.

The Achievements of Oliver Peck

Having started his career even before he was 20, Oliver Peck has come a very long way and has achieved a lot of feats many have not in the business. He is one of the most-traveled tattoo artists and has been to several countries including Italy, Germany, Norway, Japan Ireland, and Thailand among many others.

He was raised in a punk-rock scene which made him love ink on skin since he was a teenager. This was what led him to have his first tattoo, a moon, and an anchor, which he drew on himself which he drew himself.

As stated, Oliver Peck also made history after he registered his name in the Guinness World Book of Records as the tattoo artist with most tattoos in 24 hours in 2008.

He has been behind a music and tattoo festival that have brought together many music stars and as much as 50 tattoo artists from all over the world.

To cap it all, Oliver Peck has a net worth that is estimated to be around $500 thousand which is less than his ex-wife’s net worth of $10 million. Also, his net worth is paltry compared to what the other judges of Ink Master have; while Chris Nunez has $7 million, Dave Navarro is worth $25 million.

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