O. J Simpson Married Twice and has 5 Kids – A Look Into His Private Life

As an American footballer, O.J Simpson becomes more than just the identity of the running back who played for the Buffalo Bills between 1969 and 1977 but as a symbol of racial inequality in America and the flaws of the American justice system. He went on to defy all odds and over the course of his time playing for the Bills and briefly for the San Francisco 49ers, he broke and set several records as well as winning several individual accolades such as the NFL Rushing Title, which he won four times.

After his football career ended, he began what was a lifelong dream to become an actor and appeared in several films. However, the steady growth of his post-football career as an actor was interrupted when he was arrested for the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson (his then-wife) and Ron Goldman (a waiter). The trial which was dubbed the ‘Trial of the Century’ lasted eleven months and ended with O.J Simpson being acquitted for both murders. Albeit, it did not mark the end of his legal troubles rather, it was followed by his arrest in 2007 for the robbery of a casino in Las Vegas and was subsequently sent to prison for 33 years.

Where Is O.J Simpson Now?

O.J Simpson
OJ (right) during his trial (image source)

After serving 9 years in prison for armed robbery and kidnapping, O.J Simpson was released back into society on October 1st, 2017. Although the former footballer wanted to live with his family members in Florida State, the authorities there refused him to stay in the state citing that Florida would not accept criminals making themselves at home in their state. Simpson was left with no other choice other than to seek out a new home in Las Vegas, Nevada where he is living to date.

A couple of years later, it appeared that O.J Simpson was finally settling in well in his new neighborhood and he has picked immense interest in social media platforms, especially Twitter. He opened his account on the platform sometime in June 2019 and it has earned him tons of followers. What Simpson uploads on his page range from sports commentaries to personal videos about his daily activities and how he is moving on against all odds. He also reveals that he would use this public platform to make amends with regards to several misconceptions that have been in circulation about him.

One such rumor Simpson has been trying to dispel is the speculations many made about him being the biological father of Khloe Kardashian as many pointed out the fact that Kris Jenner’s youngest daughter has a striking resemblance with the former American footballer. O.J took to his page to clear the air that contrary to what many have said about Khloe being his daughter, they do not share such a connection. He was a very good friend to Rob Kardashian and Kris when they were still together. Kris was also a good friend of his late ex-wife Brown. Aside from this platonic relationship, O.J Simpson made it clear that he did not have an affair with Kris.

Beyond his life online, the former American footballer enjoys playing golf to pass time. He also gets to host his kids who are allowed to visit him in Las Vegas.

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Who are His Kids and Wive?

O.J Simpson
O.J Simpson with his ex-wife Nicole and their kids Sydney & Justin (Image Source)

O.J Simpson began his marital life as early as age 19. He first married Marguerite L. Whitley whom he was with from June 24, 1967, to March 1979. While the tail end of their marriage was steeped in infidelity and controversy, the beginnings were pleasant and during that time, they produced three children – Arnelle L. Simpson, Jason L. Simpson, and Aaren Lashone Simpson. All three children were born in 1968, 1970, and 1977 respectively. Unfortunately, their last child, Aaren died as a result of drowning in their home pool sometime in 1979, the same year her parents divorced.

After divorcing his then-wife, he married Nicole Brown whom he had been dating before the divorce. The pair allegedly became acquainted sometime in 1977 when Brown was working at The Daisy nightclub as a waitress. They began dating from that period irrespective of the fact that O.J was still married to Marguerite and when his divorce was finalized, he nurtured the relationship until February 2nd, 1985 when they finally walked down the aisle.

The couple welcomed their first child, Sydney Brooke Simpson, the same year they married. About 3 years later, their son, Justin Ryan Simpson was born in 1988. However, their marriage hit the rocks in 1992 and by February 25th that year, they were officially divorced. They made attempts to reconcile sometime in 1993 but all efforts proved futile and the next year, Brown met her tragic demise.

As of now, all of O.J Simpson’s kids have grown up and are living quite comfortable lives. His first child, Arnelle is rather a very private person so not many details are available about her life to the public. The only information we could lay our hands on is the fact that she has featured in a couple of documentary films like O.J.: Trial of the Century, O.J. Simpson Chasing Freedom, and O.J.: Made in America. These were works she did to show her support for her father during his trial.

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With regard to the career pursuits of the rest of Simpson’s children, it is known that his son, Jason is an expert in culinary and currently works as a chef. His 2 younger kids, Sydney and Justin have ventured into real estate in which they seem to be doing pretty well. Justin even has a Facebook as well as a Twitter account to promote his work online.

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O.J Simpson’s Net Worth Plunged After He was Convicted

Well, we will tell you now – you are not likely to find O.J Simpson throw a lavish party on an expensive yacht anytime soon. Apart from the fact that there are few important personalities who would show up, O.J Simpson no longer has the juice to display such extravagance. Through legal battles and poor money management, the former Buffalo Bills player is believed to be worth between $250,000 and $3 million, according to different sources. However, what is certain is that the former American football player earns $25,000 every year from his NFL Pensions.

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