What Is O.J Simpson’s Net Worth Now That He Is Out of Prison?

The days of O.J Simpson being a football star or a movie star may have long passed, with those accolades traded for titles like alleged murderer and ex-convict, but he continues to remain one of the notable personalities in America, even if it is not particularly for a good thing. One of the things fans and observers want to know about O.J Simpson is his net worth, particularly now that he is out of prison.

Those who remember his days of glory would note that ‘The Juice’ was once one of the richest people in his profession, with a brand name that was set to keep him wealthy for decades to come, until the incident happened.

We took a look at O.J. Simpson’s net worth these days and everything else you need to know about it.

O.J Simpson’s Net Worth

Because his financial history is tied up in debts, and unverified income sources, O.J Simpson’s net worth today can range from anything between $250,000 to $3 million.

While that might seem like a lot, it is important to remember that this is a man who was once worth more than $10 million and was positioned to be worth a lot more through a long sports and entertainment career, before the trial of the century took it all away.

Of course, O.J Simpson’s depleted net worth hasn’t just been down to the erasure of his positive public image, the bulk of it has been down to accumulated debt from the 90s that stands to date.

O.J Simpson’s Debt

Although he was never criminally convicted for the murder of his wife and friend, he lost a civil suit case against the Ron Goldman family which resulted in a court-ordered $33.5 million to be paid to the family.

Before he eventually went to prison in 2007 for another crime, he had only been able to pay a fraction of the amount, an estimated $500,000 which came from the sale of his Heisman Trophy and other belongings. He has also had some of his properties seized and auctioned.

O.J. Simpson's net worth
OJ Simpson during the parole hearing that got him released

Another debt that has contributed to a low net worth for The Juice is mortgage payments for the infamous home in California, as well as an estimated $1.44 million owed in back taxes, which forced the State of California to place a tax lien on him in 1999.

In order to pay back some of his debts, particularly the civil suit debt, the rights and proceeds from his book, If I Did It was awarded to the Goldman Family by a bankruptcy court.

With little to no major income sources for the former football star, his outstanding debt ballooned to $70 million as a result compounded interest on defaulted payments.

It has been suggested that his decision to join Twitter, where he has quickly forged a reputation on the platform, might open up opportunities for him in the sports and entertainment industry. If he does return to national television, the bulk of his income would go into servicing his debt.

Income Sources

At the height of his career and popularity, he made money from his football and acting career, as well as a strong brand that drew endorsement deals from Chevrolet, ABC, Hertz, Pioneer Chicken, and a few others.

However, those income sources are no more and O.J Simpson’s current net worth is based on a monthly income of $25,000 which he earns as pension from the National Football League (NFL) and the Screen Actors Guild. As a result, he makes an estimated $300,000 per year. The pension comes from an estimated $5 million O.J Simpson invested in the personal pension scheme at the height of his career when he still had a significant net worth.

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Aside from the pension, which thankfully for O.J. Simpson, cannot be seized to settle his huge outstanding debt, other income sources included a $3-5 million windfall he earned for his first televised interview post-prison.

He has also been known to earn money through secret autograph sessions he holds in Las Vegas, where he now lives after he was released from prison.

The former movie and football star lives in a 5,000 square foot Las Vegas home with his daughter, Arnelle, spending his time on a golf course and Twitter, where he continues to make news with every newly posted video.


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