Nydia Stone – These 6 Facts Will Tell You All About Roger Stone’s Wife

Nydia Stone is a former model and photographer who has become more popular in recent years as an actress and the second wife of the American lobbyist, political consultant, author, and politician, Roger Jason Stone Jr. (popularly known as Roger Stone). Nydia’s husband Roger who has worked on the campaigns of mainly Republican political candidates in the past has recently been making news headlines after he was arrested in connection with the Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel Investigation. Before and since the arrest, Nydia has been exceptionally vocal in defense of her husband regarding the ongoing saga, which has also put her in the spotlight alongside her man.

Just like her husband, Nydia Stone has also been connected in high places with right-wing political figures. For instance, she once worked as a personal photographer for former presidents Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan. Politics, however, is not the only similarity she shares with her husband; she is no stranger to controversies as well. With the recent case against her husband and her tough position through it all, many people want to know more about this one of a kind woman.

Early Life Of Nydia Stone

She was born a Cuban national with the birth name Nydia Margarita Bertran on May 8, 1946. Although we are yet to ascertain Nydia Stone’s exact city of birth or the names of her parents, she is said to have been born to a Cuban diplomat and military attache for the Batista regime which afforded her the opportunity to live in relative affluence as a child.

However, this did not last too long as a result of a changed political atmosphere in her home country around the time she was 13. That was when the communist regime under Fidel Castro overthrew the Batista administration and forced Nydia’s family to relocate to the United States since her father’s political leaning was averse to the new set-up. Until then, Nydia attended high-brow schools as the daughter of a highly placed Cuban.

After relocating to the USA, she started working as a model for local advertising media instead of going back to school. With time, she saved up money from her modeling gig to buy a camera which she used to transform into a photographer. She married Roger Stone in 1992 at an event that held in Las Vegas.

Other Interesting Facts About Roger Stone’s Wife

Nydia Stone Met Her Husband While Working As A Photographer

Nydia Stone
Nydia and Roger: image source

That was in the 1980s, during a Ronald Reagan political campaign event where she worked as a photographer. At that time, Roger was a political consultant and worked on the same campaign too. A romantic relationship took off shortly after and was culminated in marriage in 1992. They have remained in love and have shared an inseparable bond since then; not even their age gap has come in between.

While Nydia Stone was born on May 8, 1946, her husband Roger Stone was born on August 27, 1952. So, Roger’s wife is 6 years, 3 months and 19 days older than him.

She Is Not Roger’s First Wife

Since the day they got married and perhaps before, Nydia has remained devoted to her husband and has staunchly defended the self-proclaimed ‘dirty trickster.’ She even lauds him on social media calling him “brilliant”. However, long before she came into the picture, someone else was Roger’s missus.

Roger Stone was formerly married to Anne Wesche. The duo tied the knots in 1974 and remained married for 16 years until their divorce in 1990. He married Nydia two years later.

Interestingly, Roger Stone is not the only one who was previously married. Nydia has also been married once before. However, neither the identity of her first husband nor the details of their union have been revealed to the public. Roger has a daughter, Adria, and a stepson, Scott Stone, three grandchildren, and a great-grandchild.

Nydia Stone Is Her Husband’s Number One Fan, Defender, and Supporter

The local swinger ad that cost Nydia Stone's husband Roger Stone his job in 1996
The local swinger ad that cost Nydia Stone’s husband Roger Stone his job in 1996

This is not Nydia Stone’s first time supporting her husband, which is one reason Americans are not taking her seriously in her current defense of her husband. She had defended the same man in the past when he was accused and it turned out she was only conspiring with him. That happened in 1996 when her husband, Roger Stone was fired from his consulting job in Senator Bob Dole’s Presidential Campaign after a National Enquirer report found him guilty of posting a public ad on a local swinger publication named ‘Local Swinger Fever’ and asking for sexual partners to join him and his wife in their bedroom.

At the time, although the report linked the raunchy ad to Roger Stone’s email, the political strategist cleverly defended himself claiming it was an aide he fired for substance abuse, who placed the ad to discredit him. If “silence tantamounts to consent” as it is popularly said, then Nydia consented to her husband’s defense at the time by her complicit silence over it all.

However, twelve years later in 2008, Roger Stone admitted in an interview he granted The New Yorker that he actually posted the ad but still went on to defend his past lies by claiming he denied all because his grandparents were still alive then. Even at that, he said he hadn’t been wrong in his past denial of the accusation. Through it all, Nydia Stone maintained her docile silence.

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She Is Active Across Several Social Media Platforms

Nydia Stone is active on social media especially Instagram and Twitter where she is unapologetically vocal with her views. A staunch supporter of her beloved husband, she has not only aired her views on the platforms but has been mainly using Twitter to defend Roger in his current ordeal with the authorities as stated above. Her Twitter handle is @NydiaStone.

Her Religious Inclinations

Nydia Stone is a Buddhist.  According to a Washington Post article, the Cuban-born woman has a large Buddhist shrine named ‘butsudan’ in her husband’s living room in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where she hosts Buddhist gatherings regularly. She once spoke of chanting for her husband’s “Buddha nature” to emerge.

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