Who is Nouveau Cheap and Where Is She Now? All You Need To Know

The fashion industry is no longer ruled by newspaper or magazine editors; the runways are now filled with a mix of stylists, celebrities, journalists as well as fashion bloggers. While the internet has become a space for everyone; there are a few people who have utilized such an opportunity to follow their passion, amongst them is Nouveau Cheap. The fashionista has been making the waves following her ability to give her audience nothing but the best when it comes to the trending low-budget makeup products. Read on, as we explore the world of the beauty and fashion blogger Nouveau Cheap below.

Who is Nouveau Cheap?

Nouveau Cheap otherwise known as G, is a famous American internet celebrity and blogger; popularly known for her exceptional reviews on makeup products. Cheap is the owner of the popular blog called nouveaucheap.blogspot.com. Just as her blog name implies, Nouveau offers budget-friendly makeup ideas as well as beauty tips, and drugstore makeup ideas. Amazingly, in addition to her passion for beauty products, Cheap is also a prolific writer, an art lover, and a fashion guru. She garnered a huge fan following through her excellent reviews, up to date fashion trends as well as consistent write-ups on her blog.

Born Nouveau Cheap on 13th December 1970 in San Diego California; Cheap was born to American parents. She is an American and of white ethnical background. Nouveau became so interested in fashion when she was very little and this passion continued to grow as she advanced in age. Cheap graduated from San Diego State University where she acquired a degree in English language.

Starting her blogging career in 2009, Nouveau created a blog with the name Nouveau Cheap which simply means that you don’t have to sacrifice beauty because you are on a budget. Obsessed over beauty; Cheap has continued to show her numerous readers’ top-notch product reviews, beauty tips, and new product sightings.

Subsequently, her blog began to gain a lot of attention and her fan base began to increase. Her ability to give her readers unreserved reviews while going for a particular brand has kept her blog above other competitions. Since 2015, Cheap has been reportedly getting up to one million page visits in a month and over 9.5 million views annually to date. Her blog has also been featured by New York Times as well as other fashion magazines including SmartShop and Woman’s Day.

Where Is She Now?

Nouveau Cheap

While she has been an active blogger for over two decades, Nouveau suddenly disappeared from the limelight in mid-2017. Her disappearance caused a lot of stir and speculations among her many fans. Most of her fans have been wondering about her whereabouts; nevertheless, they were left with fewer or no answers.

Prior to her disappearance, the amazing blogger sent a special notification to her fans informing them that she would be taking a break for a while on June 6, 2017. She reiterated that her absence was due to her mother’s failing health and that she would return after a short while. However, she wasn’t left alone in her difficult moment; she received a ton of wellness wishes for her sick mother as well as her quick return from her fans.

Meanwhile, after a long while, Cheap didn’t make a return as she earlier said she would. This raised several eyebrows among her fans. However, JR was able to gather from a close friend who pleaded anonymity that Nouveau Cheap is in good health albeit still taking a long time to return to her blogging.

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Nouveau Cheap’s Personal Life

In her free time, Cheap loves doing crafty things including knitting and jewellery-making. She enjoys reading, music, and watching movies. Apparently, she doesn’t have any YouTube account because she feels she is more of a better writer than a speaker. Cheap also likes cooking and spending time with her family and friends.

In addition to her successful career, Nouveau Cheap is also successful in her love life. The amazing star has been in a relationship with a man she fondly calls Mr. G. There is no much information regarding her boyfriend. The duo currently resides in San Diego, California. Although they aren’t married yet; they might have plans of walking down the aisle pretty soon.

You can connect with Nouveau Cheap via her blog, Facebook, and Instagram.

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