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Norma Kuhling is an American actress who has been hailed for her stirring rendition of roles in the movies and TV series she has featured in. She has been described as one of the fast-rising stars in Hollywood considering her wide reach within a few years of starting her career. A multi-talented and highly inspired woman, Norma is also a model who has conquered her fear or shyness for the camera.

As an actress, she is now best known for playing the role of Ava Bekker on Chicago Med, an American medical drama television series which has helped to launch her to an international audience.

Norma Kuhling Bio

Norma Kuhling was born on the 4th day of December in the year 1991. The actress and model was born in New York City, USA where she was raised by her parents. Norma Kuhling’s father has been identified as Michael Kuhling while her mother’s identity has been revealed to be Kristi Zea.

Interestingly, Norma grew up in a celebrity home. This is because her mother, Kristi is a respected movie producer who has worked on several movies over the years including As Good as It Gets and Notes from the Field. Her father, Michael, on the other hand, is an art director who worked as an assistant art director on the 1992 movie Lorenzo’s Oil.

Apparently, Norma Kuhling’s love for movies and her desire to make a career in Hollywood was developed by watching her parents work in the movie industry. Aided by her parents, she started acting from a young age. According to sources, she made her acting debut as a young girl at the Berkshire Theatre Festival where she acted in Moonchildren, a play by Michael Weller. She went on to work in several other plays.

To build on her talent, Norma Kuhling trained at the prestigious Double Edge Theatre where she was taught the essentials of acting before she proceeded to attend the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art. Following her graduation, Norma went on to create a career in the movie industry and has won loads of fans to herself.

Norma Kuhling Net Worth

Norma Kuhling has appeared in a number of movies that have endeared her to the public and have, in the process, fetched her a considerable amount of wealth. The actress is also a model who has stunned people with her skills in front of the camera, modeling for brands and, apparently raking in some more money.

However, at the moment, not much is known about her exact net worth. It is believed that she is worth about $1 million but this has not been confirmed just yet. With time, the exact figure of her worth will emerge.

Norma Kuhling
Norma Kuhling in an episode of ‘Chicago Med’.

Her credits in movies and TV series

After she graduated from the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, Norma Kuhling made her debut in the movie industry in 2009 when she was cast as Beth in The Joneses, a drama movie. Her role in The Joneses gave her the needed exposure she needed to do more work as an actress in the future.

In 2016, Norma was cast as Rachel in Fallen, an American romantic fantasy drama film which grossed $41 million at the box office. The same year, she appeared in Falling Water, a drama series in which she played the role of Elise Martins.

Norma Kuhling made her biggest breakthrough on TV in 2017 when she was cast as Ava Bekker/Dr. Ava Bekker in Chicago Med, an American medical drama TV series. The TV series became very popular and launched her to international fame as her performance was hailed by fans from different countries. Norma was a part of Chicago Med for a long time. However, on April 19, 2019, NBC announced that the actress and another actor, Colin Donnell would depart the series at the end of the season.

In 2019, Norma Kuhling appeared as Jo Mitchel in Fourteen, a drama movie. The actress continues to expand her acting frontiers today.

She is also a model

Norma Kuhling is not just an actress, she is also a model. Over the years, she has modeled for magazines, gracing cover pages. She has also modeled for brands. Apparently, being a beautiful woman who is confident of her body, it has not been difficult to land modeling gigs. She has appeared in TV Guide Magazine as well as the International Business Times, and The Hollywood Reporter.

She has a musical background

Norma Kuhling is apparently a talented woman who had interests in different fields of art. Apart from her acting, she also has a background in music. According to sources, she grew up learning how to play classical piano practiced singing. She also danced ballet and had an interest in the Dunham technique.

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Norma Kuhling is quite a tall woman. The actress stands at 5 feet 7 inches or 1.7 m in height. However, her exact weight is not certain yet.

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