Was Nipsey Hussle and Emperor Haile Selassie Related, Who Are Nipsey’s Family Members?

If you are not a fan of hip-hop, you probably had no idea who Nipsey Hussle was before his untimely and unfortunate death on the 31st of March, 2019. However, following his death, a lot of information has come out about the West Coast rapper, including details about his philanthropy, his music, and personal life. Some of the dominating information about him have also included his surviving family members.

Nevertheless, out of all the information that has come to light to the general public about the rapper, some of which are been factual and relevant, some of them do not share the same trait, such as a rumored connection to a former Ethiopian emperor, Haile Selassie. Learn more about the truth about Nipsey Hussle, his family members and true relationship with Haile Selassie below.

Who is Nipsey Hussle?

Nipsey Hussle was born on the 15th of August, 1985 in Los Angeles, California to an immigrant father and an African American mother. He was born into a family with two other children, a brother, and a sister. Nipsey grew up in the Crenshaw area of South Los Angeles and spent his formative years attending Hamilton High School. Growing up, he was a member of the renowned Crips gang.

He began his music career at the age of 20 when he released his first mixtape, Slauson Boy Volume. He went on to build a profile for himself during his early 20s, working with popular rappers like Drake and Snoop Dogg.

Before his eventual death, Nipsey Hussle released five albums, with The Marathon being his debut album and Victory Lap being his last. He also appeared in a couple of acting projects, in film and TV, including Crazy Ex-girlfriend, where he made an appearance in an episode.

Other than his music and acting endeavours, he was also a known entrepreneur who invested in his community, along with being a community activist. However, he was shot dead on the 31st of March, 2019 outside one of his businesses.

Was Nipsey Hussle and Emperor Haile Selassie Related?

Nipsey Hussle
Nipsey Hussle (right), Emperor Haile Selassie (left)

You’ve probably seen them multiple times on social media, memes about modern celebrities who share a strong resemblance with past and old personalities. Sometimes, they are harmless memes, poking fun at the ridiculousness of their similarities while other times, they are part of unfounded conspiracy theories.

Unfortunately, the viral nature of the death of Nipsey Hussle led to the latter, with several social media posts and blogs suggesting Nipsey Hussle was a relation to Emperor Haile Selassie. The origin of the theory was a post from a Facebook user, Kateria Knows who made a collage of pictures of both personalities, one that inadvertently went viral.

However, despite the virality of the theory through blogs and other social media posts, Nipsey Hussle and Emperor Haile Selassie are not related in any form.

Nipsey Hussle, whose real name is Ermias Joseph Asghehom is ethnically Eritrean, through his father who is from Eritrea. Emperor Haile Selassie, on the other hand, is from Ethiopia.

Nevertheless, while they are not biologically related, both Nipsey Hussle and Emperor Haile Selassie share a similarity beyond their looks, they were both assassinated in their young years. The Emperor was reportedly assassinated by his military officers while Nipsey was killed by Eric Holder.

Who Are His Family Members?

As for the actual people, Nipsey Hussle is related to, they include his parents, Angelique Smith and Dawit Asghedom, a brother named Samiel Asghedom, a daughter named Emani Asghedom, a sister named Samantha Smith, and through love and relationship, his baby mama, Lauren London.

His father, Dawit Asghedom is an Eritrean immigrant who married his mother, Angelique Smith when he was in the US. His father left Eritrea to flee the conflict between Ethiopia and Eritrea. His brother, Samiel Asghedom grew up alongside Nipsey in Crenshaw, South Los Angeles, and just like Nipsey Hussle, has his nickname, Blacc Sam.

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Samiel is an entrepreneur who invested in a couple of businesses with his brother. They both own The Marathon Clothing Store, where his brother was killed.

Nipsey Hussle’s sister, Samantha Smith is also an entrepreneur who has her own skin therapy business, GLO by Samantha Smith. Other than the therapy business, Nipsey, Samiel, and Samantha also own a co-working space, Vector90, which was designed to serve female entrepreneurs.

Other family members include his daughter, Emani Asghedom who was born from his relationship with Lauren London. He was in a relationship with her from 2013 till his death in 2019.

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