Understanding Nikita Dragun’s Life Before And After Trans, Boyfriend & Ethnicity

Nikita Dragun, better known to many as either Mama Dragun or Nyc Dragun, is a transgender YouTuber who gained fame for her makeup tutorial videos. She has since transitioned to become a successful businesswoman, launching her own cosmetics line Dragun Beauty, and also a youth icon for transgender people as she has remained very open about her transition process from male to female. With her increase in popularity in the past few years, many people have searched to find out all they can about the half Vietnamese and Mexican girl. Read on to find out all we know about her.

Nikita Dragun’s Biography and Ethnicity

There are conflicting reports in regards to Nikita Dragun’s exact place of birth as some publications put it to be in Springfield, Virginia while others say she was born in Belgium. What they, however, all agree on is that she was born male on the 31st of January, 1996 to a Vietnamese father and a Mexican mother. While the identity of her parents is not known to the public, she is known to have three siblings; sisters Allegrah Nguyen Capri and Taliah Nguyen Marriott and then a brother named Vincarlo Nguyen.

From a very young age, Nikita was said to have felt different as she was drawn closer to playing dress-up than doing any other thing expected from a boy. In her first physical education class, she reportedly lined up with the girls instead of the boys and insisted on putting side cuts on the shorts she wore.

For the fear of being bullied, however, she was able to hide her true identity until she reached high school where she was now accepted more by people as she began dressing in tight jeans, wearing lashes and carrying a little purse.

Following the completion of her high school, Nikita Dragun earned a full scholarship to attend New York University. However, to the devastation of her parents, she turned it down and went to a community college instead. It was around this time that she got a fake ID with the name Nicole and began visiting clubs in the Washington, D.C area where she easily passed as a female.

Life Before and After Trans

Nikita Dragun, Life Before and After Trans
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Following her entry into college, Nikita Dragun, who initially thought herself to be gay before she realized that she was a woman trapped inside a man’s body, began to gain confidence as a woman and so decided it was time to make the transition from male to female. Another issue that supposedly prompted her to make the transition was that it had become awkward for her to use the men’s restroom.

Around this time, she launched her YouTube channel where she talked about various things, most notably makeup, but excluded talking about her sexuality. By late December 2015, however, this all changed as she released a video titled “I Am Transgender” which went viral almost immediately. Through YouTube, Nikita was able to gain fame as well as meet other transgender people which helped her gain confidence and become comfortable with her own transition. She went on to keep her subscribers engaged with every little detail available as she documented her transition on her channel, sharing all the details about her hormone replacement therapy, sex organ reconstruction surgery, among many other things.

Nikita Dragun’s parents were reportedly very supportive of her decision to transition. Her career has further taken off as the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising graduate has gone ahead to launch her own makeup line called Dragun Beauty, which is targeted towards the trans community.

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Who is Her Boyfriend?

Going by the posts and pictures she puts up on social media, it appears that Nikita Dragun has been involved in numerous relationships. The model has made it a priority to always post a picture of a man who she claims to either be her current boyfriend or an ex-boyfriend. One of the many people who she has put up their pictures and claimed that they were an item is fellow make-up artist and YouTuber Manny Guitierrez. His picture on her social media profile prompted many people to assume that the two were indeed an item, but it did not take long for Nikita to again post the picture of another man, putting an end to whatever rumor that was circulating at the time.

As at the time of writing, the latest person to be linked to her is YouTuber Josh Levya. While it is safe to assume that this could indeed be another prank, Levya has not stepped forward to either confirm and deny the rumors.

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