Nigella Lawson’s Net Worth And How She Makes Money As A Food Writer

Nigella Lawson’s net worth is quite a huge lot at the moment, considering her indisputably groundbreaking work in the British culinary world. Highly admired for her charming and very youthful looks, the food expert is an English food writer and cooking show host who has worked extensively on TV and authored her own cookbooks which have become bestsellers. Respected for her writing skills, she has made several contributions to different newspapers and magazines and has garnered so many devoted readers and fans who follow her every move.

Having achieved so much success in her career so far, Nigella Lawson’s net worth has come up as a topic for discussion every now and then as fans try to figure out just how much her work as a food writer has translated to financial success. As a matter of fact, many fans have asked about how she makes money as a food writer. So, what is Nigella Lawson’s net worth at the moment and how does she earn from her career?

How Nigella Lawson Rose To Prominence

Born on 6th January 1960, in Wandsworth, London, Nigella had a privileged childhood. The food writer was born to well-to-do parents; her father is Nigel Lawson, a British journalist and Conservative politician who served as a Member of Parliament representing the constituency of Blaby, and her mother was Vanessa Salmon, a very beautiful woman who happened to have been the heiress to the J. Lyons and Co. company, a popular British restaurant chain, food manufacturing, and hotel conglomerate. Apparently, her family is very rich and they, in fact, are reported to have kept homes in Kensington and Chelsea.

Growing up, Nigella attended the Godolphin and Latymer School located in London before gaining admission to study at the prestigious University of Oxford. At this time, she was already a big fan of writing and had dreams of doing great as a food writer. When she graduated from the University of Oxford, Nigella started working in the literary world when she landed a job as a book reviewer in London. During this time, she also worked as a restaurant critic. Nigella was so good that in 1986, she quickly rose through the ranks to become the deputy literary editor of The Sunday Times.

After some time, Nigella Lawson decided to go into freelance journalism and started writing for different magazines and newspapers. Her writing across these publications caught some attention around Britain and gave her some exposure as a writer of note. She soon decided to write and publish her own books. Nigella published her first cookbook titled How To Eat in 1998 and it became a bestseller, helping to further extend her fame as a writer. She has since published other books, winning accolades for her works.

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Nigella Lawson's Net Worth
Nigella Lawson (middle) with guests on one of her cooking shows

Nigella Lawson’s Net Worth

Considering her very impressive outing as a food writer, it is apparent that Nigella Lawson’s net worth is quite a huge lot at the moment. She has put up amazing performances as a writer of note and is widely considered as one of the best culinary writers from Britain at the moment. So, what is Nigella Lawson’s net worth?

Currently, Nigella Lawson’s net worth has been pegged at about $20 million by different sources and this figure is expected to rise in a short time as she continues her work, writing and putting out impressive culinary materials.

It is noteworthy that apart from her work as a food writer, Nigella also rakes in money as a TV personality. She has hosted different cooking TV shows, including her own cooking series titled Nigella Bites, on Channel 4. Other shows she has hosted include Nigella Feasts on Food Network and Nigella Express on BBC Two.

How Nigella Lawson Makes Money As A Food Writer

Nigella Lawson writes a lot and has had her work featured in different publications around the world. As a food writer, she criticizes different cuisines and makes recommendations, and her work is held in high esteem. Apparently, she gets paid for her efforts. The exact percentage of the money she gets for every of her work which is featured in magazines and newspapers remains vague, however, it is thought that she rakes in hundreds of thousands of dollars every year for her published work.

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Nigella also rakes in a lot of money from her book sales. Her first book titled How to Eat, sold more than 300,000 copies, making her a best-selling author. Apparently, this meant that she smiled to the bank in a big way. Her second book, How to Be a Domestic Goddess, also became a best-seller and even fetched her the British Book Award for Author of the Year.

She has written other books including Simply Nigella, Kitchen: Recipes from the Heart of the Home, Nigella Summer, and so many others. All these published works are highly acclaimed and fetch Nigella a lot of money in royalties.

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