Who Was Nigella Lawson’s First Husband and Is She Currently Divorced?

There may not be titles waiting to be passed down in the world of cooking, but Nigella Lawson definitely qualifies as a culinary royalty. The English culinary television host and food writer made a name for herself by whipping up wonderful and delicious recipes that people could enjoy in the comfort of their homes. She started her career in the media working as a restaurant critic and book reviewer for The Sunday Times before being promoted to deputy literary editor. Even after she parted ways with the publication, she continued working in a freelance capacity as a journalist for several notable magazines and newspapers.

Following the advice and encouragement from friends and family, Nigella published her first cookbook, How to Eat. It hit the stands in 1998 and quickly established her as a household name and celebrity chef. She followed this up in 2000, with the award-winning How to Be a Domestic Goddess. It was this book that helped cement her brand and legacy in the food scene. Since then, Nigella has released ten more bestselling cookbooks and hosted her own culinary and daytime talk shows: Nigella Bites, Nigella Feasts, and Nigella.

In addition, Nigella has her own range of cookware called Living Kitchen. She is one of the most popular women in England thanks to her wildly successful career in the media and beyond. Check out all you need to know about Nigella Lawson’s first husband and her relationship history below.

Who Was Nigella Lawson’s First Husband?

For about a decade, Nigella Lawson and John Diamond were perfect as a couple in every way. Diamond was a brilliant journalist and broadcaster who worked as a columnist for The Sunday Times and a presenter on BBC television and radio. Like Nigella, Diamond is also an accomplished, award-winning author. He has two books to his name titled C: Because Cowards Get Cancer Too…, and Snake Oil and Other Preoccupations.

Nigella and Diamond met while they were both working as writers for The Sunday Times. They fell in love quickly and had a beautiful wedding in Venice in 1992. The couple had two children together, a daughter and a son named Cosima and Bruno. Their marriage was blissful and they looked destined to last forever until tragedy struck. Diamond was diagnosed with throat cancer in 1997.

Nigella Lawson and John Diamond
Nigella Lawson and John Diamond with their kids: Image Source

Despite the aggressive treatments he had to endure, throat surgery, and subsequent tongue surgery which led to the removal of his tongue, Diamond succumbed to the terrible disease in March 2001, at the young age of 47.

Details About Her Explosive Second Marriage

Shortly after Nigella’s first husband passed away, she began dating the advertising mogul and art collector Charles Saatchi. However, Saatchi himself and a bunch of other people claim that their romantic affair actually started in the final six months of John Diamond’s life.

Saatchi was a close friend to Diamond and Nigella, but after (or before) the former kicked the bucket, he wasted no time in putting the charms on Nigella. He showered her with expensive gifts, took her on shopping sprees, and booked exquisite hotel suites for them. Nigella married Saatchi in September 2003.

Although their marriage looked dazzling on the outside, a lot was going wrong inside their union. Things came terribly to the limelight in June 2013 when The Sunday People published photographs taken by a paparazzo showing Saatchi angrily grabbing Lawson by the neck while they were dining at a restaurant in London. Saatchi claimed they were only playing and he was trying to drive home a point, but he was later questioned by the police and cautioned for assault.

Is She Currently Divorced or Dating Anyone?

After Nigella refused to speak in favor of her husband and clear his image, he asked her to pack her things and leave, which she did. Saatchi surprised everyone including Nigella by announcing that he was getting a divorce since he had been a disappointment to his wife for the past year or so. Their divorce was granted on July 31, ending their ten-year marriage and opening up a can of worms that lasted a few years.

Nigella only recently opened up about the trauma that the marriage and subsequent divorce plunged her into. She claimed that Saatchi had subjected her to intimate terrorism, and what the tabloids did to her after was not any kinder.

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Yes, the food princess is happily divorced and doesn’t appear to be dating anyone. However, for a brief period in 2017, she was seen hanging out with the writer and novelist Ronan Bennett. From all indications, the relationship didn’t get very far and Nigella has managed to keep her dating life private ever since. Nigella Lawson’s first husband showed her what it means to be loved right and her second marriage was traumatic; nobody would settle for anything less thereafter. So, she’s probably taking her time to find the right spouse.

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