Puzzling Facts About Nicole Threatt’s Biography, Worth and Marriage To Dr. Dre

If you are a fan of rap music, then it is almost an unpardonable sin to not know a thing or two about Andre Romelle Young. Well, maybe you wouldn’t know him by that name as he is best known as Dr. Dre. Over the years, Dre has irked out a name for himself as a world-renowned rapper, music producer, and the current CEO of Aftermath Entertainment and Beats Electronics.

With up to six Grammys to his credit, Dre has worked closely with big names in the industry like 50 Cent, Eminem, and Snoop Dogg. Consequently, Dre is vastly acknowledged as one of the wealthiest rappers in the world, and all of these have made a lot of people curious about his wife, Nicole Threatt.

Basic Biographical Facts to Know About Nicole Threatt

For reasons best known to the famous musician, he tries to keep much of his personal life very private. This is certainly one of the reasons much isn’t known about the woman he made his life partner. Also, before her marriage to Dr. Dre, Nicole was largely unknown to the public. Even though she has been married to the record producer for many years, she has managed to keep away from the glitz and glam that normally comes from being the wife of a big entertainer. The cumulative result of this low key lifestyle is that information about Nicole has been difficult to come by.

Based on what has been reported on various platforms, Nicole Threatt was born on the 1st of January 1970. Although we haven’t been able to authenticate if that’s truly her date of birth, there are reasons to believe she’s around that age. She was named Nicole Kendra Plotzker after she was birthed but virtually nothing is known about her parents, siblings, the kind of upbringing she had, and what have you.

A citizen of the United States of America, Nicole Threatt is widely reported to belong to the Caucasian race but some reports have claimed that she is of mixed heritage without specifying the races that make up her racial identity.

Her Life Before She Met The Record Producer

Even though Nicole has come to be known as the wife of one of the most popular names in hip-hop, she has been in the limelight long before her marriage to Dr. Dre. She was the wife of Sedale Threatt, a former NBA player who is now married to Britt Johnson. Yes, her surname is a vestige of her first marriage. Irrespective of the fact that she has been married to Dre for many years, and is officially known as Nicole Young, the Threatt surname has stuck with her.

It is difficult to tell why her marriage with Sedale Threatt failed just as it is not known what Nicole does for a living. Nonetheless, it has been reported on several quarters that she trained as an attorney and holds a law degree. This may be true but our efforts to link her to any law school has so far yielded no result. Also, she is not known to be working as an attorney neither has she worked in such capacity in the past, at least to the best of our knowledge.

In a nutshell, Nicole Threatt is not famous for anything at the moment apart from the fact that she is Dre’s wife. Meanwhile, it has been upheld in some quarters that she is truly an attorney and very useful to Dre as a legal confidant and personal counsel. Even, it has been speculated that the fear of letting Nicole go away with huge caches of Dre’s legal information is the reason behind their long marriage. As ridiculous as that may seem, this sentiment has been embraced by many just as some people believe that the security that comes with Dre’s huge wealth and personality is the reason Nicole is still married to him. All of these claims are unfounded and have not been authenticated in any way.

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How Nicole and Dre Became Life Partners

dr dre nicole threatt
Nicole Threatt Young and her husband Dr. Dre: Image source

As already hinted, Nicole Threatt’s marriage to Dr. Dre is her second. Prior to marrying the rap king in 1996, she had been married to the former NBA star Sedale Threatt. As the story goes, her marriage to the ex-basketball player was a troubled one that eventually drove her into the arms of Dre.

Dr. Dre has had a robust history with women but Nicole remains the only one he got married to. Right from his days in high school and as a teenager, Dre kept romantic relationships that saw him father at least three children with different women. He came close to getting married to singer Michel’le whom he dated from 1988 to 1996. They got engaged and had a son named Marcel. But according to Michel’le, their relationship was a trouble one as Dre abused her physically and even shot at her once. They later parted ways and it ushered in the record producer’s relationship with Nicole Threatt.

From what was obvious, Nicole and Dre got to know each other while she was still married to Threatt. Also, Nicole certainly confided her marriage hiccups to Dre which explains his famous 1995 love letter to her which clearly asked her to abandon her marriage with Sedale in favor of a relationship with him. Nicole divorced Sedale and a year later, she got married to Dre.

So far, their marriage has produced two kids: a son named Truth and a daughter named Truly. Apart from playing as a mother to these two, Nicole is also the stepmother of three grown children from Dre’s previous relationships.

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Nicole Threatt’s Net Worth Compared to Dre’s $830 Million

Information as to what Nicole does for a living is quite scarce. She no longer works as an attorney (if at all she ever did). She is also not known to be directly involved in her husband’s business. While what she does for a living remains unknown, it has circulated that she has a wealth estimated at over $1 million.

There is no doubt that the about is substantial, but it is nothing compared to her husband’s riches which has been estimated at a massive $830 million as of 2020.

Unlike his wife, you wouldn’t search hard to find the sources of Dre’s income. While most of his wealth came from selling Beats Electronics to Apple in 2014, Drake has been making huge profits from his musical endeavor and other entrepreneurial pursuits.

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