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If you are a fan of rap music – especially hip hop, gangsta or g-funk – you’d certainly know Andre Romelle Young. Well, maybe you wouldn’t know him by that name as he is more popularly known as Dr. Dre. Over the years, Dre has irked out a name for himself as a world-renowned rapper, music producer and the current CEO of Aftermath Entertainment and Beats Electronics. With up to six Grammys to his credit, Dre has worked closely with such big names in the industry as 50 Cent, Eminem and Snoop Dogg. Consequently, in 2014, Dre was Forbes’ second wealthiest hip hop rapper. But, who is the woman at the background of Dre’s obvious huge success? Her name is Nicole Threatt.

Dre is already known whereas he tries to keep much of his personal life really personal. It’s certainly one reason you likely didn’t know anything or much about Nicole. However, one remarkable thing about Dre and Nicole is that they have stayed married for over two decades – much more than most Hollywood and Broadway celebrity marriages. So, here we pay attention to her life, career, net worth and so much more. There will certainly be much to learn from her life. Especially, we shall be hoping to discover the secret of her successful marriage with the superstar, Dre.

Nicole Threatt – Bio, Age & Ethnicity

Prior to her marriage to Dr. Dre, Nicole Threatt was largely unknown to the public. And even now that she has been married to Dre for decades, she has still managed to keep away from the glitz and glamour that would have come from being the wife of a big entertainer. The cumulative result of this low profile living is that information about Nicole Threatt has been difficult to come by.

However, many wiki sources are unanimous that Nicole Threatt was born the same day as the year 1970 (that is, January 1, 1970). Her birth name is reported to be Nicole Kendra Plotzker. But, since we have no information about Nicole’s parents, we know she had been married to an NBA player Sedale Threatt before she married Dre. Indeed, her currently more popular surname is a vestige of that her first romance. So, ‘Threatt’ is not her maiden name. Although she is now often referred to as Nicole Young totally with Dre’s real name, the Threatt surname has stuck with her.

Another key information we have about Nicole is that she trained as an attorney and holds a law degree as per wiki sources. But, every effort to link her to any particular law school or year has so far yielded no result. Nicole is not known to be working as an attorney currently. Neither is she famous for anything apart from the fact that she is Dre’s wife. However, we strongly believe she would be very useful to Dre as a legal confidant and personal counsel. Could the fear of letting Nicole go away with huge caches of Dre’s legal info be behind his continual marriage with her? Although we cannot tell for sure, it is possible. As for Nicole, it may be the security that comes with Dre’s huge wealth and personality that may be keeping her hooked.

Then, talking about Nicole Threatt’s ethnicity, she is widely reported to belong to the white Caucasian race. She is also known to hold American citizenship.

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Family Life of Nicole Threatt: Husband and Kids

dr dre nicole threatt
Nicole Threatt Young and her husband Dr. Dre: Image source

As already hinted, Nicole Threatt’s marriage to Dr. Dre is her second. Prior to marrying the rap king in 1996, she had been married to the NBA star Sedale Threatt whose surname she is still very much called after. But, reports have it that their relationship was marred by squabbles.

Obviously, Nicole and Dre got to know each other while she was still married to Threatt. Also, Nicole certainly confided her marriage hiccups to Dre which may be the reason behind Dre’s famous 1995 love letter to Nicole which clearly asked her to jettison her romance with Sedale in favor of a relationship with him. Nicole responded to the letter and so, she soon divorced Sedale. A year later, she married Dre.

Nicolle’s marriage to Dre has so far produced two kids: a son named Truth and a daughter named Truly. Apart from playing as a mother to these two, Nicole is also the stepmother of three grown children from Dre’s previous marriages.

Net Worth

Information as to what Nicole does for a living is quite scarce. She no longer works as an attorney (if at all she ever did). She is also not known to be directly involved in her husband’s business. Is she a full-blown housewife? No one can tell for sure. But, it would be unthinkable for her to keep a law degree completely in the closet to be a full-time housewife.

Well, her husband has it and it’s likely she’s banking on that. It may be the reason many sources list her husband’s growing net worth of $830 million as hers also. But, there is at least one source speculating that Nicole is worth over $1 million.

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