Fascinating Facts About Nicole Hocking’s Family and Her Relationship With Luke Combs

Luke Combs’ country music career took off in 2014 but, already, many analysts are predicting that he is the next big thing to happen to the music genre due to his great and glorious achievements. Besides, Luke has his gorgeous fiancee Nicole Hocking to give him all the support he needs from the homefront. Luke and Nicole have not been together for too long but they look absolutely perfect as a couple.

While a lot must have been written about the famous American country music star, there is more to know about his personal life which he shares with his fairly long-time girlfriend (now fiancee), Nicole.

Nicole Hocking Before Luke Combs Came Along

Nicole Hocking is an American citizen and a native of Fort Myers, Florida. She was born on July 22, 1992, to her mother Marcy Hocking (which many sources often mistake for ‘Mary’ or ‘Mercy’). As for her father, his identity is not yet known to us. Another thing we know about Nicole’s birth family is that she has a sister named Jenna Hocking who is a hospitality management expert and who currently plies her trade at the Hilton West Palm Beach, Florida.

Sources often report that Nicole Hocking attended a private high school somewhere in Florida. We have been digging to know the exact school and what she was up to in her days there, but we have not met with any notable success in this regard.

Regarding her college education, Nicole Hocking attended Florida Gulf Coast University where she earned a bachelor’s degree. we do not have details on her course of study while at the university, but we do know she was a member of the Kappa Delta Sorority.

While still at college, Nicole once worked at a local bar to earn additional income for herself until her graduation in 2014. Upon graduation, she started an undisclosed job at the Broadcast Music Inc (BMI) in Nashville, Tennessee.

One more thing we know about Nicole’s life before she met Combs is that she was raised in a Christian background. She is still strictly connected to her Christian faith. Here is an Instagram post she shared to commemorate the 2020 Easter celebrations:

What Kind of Relationship Does She Have With Her Family?

We may not have many specific details about Nicole Hocking’s family but what we know for sure is that she is very fond of her mom Marcy and her sister Jenna. You will often find her doting on these two members of her family on her social media pages. She seizes every opportunity to share pictures of them while saying beautiful things to or about them.

Just for the records, Nicole Hocking’s sister Jenna also attended Florida Gulf Coast University and graduated in 2017 with a degree in Hospitality Management and has since gone ahead to find work at the Hilton West Palm Beach, Florida.

Nicole doesn’t seem to have anything to say about her father, which may indicate that father and daughter are not in good terms. But, we can’t be absolutely certain about this for now. In any case, Nicole Hocking’s known family still resides in Florida.

How Did Nicole Hocking and Luke Combs Meet?

After she graduated from college, Nicole Hocking relocated to Nashville, Tenessee. There, she joined a performing rights organization known as Broadcast Music Inc. (BMI). Over time, Nicole became popular among Nashville residents and on various social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. Needless to say, her gorgeous looks and acute brains soon got many necks turning in her direction.

As it turned out, Luke Combs was one of those having sleepless nights over Nicole. Soon, although we can’t tell the exact point where they had their first date, the two began to be seen together often. A whirlwind level of romance had just been born.

Nicole Hocking may have gained some popularity on social media while working with BMI but her fame gained massive weight after she was discovered to be dating the now-famous American country music singer/songwriter, Luke Combs.

However, it must be remembered that the two met while Luke was still finding his feet in the music industry. He had no record deal and was only known by a few of his close friends in the music industry. Nicole, using her connections at BMI, helped him find his place by introducing him to some successful music stars managed by her company.

Nicole Hocking with boyfriend, Luke Combs – Image Source

How Their Relationship Has Fared So Far

Luke and Nicole started dating in 2016 – two years into Luke’s professional music career. As a matter of fact, the two met their meteoric rise in the music industry after the release of Combs’ debut album, This One’s for You, and it’s follow-up, This One’s for You Too.

Luke, a North Carolina native who has been a vocalist since childhood, dropped out of college in his bid to pursue his country music career. Today, his musical success has come with awards like the New Artist of the Year and New Country Artist of the Year. His album, This One’s for You was nominated for a Billboard Music Award in the Top Country Album category. When Luke won the 2018 CMA Awards for the New Artist of the Year category, he did not fail to thank Hocking for her support.

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Luke would soon be proposing to Nicole Hocking which was no surprise at all, especially to those who have been faithfully following their love story. Sometime in November 2018, the country music star shared the news of his engagement to Nicole on his Instagram handle. In addition to his successful career, Luke admits having witnessed some important changes in his life ever since he met Nicole.

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