A Look At Nicole Curtis’ Personal Life, Failed Marriages and Net Worth

Nicole Curtis is an American television host who is respected for the work she does in helping to revamp old and fallen houses and structures back to their normal state or even better a condition than they originally were. Having begun her work in the home-restoration business for quite a while, the TV host is completely ‘addicted’ to the job and goes a long way to help in bringing back fallen structures back to life.

Nicole Curtis has appeared on different TV shows such as Rehab Addict and Rehab Addict: Detroit in which she wows Americans with her drive to renovate crumbled structures. The woman usually buys the properties and then works on them with the help of some other persons, to rebuild the structures and return them to their original appearances.

Nicole Curtis Biography

Nicole Curtis was born on the 20th of August in 1976. She took her first breath in Lake Orion, a village in the US State of Michigan. Her father’s name has been identified as Rod Curtis and her mother’s name has been given as Joanie Curtis. The TV host grew up in her place of birth, Lake Orion, with her family.

Curtis has a brother called Ryan Curtis who is an actor known for the 2015 movie, Set You Free. She and Ryan are quite close and share a bond. According to reports, her family owned a garbage business in Detroit, a major city in Michigan. As a young girl, she was often taught how to properly use items and then refurbish them afterward for reusing. This would go a long way to help her become who she has come to be – a distinguished home renovator.

Growing up, Nicole had her high school education at the Lake Orion High school from where she graduated in 1994. After finishing high school, she proceeded to college but had financial difficulties in the process. To assist herself, she took up a job as a waiter at Hooters, a popular restaurant company where she served many important businessmen and women.

Nicole went to college in three different states in America. First, she went to a college in Georgia, then switched to Florida and then went to Michigan. In the process, she also switched Majors. Initially, she majored in law but then switched to education along the line. Talking about that decision later in life, she revealed that she had always loved education and that she is still a teacher at heart.

Who Are Her Previous Husbands and Does She Have Kids?

Nicole Curtis
Nicole Curtis and her kids

Nicole Curtis is not married at the moment but she has had relationships in the past. Her first relationship was with Steve Lane, her college sweetheart. In the course of their relationship, the lovebirds welcomed a son together. However, Steve did not witness his son’s birth because he was arrested for manslaughter and sent to prison months into Nicole’s pregnancy. Their son, Ethan was born in 1996 when she was about 19 years old. She had to work really hard to keep up without her man. However, their relationship later went into the drains.

Her second relationship was with a man named Shane Maguire. As a matter of fact, they are not together anymore. The couple also had a son named Harper who was born in 2015. Nicole is very fond of her kids and often shows them off on her social media pages to the admiration of her fans.

From Shane, she has moved on to Ryan Sawtelle and both have been dating for more than two years. Ryan is the founder of the military non-profit organization known as the White Heart Foundation.

How Much Money Does Nicole Curtis Have?

Having been in the real estate business for quite a while, Nicole Curtis is expected to have made a fortune for herself. The woman is also a TV star who has won admiration from the public. The TV business is quite lucrative and she is expected to have made quite a considerable amount of money from her position as a host. At the moment, Nicole’s net worth has been pegged at $7 million by celebrity wealth calculators.

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Career Achievements

Nicole Curtis found it quite hard to go through college seamlessly because of the fees other issues she was struggling with at the time. She had to become a waiter at different hotels and restaurants including Hooters. After some time, she branched into real estate, the business which she is now being known for.

Nicole started her real estate business by chance when she heard that cities across America were planning to destroy old houses and structures because no one wanted to be in them anymore. She approached the authorities and asked to have the houses since no one wanted them. She explained that she would refurbish the houses and turn them to their original looks again. It took quite a hassle to convince those involved but she finally got a house and went on to work on it. This was how her journey into the home renovation business began.

Nicole worked on the house she got, refurbished it and gave it a new look. The confidence she got from completely giving the building a better look pushed her into doing more exploits. She started buying old and abandoned houses and then re-branding them into beautiful looking homes. She became very passionate about the business and soon her fame started to spread. Curtis became skillful at interior designing and always knew where to put the right touches to give any building a face-lift.

Television Career

Because her fame was spreading as a home renovator of repute, Nicole Curtis was approached by TV producers who presented her with a proposal to appear on TV while showcasing her work as a home renovator. She agreed and a show called Rehab Addict was born. On Rehab Addict, Nicole is seen going about her usual duties buying old houses and renovating them again. Her actions have won her lots of fans over the years.

Apart from Rehab Addict, Nicole has also featured on Rehab Addict: Detroit in which she is seen working tirelessly to save historic houses. These houses include structures like the Ransom Gillis House, a building that dates back to the 1870s. She has also appeared on Beach Flip, a TV show along with two other TV stars; David Bromstad and Josh Temple. Nicole has also featured on Flipping the Block, cementing her place as one of the most sought after persons in the home renovation business.

How Tall is She?

She stands at an average height. The home-renovator who is obsessed with her business stands at about 5 ft 3 inches tall. In addition to this, she weighs about 58 kg. This, of course, may change with time.

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