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Nick Wright, who is notable for his charismatic and yet constructive way of debating and presenting facts on First Things First, is an American sports radio talk show host and sports television personality. After realizing he wouldn’t make it into the NBA, Wright decided at the age of nine that he was going to become a sportscaster.

While building his skills in college, he transitioned from radio to television over the years, with his work experience taking him from Missouri to New York, as well as Houston. Suffering from depression sometime in his life, Wright found the light at the end of the tunnel in the form of his wife and has since gone on to appear as a guest host on several other talk shows.

How Nick Wright Built His Illustrious Career As A Media Personality

A Missouri state native who was born on October 3rd, 1984, the television personality was raised by his parents in Kansas City. Wright’s childhood and early education are not known publicly, but it’s a recorded fact that he enrolled in the private research university, Syracuse University, New York. There, he enrolled in the school’s night program and worked as a radio host on the campus’s radio station, WAER 88.3 FM. He graduated from Syracuse in 2007 with a degree in broadcast journalism.

He Began His Radio Career In His Hometown

Following his graduation from Syracuse, Wright moved back to Kansas City where he got to host his own weekly program. He was named the best sports personality in 2010 by the local newspaper known as The Pitch. Wright later moved to Houston, where he got to join the staff of KILT 610 AM. He co-hosted In the Loop with Nick and Lopez while at KILT, gaining experience and reputation along the way. He spent four years in Houston before he transitioned into a broadcast television career.

His time and experience with KILT began to earn him several guest appearances on Fox Sports. Before working full-time with the channel, he contributed regularly to daily shows on Fox Sports 1, as well as appeared as a guest host on Fox Sports Radio and FS1’s The Herd with Colin Cowherd.

When Cowherd was on vacation in December 2016, Nick Wright and former Miami Dolphins’ wide receiver Cris Carter co-hosted an episode. This pairing was done by Fox Sports execs to test the chemistry between the two presenters.

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Nick Wright
Nick Wright and Cris Carter

The pair proved to be a success and they were made co-hosts of the FS1 morning talk show, First Things First. The duo was joined by journalist and former reporter Jenna Wolfe, who acted as the show’s moderator and anchor. First Things First was created to fill in FS1’s 6 to 9:30 AM time slot, which was used for game replays and show reruns. In 2018, Nick Wright began hosting the weekday radio show, What’s Wright, on Sirius XM’s Mad Dog Radio.

This Is How Much Nick Wright Is Worth

Nick Wright has had a good number of years to build up a nice net worth for himself. The sportscaster is reported to earn an annual salary of $75k. He has time and time again been praised for his conversational approach in First Things First. He has also received praise on his ability to provide convincing argument backed up by stats and his willingness to talk about social issues like politics and race in America.

From his $8-an-hour job as the production assistant in Kansas City to co-hosting radio and television shows to having his own show, Nick Wright has steadily amassed a net worth of $1 million over the years. He also won $50k when he appeared on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, but as he revealed in a tweet, he spent it all in fourteen months.

What We Know About Wright’s Family

Wright has not been forthcoming with information concerning his family. Whatever information available has been gleaned from the tidbits he has shared in passing over the years. According to the sportscaster, his father Louie is a firefighter who was once the union president for Kansas City Firefighters. His mother, Charlene, is an attorney and academic. She worked for Shook, Hardy & Bacon, a Kansas City-based law firm ranked as the 87th largest firm in the US according to the National Law Journal.

Wright is of Italian and Irish descent. Sometime in the early 2000s, Nick Wright’s parents got a divorce. His father remarried but the sportscaster never shared the identity of his stepmother. He hasn’t made any mention of siblings either.

Get To Know Nick Wright’s Wife And Kids

Nick Wright

In 2007, not too long after appearing on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, Wright fell into a cycle of depression, gambling addiction and alcohol abuse. It was around this time that he met his wife-to-be, Danielle. Enjoying the connection he was beginning to have, Wright asked Danielle out on a date, to which she agreed. On their first date, Danielle brought her two kids, son Dason Damonza, and daughter Diorra Damonza with her. That first date changed Wright’s life and not long after, he and Danielle were dating.

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Fast forward to 2013, the couple decided to exchange nuptial vows on April 14th at a quaint ceremony. Nick also adopted Danielle’s kids, much to everyone’s joy. On several occasions, the TV personality has credited Danielle and her children for saving him from depression. In October 2013, Wright and Danielle gave birth to their first child together, daughter Deanna. The talk show host lives in New York City with his family.

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12 years ago I was lost. Depressed, addicted, making bad choices. I had been so blessed in my life & I was doing my best to squander it all. Then I met @mrsnickwright and amazingly she agreed to go on a date with me. On our very first date, she brought these two amazing kids. Little did I know that that moment & those kids would change my life, and along with their mom, they'd save my life. Those kids let me be their Dad. They let me adopt them. Damonza would let me coach him in hoops & Diorra would let me (try to) do her hair. Since then, we've added one more, Deanna, who has added even more love to a family already overflowing with it. So, on Father's Day, I always get emotional because folks see our family & think I've done so much for them. But it's the other way around. My family, @mrsnickwright @damonza_ Diorra & Deanna, saved my life, and I'll never be able to pay it back. I love you guys so much.

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A fashion stylist, Danielle felt that any man worth spending time with should understand what he was getting into, which is the reason why she took her kids with her on her first date with Nick Wright. Rather than chase Wright away, the radio show host instead fell in love with her and her children and found a new reason to pick himself up from depression.

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