How Much Is Nick Viall Worth, What Does He Do and Is He Married?

Nick Viall is an American reality television personality, actor, and entrepreneur who was shot to fame as the star of The Bachelor season 21. Even though he made a name for himself in the reality TV show, he is yet to take a giant leap into acting, as he has only played minor roles and made guest appearances in a few TV series and movies including The Coop, and A Christmas Cruise. Combining his business and the fact that he had four stints on ABC’s reality TV series, The Bachelor Nation, Nick’s net worth has made a considerable increase over the years.

A Walk Through Nick Viall’s Career Journey

After graduating from Waukesha North High School in 1999, Nick Viall enrolled at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee where he obtained a degree in Business Administration. He was a fine sportsman during his high school days, winning the 800-meter run at the 1999 WIAA Track and Field Championship. He also captained his side in track and field events while at the University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee and they set a record in the 3200 meters relay.

As a business administration graduate, Nick Viall works as an account executive for; a cloud computing company where he sells software. Apart from his career at Salesforce, Nick is best known for playing a character villain in the 10th season of The Bachelorette when he competed for the heart of Andi Dorfman along with Josh Murray.

He joined the cast in Week 4 and there are several rumors that he was paid to be in the show, just to boost the Television Rating Point (TRP). Apparently, the actor rose to prominence following his appearances on four different seasons of the ABC reality TV series, The Bachelor Nation titled The Bachelorette season 10 & 11, Bachelor in Paradise season 3, and The Bachelor season 21.

Later in 2018, Nick founded an essential oils company called Natural Habits alongside his sister. The online business concentrates on men’s grooming products that offer USDA-certified organic oil blends. Nick Viall is also a model, signed by Wilhelmina International Inc., and runs a podcast called The Viall Files with Richelle Meiss. As an actor, he has made guest appearances in a few movies and TV series which include Family Guy, Speechless, Teachers, and General Hospital.

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Career Earnings of The Reality TV Star

If the speculations about the money earned by the contestants of the reality TV series The Bachelor are true, then Nick Viall has made huge wealth with a record of four appearances on The Bachelor Nation. He reached the finals in his first two appearances and starred as the bachelor in his last two stints on the reality TV shows. Although ABC didn’t reveal how much it pays contestants, it has been speculated that each of them are paid between $7,000 to $15,000 per show. However, this is the only speculation and is yet to be confirmed.

Notwithstanding, Nick Viall ought to have raked in a substantial income as a sales executive of the online company, Salesforce, since online sales executives earn an average annual salary of $100,000 in the United States. From his job, the business administration graduate has reportedly saved as much as $150,000.

Working as a social media influencer, the renowned reality TV figure has equally made decent money from promotion deals on Instagram. He has run promotions for several top-notch brands including Smart Sweets, Dyson, and Smirnoff. Also, Nick Viall pocketed the sum of $125,000 for participating in the 24th season of the American dance competition television series, Dancing With the Stars. He partnered with the New Zealand-born American Professional Latin dancer, Pete Jane Murgatroyd and they finished 6th on the show.

The handsome beefcake additionally generates huge earnings from adverts on his podcast, The Viall Files, which he co-hosts with Richelle Meiss. With the proceeds from his numerous business ventures, as well as his acting and modeling endeavors, Nick Viall has an estimated net worth of $400,000. He lives a not-so-lavish lifestyle as he resides in a big house in Los Angeles, California.

A Look At All The Ladies Nick Has Dated

Nick Viall is currently single and has never been married. He has dated numerous ladies on and off-screen in the past years. With a notorious bachelor lifestyle, it seems hard to see the TV star walking down the aisle with his bride in the near future. Here’s a list of all the women Nick has been romantically involved with.

Vanessa Grimaldi

Nick Viall
Nick Viall and Vanessa Grimaldi

Nick Viall dated Vanessa Grimaldi during his time on The Bachelor season 21 before deciding to get engaged. Even though many people felt the two were a good match for each other, they decided to split and walk their separate paths five months after the engagement. The two later released a joint statement citing how they tried to make things work out between them but sadly, they couldn’t get a fairytale ending eventually.

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Andi Dorfman 

Prior to his relationship with Vanessa, which he kick-started on The Bachelor, Nick dated many women during his time in Bachelor Nation. In his debut season on the show in 2014, he got it going with the Bachelorette star, Andi Dorfman but was left heartbroken when she rejected him and chose Josh Murray in the finals. He was disappointed and shocked at Dorfman’s decision despite their romantic escapade at the Fantasy Suite.

Kaitlyn Bristowe 

In Kaitlyn Bristowe’s edition of The Bachelorette, Nick Viall also dated Kaitlyn on the show after being introduced in the 5th episode as a result of his acquaintance with her before the show. Once again, the relationship ended in heartbreak as the beauteous damsel picked Shawn Booth over Nick in the finals.

Leah Block, Amanda Stanton, and Jen Saviano

Nick Viall had brief romantic affairs with Leah Block, Amanda Stanton, and Jen Saviano on the season 3 of Bachelor in Paradise. In the season finale, when it was time for the hunk to propose to his heartthrob, Jen Saviano, he opted against it by stating that, even though he wanted to say that he was in love with her, something in his heart asked him not to say so. As a result, the show ended without Nick Viall having a fianceé since he didn’t propose to any of the damsels.

January Jones 

After calling off his engagement with Vanessa Grimaldi whom he proposed to on The Bachelor, Nick had a brief relationship with the famous American actress, January Jones. It started when the Mad Men actress revealed that she had been crushing on Nick Viall during her appearance on The Late Late Show With James Corden in 2017. Subsequently, it was reported that the actor asked Jones out after her appearance on The Late Late Show.

Rumors of their affair began making rounds in the media after the actress started making flirty comments on Nick’s Instagram. A few months later, the two were said to have gone their separate ways with Jones stating that Nick Viall is a friend of hers who is super sweet and tells her loads of inside scoops.

Rachel Bilson

Following Nick’s flirty comments such as ‘nice mountains’ and ‘nice foliage’ on Rachel Bilson’s Instagram posts, rumors of their relationship started swirling around the internet in September 2019. However, when Rachel was asked about her relationship with Nick Viall a few weeks later, she replied that she didn’t want to discuss it. Nevertheless, Nick moved on to quell the rumors by saying that Rachel Bilson is just his friend.

Demi Burnett

Nick Viall’s public outing with Demi Burnett, as well as her spotting at Nick’s apartment, instigated the speculation that the duo was in a romantic relationship sometime in 2019. During his podcast in November 2019, Nick cited that Demi is his dear friend and he cares very much about her. He admitted that she has been to his apartment and it’s not a big deal, as friends do go to each other’s apartments.

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