Who is Nick Groff and Is He Married, Why Did He Leave Ghost Adventures?

When it comes to American television, there is no limit on what you can expect to find, and for a nation of superstitious people, the supernatural is an attractive and interesting subject that is quite common across all forms of television. When Americans get their fill of fictionalized supernatural television, they can turn to reality shows on the subject, a few of which has Nick Groff at the helm of the paranormal investigation shows.

The common nature of his work across paranormal television has led to an increased desire to learn more about him. Scroll down to learn more about the man daring the paranormal and putting it all up on video for Americans to enjoy.

Who Is Nick Groff?

One wonders what would drive a person to choose a career and a life in search of the supernatural and for Nick Groff, the answer is said to have been a curiosity driven by an incident when he was a boy. Eight years after he was born on the 19th of April, 1980 in San Jose, California, Nick Groff fell off a tree in his family’s home in Salem, New Hampshire. The incident itself was considered a near-death experience.

However, two years after the incident, when he was 10 years old, Nick Groff claims to have seen a ghostly figure of a black man while he was in the house alone and thus began a quest for the supernatural for the San Jose-born television personality.

For his education, having been raised in Nashua, New Hampshire, he attended Pelham High School before he attended University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Nick Groff’s career started out with Ghost Adventures and he pitched the idea for the show by assembling a team consisting of Aaron Goodwin whom he met while he was in the University and Zak Bagans whom he met while he worked as a DJ for his wedding. The documentary-style show was the beginning of what has been a thematically paranormal career. Not only has he stayed on television, but he has also claimed to have been possessed by supernatural entities multiple times, once at a place called Moon River Brewing Company in Savannah, Georgia and another at Linda Vista Community Hospital in East Los Angeles.

After he left Ghost Adventures, he created another show, Ghost Stalkers. Since Ghost Stalkers, Nick Groff has gone on to create and star in a couple more shows like Paranormal Lockdown, on which he starred as the lead investigator of the TLC and Destination America hosted show. The show ended on the 5th of February 2019.

Outside of his work in the chase of the supernatural beings, Nick Groff is also a musician who has released two music albums. The albums are titled The Other Side and Spiritual War and as evident from the name, the songs feature heavily on his belief in the supernatural. He also has a clothing line which is unsurprisingly called ‘Phantom Collection’.

Details Of His Wife and Children

The ‘Ghost Stalker’ got married to Veronique Roussel in 2004. Theirs is the adorable story of high school love which blossomed into adulthood.

They got engaged shortly before they left high school and have been together ever since. His relationship with his wife, who had an early insight into his quest for the paranormal and supernatural, helped him build a career in the field. Nick Groff and his wife currently live just outside of Boston, Massachusetts and they have two children, Annabelle and Chloe, both of whom were born in December 2010 and September 2014 respectively.

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Why Did He Leave Ghost Adventures?

Nick Groff
Nick and co-stars on Ghosts of Shepherdstown

Nick Groff was one of the faces and leading personalities on the successful show and thus it was a surprise when he announced his departure from the paranormal series.

The reasons for his departure have been speculative with several reports suggesting that he was actually fired but all indications so far suggest that he left the show voluntarily and did so due to the lack of a cogent relationship between him and other members of the show, including Aaron Goodwin and Zak Bagans.

The lack of a solid relationship with his co-stars and the fabrication of paranormal evidence are both believed to have contributed to his eventual exit from the show.

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