Nicholas Galitzine’s Early Life, Most Prominent Works And Why Fans Think He Is Gay

Nicholas Galitzine is a British actor who has won over many people to himself because of his very adaptable acting style. He has also been described by some critics as one of the ‘fast-growing’ British movie stars considering his rise in the industry. Starting out at 20, he has grown to become one of the most fascinating British movie superstars of note. A very talented man, Nicholas Galitzine is also a singer and has written and performed his own song.

As an actor, Nicholas Galitzine is now best known for his portrayal of Elliott Lefevre in Chambers, a popular American supernatural horror web television series which has attracted many people in recent times. He is also known for his work in High Strung, a 2016 movieBut before all we’ve come to know him for today, Nicholas began honing his acting skills even as a kid.

How Nicholas Galitzine Developed His Talents From The Ground Up

Nicholas Galitzine was born on September 29, 1994. The actor was raised in London where he began to show signs of musical talent. According to reliable sources, he often sang around the house. With such enthusiasm, young Nick soon began to sing in his church choir from when he was only 10 years old.

We don’t know much about Nick’s parents. The much we know, however, is that his father was a businessman. As for his mother, we know nothing about her except that she was a Greek-American. Another thing we know about his family background is that Nicholas Galitzine has a sister named Lexi Galitzine. The actor-singer is known for being very fond of his darling sister Lexi as well as his mom whose name he is yet to get released to the media.

Well, Nick’s mother and sister are not the only ones he is bonded within his family — it’s just that theirs seems more noticeable than the rest of the members of his family. The actor shares a very close bond with other members of his immediate family and has shared photos of himself posing with his parents and sister on Instagram to the huge admiration of his many fans. From time to time, his entire family even comes to visit and spend time together having dinner.

Details of the educational institutions the actor attended are not available. But records have it that, while in high school, Galitzine was so passionate about music that he featured prominently in a school production of the classic musical Guys and Dolls.

When he finished high school, Nick went on to attend Dulwich College in London. By this time, he had fully developed his love for acting. He later joined a youth theatre company at the Pleasance in Islington. He performed several plays with the company on stage which enabled him to learn a lot of tricks. Henceforth, it was not too long before he kick-started his career on TV after he got discovered by acting scouts.

Nicholas Galitzine was discovered while taking part in a production of a production entitled Spring Awakening by his theatre company at the Edinburgh Festival in 2013. His performance caught the eye of acting scouts who began to gush over him. With this, he soon started going for movie auditions and everything changed.

Highlights Of The Young Actor’s Professional Career So Far

Nick’s professional journey hit the ground running in 2014 when he starred as the lonely but adventurous teenager ‘Tom’ in a 92-minute-long short play entitled The Beat Beneath My Feet. Acting opposite Luke Perry and under the expert guidance of John Williams, Nicholas Galitzine performed so well that he attracted a lot of critical appraisal for his efforts.

Although The Beat Beneath My Feet got only an average audience score of 48% on Rotten tomatoes, it had just sparked the budding actor’s rise to stardom. Through a deal with Level 33 Entertainment, the production was burned into a disc in 2016 and was also made available for streaming which kept getting the young actor before a wider and ever-wider audience. So, his fan base kept on growing geometrically. A year after The Beat Beneath My Feet, Nicholas also appeared as ‘Angelo’ in a TNT crime drama series entitled Legends which ran until the end of the year.

In 2016, Nicholas Galitzine caused quite some stir when he starred as Johnnie in the romantic dance flick entitled High Strung. A young British violinist playing for tips in a New York subway to make ends meet, Nick’s character became the centerpiece of attention in the romantic drama. For example, he got many more fans from people who were fascinated by his skills at playing the violin. Yet, others wondered if he was actually the one playing the musical instrument. This beautiful lead performance in the movie earned him further commendation from the audience.

In 2016, also, Nick starred as Conor Masters in Handsome Devil, a drama/sports film. His exploits continued in 2017 with lead appearances in The Changeover, a fantasy/thriller movie in which he played Sorensen Carlisle. Again, he was cast as Mark Fleming in The Watcher in the Woods, a TV Movie in the same year. In 2019, after starring as A.J. in Share, a Drama/Thriller movie, he was cast as Elliott Lefevre in Chambers, an American supernatural horror web television series.

Is Nicholas Galitzine Really Gay As Rumored?

Nicholas Galitzine
Nicholas Galitzine and Tallulah Evans in “The Watcher in the Woods” Image source

Since filling a gay role in Handsome Devil, the rumor mill has been busy speculating that Nicholas Galitzine is gay. The thinking of the rumor-mongers seemed to be, “if he could portray the role so well, then, he must be gay in real life.

However, beyond movie acts, there is yet to be a shred of evidence to prove that the young actor is gay in real life. He only played a character assigned to him and has since moved on to work on other movies. At the moment, it is safe to say that Nicholas Galitzine is not gay, despite the rumors that he is.

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Contrary to the gay rumor, there is at least some indication that Nicholas Galitzine has a heterosexual orientation as he has been linked to Lilli Kay, an actress who also acted alongside him in the series, Chambers. We think so because Nicholas has been posting some photos of himself and Lilli striking what appears to be ‘affectionate’ poses together. It has however not been confirmed that the pair are dating.

Whatever turns out to be the case, one reason why fans love Nicholas Galitzine is that he is such a handsome young man. The female fans especially gush over his muscular physique which many have described as ‘sexy’.

The actor is tall standing at 6 feet or 183 cm tall in height. In addition to this, he is reported to weigh about 78kg or 171lbs.

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