Nia Guzman – Bio and New Details on Chris Brown’s Baby Mama

Nia Guzman gained fame due to her association with a famous celebrity, Chris Brown. Even though her fame increased drastically following her link with the Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter, Nia still tried to make a name for herself as a model and businesswoman.

One of the major things that brought the American model and aspiring nurse to the limelight was the battle over her daughter’s custody. Today, the matter has made her a popular figure on various social media platforms. Let’s get to know more about Chris Brown’s Baby Mama.

Nia Guzman – Biography

Also known as Nia Amey, Guzman was born on June 23, 1983. Her birthplace is Corpus Christi, Texas and she belongs to Puerto Rican and Mexican lineage. Other information including the names of her family members, early life and educational achievement, are not available at the moment. However, it is known that the Los Angeles-based mother of Chris Brown’s daughter modeled for various notable magazines with some of her photo-shoots displaying her scantily dressed figure. Nia even appeared in Phil Wade’s music video “Dreams of You”.

She later abandoned her modeling career for a degree in nursing. Prior to her modeling career, Nia did some odd jobs including working at a record label to make a living. In 2016, she told a news media that she was pursuing a full-time nursing course.

Nia Guzman’s Personal Life

Although as a model, Nia Guzman is mostly famous on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram. Her popularity gained momentum after she announced a relationship with the Virginia- born dancer and singer-songwriter, Chris Brown. Nia met The singer while modeling and they dated for a very short period before they separated.

Prior to Chris Breezy, Nia was married to Terry Amey with whom she shared a daughter named Zillah Jade Amey. Nia married Amey in 2003 and at that time she was just 20 years old. However, their marriage ended in 2014 after Amey discovered his wife was dating the popular singer and was even pregnant for him. Terry Armey filed for divorce from Nia citing her extra-marital affair as his reason and the divorce papers were finalized on October 15, 2014.

The relationship between Nia Guzman and Chris Brown fell apart after the later discovered the former was pregnant but their separation was not obvious until the birth of their daughter, Royalty Brown. After separating with the music singer, Nia got involved with King Ba but like her previous relationships, their union did not last long. There were reports that King left Nia after DNA test showed that Royalty who he was raising as his own turned out to be another man’s. Currently, Nia is not into any relationship. She could be more focused on pursuing her nursing career along with her other businesses.

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Further Details On Chris Brown’s Baby Mama


It’s no longer news that the relationship between Nia Guzman and her baby daddy has gone sour ever since her second daughter, Royalty Brown, was born. The little celebrity kid who is of African-American, Mexican and Puerto Rican lineage was born on 27 May 2014, in Texas and since her birth, her parents have been involved in legal battles over her custody. This, as a result, leads to the girl’s rise to fame.

Custody Battle

The tumultuous the legal battles started with Nia accusing Brown of not taking responsibility of their daughter. Among other things, she claimed that Brown does not pay child support. However, the heated custody battle ended in 2016 with Guzman being denied full custody of Royalty. The two now share joint custody of their daughter with the singer now allowed to see his daughter twelve days a month. He is also to pay $2,500 each month for his daughter’s support and an additional $4,000 to the child’s nanny. Guzman is however unsatisfied with the new arrangement and is looking at increasing the sum. She also claims that Brown owes her $250,000.

Nia Guzman with her daughter Royalty – image source

Clothing Line

Since her battle with the musician died down, Nia has been busy making some wealth for herself. Going into business full time, Nia launched a unisex clothing line which she named The Royalty Brown Clothing, after her second daughter, Royalty. The clothing collection includes two-pieces, monster graphics, and cosmetics. There are also reports that even Royalty helped her mother to design the line.

Net Worth

It is not yet known if the model has completed her nursing courses at the University. Although her net worth is still being reviewed, it is believed that she is generating a lot from her modeling career as well as her clothing line. Above all, she says she feels more fulfilled to know that her daughters are making their fathers better men.

Burglary Incident

Recently, Nia’s house in Los Angeles was burglarized by an unknown man. According to sources, someone broke into Brown’s baby mama’s home and stole some of her belongings including designer shoes and bags belonging to her two daughters. The thief reportedly broke in while Nia was on her way to her mother’s apartment next door. The model said she believed she was being monitored.

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