What Is Neil Patel Known For, Who Are His Family Members And What Is His Net Worth?

London-born, US-based online entrepreneur and digital marketing expert, Neil Patel is worth millions of dollars and considering his age and wealth, it’s normal for one to wonder what the future holds for him. As much as Neil loves and enjoys being an entrepreneur, not to mention the big bucks he cashes from it, he does not see himself remaining there for long.

For Neil, he has some more big ideas for start-up, and then he’s planning to go Non-profit full time around the world. He sees himself using his abilities to convince people around the world to help out in charities in the nearest future. Let’s learn more about Neil.

What We Know About Neil Patel’s Childhood

Born on April 24, 1985, in London, England, Neil Patel was surrounded by relatives, precisely his mother’s brothers, who were hardworking entrepreneurs and owners of multiple businesses that were doing well. Influenced by his uncles, Neil said he knew from the time he was a kid that he was cut out to be an entrepreneur too, and in line with this, he started working towards achieving this dream from his high school days at John F. Kennedy High School.

As a freshman in the institution, Neil began selling burned CDs for $2-3 each following after his older cousin, but choose not to sell pirated media to avoid trouble. However, because the return on investment was little, he decided to switch to the selling of black boxes, which was a more lucrative business venture. Capitalizing on purchasing cable black boxes from eBay, he made more gains. As a result of legal concerns, he got a permit from the State Board of Equalization after a while and began reselling automobile parts.

At the age of 15, Neil Patel landed his very first job at Knott’s Berry Farm, where he was saddled with the responsibility of cleaning toilets, sweeping up vomit, picking trash off the floor, and taking out waste bins. Even though he was okay with this job because he was paid a little more than what some other staff earned, he left after three months to join Quality Systems. His job there involved going on a door to door sale of Kirby Vacuum for which he was paid a few hundred dollars as commission for the sale of each piece of the equipment worth $1600.

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Neil’s Online Career And Eventual Rise To Prominence

Over time, Neil realized that he was not going to get as rich as he wanted by selling Kirby Vacuums. Consequently, he decided to explore some other options and was introduced to an Oracle consultant by his sister. Subsequently, Neil Patel got to know about Monster.com and inspired by its business model, he was able to save $5,000 through the sale of black boxes to launch his first online venture, a job board website known as Advice Monkey at the age of 16. He paid some marketing companies to help him grow the site, but he ended up being ripped off, and this affected his website very badly.

As a result, his eyes were opened to the potential that Internet Marketing holds, and he started learning about ideas to drive traffic to his website through online marketing thus, taking his first step towards building his career as an online marketer and analytics expert. Thankfully, Advice Money earned a great level of popularity a few months later, but it still failed to record much success because it was not transactional.

While still in high school, Neil Patel took his sister’s advice and enrolled in Cypress Community College, where he took general education courses, aiming to be done with college within two years and six months. As fate would have it, he got his first SEO consulting client in college following a speech he gave in Speech 101 class on how search engines work. After the class, one of the people present asked if he could consult for Elpac Electronics on their Internet marketing strategy, and banking on the knowledge he gained while selling vacuum cleaners, he accepted the job which paid $3,500 every month.

Later on in 2002, in collaboration with Hiten Shah, his sister’s then-boyfriend and now-husband, Neil founded an SEO firm named Advantage Consulting Service (ACS). The company grabbed interest from several international brands like HP, Samsung, Microsoft, GM, Amazon, etc, which boomed his earning and made him ‘A Kind of a Big Deal.’ 

Neil also established himself as a professional blogger via his blog, ProNet Advertising, writing about digital marketing, SEO techniques, and dishing out blogging advice on several publications like TechCrunch, Entrepreneur Magazine, Moz, etc. Ranked as one of the top influencers on the web by the Wall Street Journal in 2005, Neil co-founded Crazy Egg in 2006. The company helped businesses flourish with increased visitors and engaging content on their websites.

Neil Patel’s wealth grew with his business through Crazy Egg, and he even received an offer to sell the company at $5 million, which he declined. He continued blogging while his first company ACS was making sales to around $3 million annually. In 2007, he launched the Quick Sprout blog, which started growing quickly and garnering over $1 million annual revenue. 

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Neil partnered again with Hiten Shah in 2008 to form KISSmetrics, a platform designed for guiding small and large businesses to flourish. Several angel investments from big names like Dave McClure and Nils Johnson were secured by 2009. However, Neil left the company in 2015, the same year he also started a $100,000 monthly challenge by launching a nutrition-related blog.

Following his continuous, success as an entrepreneur and digital marketer, Neil began to be recognized for his contributions towards helping other companies flourish. Former President Barrack Obama named him among the top 100 under 30 entrepreneurs, the United Nations listed him as one of the top 100 entrepreneurs under 35 years of age, and Forbes listed him as one of the top 10 marketing gurus of 2014.

The United States House of Reps. also awarded him a Congressional Recognition, while Entrepreneur Magazine said he created one of the 100 most brilliant companies in the world. Today, Neil Patel remains popular for his white hat blogging techniques and pictorial ideas of taking a website or a business to another level.

What’s His Financial Standing?

The ambitious entrepreneur has earned a lot of money from the many businesses he established from the time he got involved in online marketing. However, his blogs, including Crazy Egg, QuickSprout, and others get not less than 2.3 million visitors per month. He has also grown his wealth even more by investing some of his fortunes into various promising newly established businesses that show signs of being successful in the future. As an angel investor, Neil Patel has made it big.

When the private company called Walk Score, which measures the value of various amenities in an environment such as restaurants, schools, parks, among others, was established in 2007, the entrepreneur invested some thousands of dollars in the firm. Within a short time, virtually all real estate applications began including it with the description of their homes, and shortly afterward, the company was sold off to Redfin.

Being a stakeholder, Neil was paid $40,000 in addition to having shares in Redfin, which at the time was yet to sell its shares in an initial public offering. After Redfin eventually made its initial public offering, Patel sold his shares for $88,000, making $128,000 from a business he invested only a few thousand dollars in. The self-made millionaire also invested $25,000 in a budding business known as Remitly, and a few years down the line, his investment yielded $425,000.

In addition to being an angel investor, Neil is also a published author. He co-authored the book “Hustle: The Power to Charge Your Life with Money, Meaning, and Momentum” with Patrick Vlaskovits and Jonas Koffler. Published in 2016, the book turned out to be a USA Today, Los Angeles Times, New York Times, and IndieBound bestsellerThanks to his determination and hard work, which has paid off so well, Neil Patel is said to have a net worth of $30 million.

Amazing Facts About Neil Patel’s Family

Neil Patel
Neil and his family

Although everything about his professional life is out in the open, Neil has managed to keep details of his family away from the public. As a result, the names of his parents are not known. However, it is common knowledge that he has only one sibling, a sister named Amee Shah. Though born in London, Neil’s parents relocated with their family to Orange County, California, when he was a 2-year-old toddler.

Just like most successful entrepreneurs, Patel came from a humble background, and while his mother’s first job was teaching, which did not pay a dime, his dad worked for one of his uncles and was paid peanuts. However, things became a bit better for the family after his mother followed in her brother’s footsteps to start a business of her own, precisely a home daycare business, which did pretty well but did not yield enough money to make them wealthy.

Because he prefers to keep his details private, there is hardly any information to substantiate his relationship status even though a lot of sources claim that he is married with a child. While there are pictures of him with his sister’s family and some in which he is seen playing with her kids, a son and a daughter named Aria, there are none of such pictures indicating that he has a family of his own.

Meanwhile, writing on his blog, quicksprout.com, about how a day in his life looks like, Neil concludes by giving credit to his assistant, Aleisha Faggiolli, for being the brain behind his organized life. So, I guess this means there is no wife in the picture.

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