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Natalia Barulich is an American Disc Jockey, a vocalist and model who has worked with some of the best brands in the world such as Guess, Nike, Samsung, Bentley, Apple, etc. She has also graced the cover of popular magazines such as Esquire and many others.

She first shot to limelight when popular musician, Maluma, introduced her to the world as his girlfriend, and she has embraced the opportunity that being in the spotlight affords those it shines on. Natalia is part of the duo musical group known as Atmsphre, together with fellow DJ and classical violinist, Esther Anaya.

Natalia Barulich Bio & Age

Natalia Barulich was born on January 13, 1992, in the California area of the United States where she was brought up. Natalia has never disclosed any information about her parents. However, she is known to be very much into performing arts since she was a little girl with a major interest in theatre and singing. This is influenced by the fact that she sang in the choir and musical theatre. More so, she started dancing since she was 5 and she was home-schooled.

Barulich was really drawn to music when she watched Britney Spears. At the time, she was still a little girl, but her interest was already sown and it grew to later include dancing and not just singing.

As she grew up, she would first have a career as a professional ballerina, but would later leave it and go into modeling. With a musical side that has sustained for a very long time, she joined her best friend, Esther Anaya in starting the musical group, Atmsphre. The two first met in a musical event where Natalia was invited as a ballerina while Esther came as a violinist.

Managed by the famous Randy Jackson, the duo sometimes perform as Natalia and Esther and they have released a song, Don’t Give up, featuring Ben Carrillo.

Net Worth

Natalia Barulich is reportedly worth about $500,000. She has been a professional model for a while now and has appeared in advertising campaigns and photo shoots for several internationally recognized brands; she has also featured in music videos. Among her most notable music video appearance was in the video of Britney Spear’s Work Bitch.

Where Is Natalia Barulich From and Who Are Her Family Members?

There is practically no information available about Natalia’s parents and family, as she has never disclosed anything about them.

There are reports however that her mother is from Cuba while her father is from Croatia. He is said to be a very wealthy businessman from Zagreb, Croatia. Natalia is very close to her mother whose picture she shares on her social media.

While the model has stated that she came from a musical family, she has never disclosed any information with regards to her siblings, it is not known if she has any sibling or if she is an only child.

Natalia was born in California in the United States and has been in the country all her life, so that would make her an American. It can, however, be said that she has Croatian and Cuban heritage, as her parents are from those two countries.

Who’s Her Boyfriend?

Natalia Barulich
Natalia Barulich and Maluma (Image Source)

Natalia Barulich is currently in a relationship with Grammy award-winning musician, Maluma – whose real name is Juan Luis.

They met on the set of the video shoot of Maluma’s 2017 hit single, “Felices Los 4”. In the video, Natalia was the model that Maluma had a steamy shower session with. After the video shoot, according to Maluma, nothing happened between him and Natalia and they both went their separate ways. Fate would bring them across each other’s path again, and a relationship blossomed from then on.

They announced their relationship officially to the public via their social media handles in early 2018, and their relationship has been going strong since then. Natalia seems very secured in their relationship, as she said she was not bothered by a kiss her boyfriend shared with a female model on stage, during one of his live performances.

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Natalia Barulich’s Body Measurements

As a professional model, Natalia has to have the face and body fit enough to grace the cover of popular magazines and to model for top brands. She is 5 feet and 8 inches (1.71 meters) tall and weighs in at about 50 kilograms (110 lb).

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