Nancy Wiesenfeld – Biography & Net Worth of Leslie Moonves’ First Wife

When you are able to carve a career to the top of one of America’s TV Networks, it goes without saying that you are a successful person and you become a bit of a celebrity in the process. That status apart from the name recognition comes with other demands such as increased attention into your life, especially your personal life. This is the story of former CBS chief executive, Leslie Moonves and his wife, Nancy Wiesenfeld.

As a result of her husband’s position, Nancy Wiesenfeld, who has since gotten divorced from the man, has become somewhat of a celebrity herself, maintaining a degree of attention, even after her husband was accused of sexual misconduct.

Her husband is already a well-known executive in America’s entertainment industry. For those who might not be familiar with Leslie’s ex-wife, here is everything you need to know about her.

Nancy Wiesenfeld Biography

Nancy Wiesenfeld was born on the 15th of May, 1960 in California to parents who we are yet to learn their names. Much of her background remains unknown as she has managed to keep certain aspects of her life away from the media despite the level of attention she commands for her status but we know that as a child, Nancy enjoyed dancing and dreamed of a possible career as a dancer.

Unfortunately, her fame would not come from her dancing feet but from her marriage to Leslie Moonves, who, for a long time was one of the most powerful men in Hollywood as the Chief Executive Officer of CBS Corporation.

Prior to meeting Leslie Moonves, it is believed that she attended and graduated from the University of California before going to start a professional career that eventually led her to Leslie Moonves.

Her now ex-husband, Leslie Moonves has spent decades in the American entertainment industry, holding different positions, including being the President of Lorimar Television, working at Warner Bros. Television and one of the arms of CBS Corporation, CBS Entertainment. It is his popularity as one of the top executives in one of America’s largest media corporation that has brought Nancy Wiesenfeld into the limelight through a marriage that lasted for 26 years.

Net Worth

Her ex-husband, being the head of one of the largest TV Networks in the country and one of the highest-paid CEOs in the US has ensured he is worth well over $700 million dollars. However, while it is certain that Nancy Wiesenfeld got a considerable sum from their divorce, her exact net worth is unknown. She is believed to be living in Los Angeles, and she is the owner of a number of properties.

Her Relationship with Leslie Moonves

Nancy Wiesenfeld
Nancy Wiesenfeld with her ex-husband, Leslie Moonves, at an event

At the moment, there is little information on how Nancy Wiesenfeld and Leslie Moonves met, but after a couple of years of relationship, they got married in December 1978, in a ceremony that had several people in attendance, including their friends and family and personalities from the industry. Shortly after they got married, in 1984, their first child, a daughter named Sara Moonves was born and after her, came the birth of two other children, Michael and Adam.

For several years, Leslie Moonves and Nancy Wiesenfeld lived in harmony in a marriage that saw both parties climb to the top of their chosen careers but unfortunately, it was not enough to keep them happily ever after.

When news of her husband’s infidelity got to her, at the time that she reportedly was the last person to know about it, it was a devastating news for Nancy and despite attempts at reconciling their relationship, and making the infidelity a blip on their long marriage, she eventually gave up and filed for a divorce in 2003, completing the process in 2004.

With their divorce complete, Leslie Moonves went on to marry his mistress, Julie Chen, who is a staff of CBS Corporation while Nancy Wiesenfeld, has so far remained single, maritally.

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Other Facts About Nancy Wiesenfeld

  • Nancy Wiesenfeld has a height of 5 feet 6 inches and a body weight of 55 kg. Her body measurement are 34, 26 and 35 inches for her bust, waist, and hips, respectively.
  • Her daughter, Sara Moonves is the Style Director at W magazine.
  • Nancy’s ex-husband, Leslie Moonves was accused of sexual misconduct in July 2018 and has since left his position as the CEO of CBS Corporation.
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