A Look into The Life of Nancy Putkoski Anthony Bourdain’s Ex-Wife

If you are a food lover, then you’d certainly remember the American celebrity chef named Anthony Bourdain. The chef was best known for his appearance on the A Cook’s Tour on Food Network, as well as Travel channel series titled Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations. Anthony was regarded as one of the most talented chefs in the world when he was alive. While the news of his sudden death has continued to dominate the media; here, we are writing about the people who were so important in his life including his high school sweetheart and first love Nancy Putkoski. Read on, as we explore everything you need to know about Nancy below.

Who is Nancy Putkoski

Nancy Putkoski is an American celebrity, famously known for being the first wife of the superstar chef Anthony Bourdain. The amazing lady was born and raised in the United States several years ago; however, her birthday and year are currently not known to the media. She is a very private person, hence, nothing much could be said about her early life, family, educational background, and career. The much we are able to gather is that Nancy is a well-educated lady and she also has her own life. She wasn’t so dependent on her husband’s fame and money. Learn more about Nancy in these five facts below.

Putkoski and Anthony Bourdain Met Eachother During High School

The lovebirds began their relationship a long time ago; while they schooled at Dwight-Englewood High School. At the time, Nancy was regarded as the school’s bad girl and was equally older than Bourdain. The love between them continued to grow and later on, they attended the same Vassar College in New York where Bourdain eventually dropped out so he could pursue his cooking career. During the early stages of their relationship, the amazing couple was incredibly close which transformed into a marital bliss a few years later.

The Pair Got Hitched in 1985

Nancy Putkoski had a very interesting relationship, after their graduating from college the amazing couple decided to get married. The wedding was held in 1985 and was attended by their friends and family. After their wedding, their relationship became so rosy that they never believed it could end even in years to come. The couple often went on vacations to notable spots around the world. Amazingly, their marriage lasted for almost two decades before their relationship turned sour.

Anthony Bourdain’s Life Changed After His Visit to Vietnam

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Bourdain with Barack Obama

While they were married, Anthony had the habit of constantly traveling which mostly kept him away from home and his wife Nancy for a long while. Just like what many thought that it was his successes that contributed to his divorce with his wife. Apparently, that wasn’t true and the reverse seemed to be the case. The chef reportedly traveled to Vietnam after he had read so much about the place. There he had a strange encounter seeing the way people around there lived. The experience eventually changed his life and views about everything.

When he returned to the United States, Bourdain’s life was no longer the same. He couldn’t flow with anything anymore. His life wasn’t normal again and of course, his wife too. Shortly after his return, his marriage began to fall apart and eventually ended in divorce a few years later.

Nancy Putkoski and the Chef Divorced 20 Years Later

While Nancy’s ex-husband continued to garner fame through his cooking career, he became so engrossed with his passion and his cooking shows. Partly, Bourdain’s career, as well as his views after he returned from Vietnam, had very negative effects on their marriage which was the same reason all of his marriages failed. With Nancy, the amazing couple had a fulfilling relationship that lasted for over twenty years. However, when they could no longer reignite the spark in their relationship, the couple decided to go their separate ways; thus ending what everyone thought would last till the very end.

They separated in 2004, their divorce process was completed the following year and they went their separate ways. The couple didn’t have any kids from their marriage. After their divorce, Nancy decided to keep her life under the radar far away from the interference of the media. Nothing much is known of her future relationships but as for her former spouse, Bourdain, he fell in love with another lady named Ottavia Busia. They tied the knot in 2007 and divorced in 2016. He also had a relationship with an Italian actress named Asia Argento before his demise.

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Her Ex-Husband Passed Away in June 2018

We all believe that everyone will die someday but the way in which we will die no one knows. As for Nancy’s ex-husband Anthony Bourdain, he chose to end his own life by committing suicide. The news of his death surfaced on the media in June 2018 after his body was found in his hotel room in France. The chef was said to have died of apparent suicide and he passed on at the age of 61.

Meanwhile, this wasn’t the first time Bourdain has ever had suicidal thoughts and attempts. Back in 2005, after his divorce from Nancy Putkoski, Bourdain made several suicidal attempts while he was going through the pains of their divorce. However, marrying his second wife Ottavia Busia in 2007 helped him recover from the divorce. Unfortunately, no one knows what could have led to his death. He might have been undergoing a series of depression but no one was able to figure it out even after his demise. After his death, his body was cremated in France while the ashes were later returned to the United States.

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