Naiyana Garth Is Idris Elba’s Ex-Girlfriend – An Inside Look At Her Life Since The Split

Naiyana Garth is a make-up artist and stylist who rose to prominence in 2013 following her relationship with a famous British actor, Idris Elba. He is an a-lister known for his roles in popular works like Luther and Beast of no Nation, to name a few. Besides being an actor, he is also a successful DJ known to play at wild parties and high-profile events.

After three years of a beautiful romance, they left the entertainment world in shock by announcing their break up. A few years have passed since what they had collapsed but people haven’t stopped wondering what happened to them and how Garth has been coping after the breakup.

A Look at Her Life Before She Met The Famous Actor

Naiyana Garth was born in England sometime in 1987; it is said that she was born in London. Before the relationship that brought her to the limelight, she was quite a notable name in entertainment circles, as a hairstylist and make-up artist.

A British national of mixed ethnicity, Garth had her high school education at Waldegrave all-girls school in London, where she completed her diploma. Upon completion of her high school education, she furthered at West Thames College in West London, where she eventually bagged her certificate of higher learning.

After college, she found a job as a make-up artist in a local mall in London, tending to customers for a meager fee. As time went on, news of her talents spread like wildfire. Soon, she began receiving calls to style celebrities and people of high caliber in society. It was only a matter of time before she added body painting and special effects to her trade.

As a make-up artist and stylist, Garth has an unending list of high-profile clientele which consists of UK media personalities. They include Jamie Oliver, Simon Bird, Freddie Fox, Rupert Everett, among many others. With such clientele, the assumption is that Naiyana Garth is worth a significant amount of money. However, as a result of her desire for privacy, details of her wealth remains out of reach.

Naiyana Garth’s Relationship With Elba Came to Limelight In March 2013

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Honestly, we can’t talk about Naiyana Garth without mentioning Idris Elba as he was significant in the development of her career. Naiyana, who is 15 years younger than Elba, started their relationship on a strong note. Although there is no information on how they met each other, Elba and Garth made their relationship public after the Harper’s Bazaar Women of the Year Awards in March 2013.

However, they seem to have been seeing each other for a couple of months before the mostly private relationship got noticed by the public. Inside reports suggest that they began dating officially in March 2013 and were so much in love and inseparable. The Daily Mail reported that Elba and Garth’s relationship was in full swing by the time March ran out.

On the 24th of April 2014, about a year after their relationship kicked off, their union was blessed with the birth of a son named Winston Elba.

Naiyana Garth
Idris Elba walking with their son Winston: Image Source

As the news of Winston’s birth broke out, there was a heightened level of glee among fans, most of whom began fantasizing about a wedding between the lovebirds. Sadly, the only wedding fans were ever going to have was that of their imaginations.

Here’s How Their Love Story Ended

Naiyana Garth and Elba have both managed to keep mum about the reason for their breakup. In an interview, Elba suggested the cause was not being able to do what he loves doing which is acting.

According to some reports, the breakup was because of infidelity on the part of Elba. As claimed, he was cheating on Garth with K. Mitchell, an American rapper. It is important to state that this has never been substantiated as both parties have never confirmed that to be the reason for the split.

However, Mitchell revealed that she had an affair with Elba. But believed at the time that she was the only woman in his life. According to her, she had no idea the actor was still in a relationship with Garth.

Naiyana Garth
K. Mitchell had an affair with Idris Elba while he was with Naiyana: Image Source

However, two months after they supposedly broke up, Naiyana Garth and Elba appeared in public. They seemed to have quashed split speculations as they appeared together at the British Academy Television Awards (BAFTA TV) in London. The pair were all smiling while they strutted down the red carpet hand-in-hand, before putting on an affectionate display as they proudly posed for photographs ahead of the event.

Naiyana broke up with Elba for good in 2016. Choosing not to be depressed by the breakup, she invested all her time in her career, this has paid off for her in no small manner.

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She Is Yet to Be Linked With Another Partner

At the time of writing, Naiyana Garth is possibly single, with zero rumors about any relationship, whatsoever. Most sources claim she isn’t over her break up with Idris Elba yet. But while that is understandable, the make-up artist hasn’t authenticated this sentiment in any way.

Although it wouldn’t be out of place to conclude that Garth has devoted all her time to raising her son with the actor and her career, it is sensible to acknowledge that she may have found another lover but is very determined to keep it a secret. When she isn’t working, she has a penchant for going on exotic trips and vacations with her lovely son.

Being a make-up artist, the conventional expectation is that she would have active social media pages where she can advertise her brand, but the reverse is the case. She isn’t on any social media platform and doesn’t feel like it’s necessary for her career.

Her Ex Is Now Married to a Model

Elba, on the other hand, once claimed in an interview that marriage is not for him. He said he was wary of marriage because of his two divorces with Hanne “Kim” Nørgaard and Sonya Hamlin.

However, it happened that his stance on the matter had changed as he got engaged in 2018 after proposing to Sabrina Dhowre. They got married the next year to the surprise and admiration of many.

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