A Look Into Nadeska Alexis Life, Net Worth And Relationship Status

Since the internet came to stay, there has been a redefinition in how human beings do things. Every aspect of human life, at a professional level, has seen a change in the delivery of its services to the people. In journalism, there has been a redefinition that has created new opportunities for multiple numbers of people, such as Nadeska Alexis.

Nadeska Alexis has been able to benefit from the satellite/internet radio opportunity and the growth of podcasts to become a notable name in journalism. A drastic change from the time when journalistic opportunities were limited to terrestrial radio, print media and television.

Through these new mediums, Nadeska Alexis has grown to become one of the notable names in music journalism, creating and establishing one of the leading platforms for music conversations and an all-around successful individual. Learn more about her life by reading below.

Nadeska Alexis Biography

One only need to listen to Nadeska Alexis on Everyday Struggle for a few minutes to know she is a smart journalist who is passionate about her job and more importantly, loves it. Through her work, we have come to learn more about several music artists and other aspects of the music industry that we do not ordinarily pay attention to.

To say Nadeska is not living her dream would be a lie. The Complex News employee has dedicated her life to journalism. She was born on the 15th of August, 1986 to parents whose identities are currently unknown. Details of Nadeska’s background are shrouded in mystery – a complete opposite of the goal of her profession. We do however know she was born in Grenada.

Looking further into her career in journalism and how it came to be, one discovers that she graduated from Binghamton University with a degree in Journalism and Global Culture, earning a Bachelor of Arts from the school in 2008. What exactly drew her interest to the profession is unknown.

Following graduation, Nadeska Alexis joined millions of other young people who graduated at the time to start her career. Her career started in 2009 when she landed a job at AOL Music. The first job after graduation is always important. It is a chance to gain practical experience in one’s field and navigation of life in a professional environment. While she was at AOL, Nadeska acquired this and more which led to a better opportunity for her. She was hired by MTV news where she served in a more prestigious position as an editor and a writer.

MTV News is popularly around the globe for being the foremost music network in the world. Working for the company provided Nadeska an opportunity to interview some of the leading musicians in the world, such as Pusha T, School Boy Q, and a couple more others.

Her excellence behind the scenes as a writer and an editor spilled on to the front of the camera when she became one of the hosts of the MTV red carpet show in the 2016 BET Awards. The brilliance by which she conducted herself and executed the role led her to her current position, as a moderator for one of Complex Media’s shows, Everyday Struggle.

Nadeska Alexis
Nadeska Alexis interviewing Pharell for MTV News

The show, which features Nadeska Alexis, Joe Budden, and DJ Akademiks has become one of the top shows about the world of hip hop entertainment and it is in part to the excellence of the Grenada-born journalist. The show discusses topics such as the latest news in hip hop.

Net Worth

When you have worked with MTV News and Complex Media, two of the biggest names in the music media industry, you are bound to be worth a sizeable fortune. Recent analysis shows that Nadeska Alexis is currently worth around $300,000. As someone who has worked in the industry for over a decade, the net worth has helped her lived a comfortable life.

Is She Single or Does She Have a Boyfriend?

As far as the world knows, Nadeska Alexis is currently believed to be single. She has not been known to be in a relationship either, but it wouldn’t be a surprise that she has been keeping her personal life away from the media as she has done with details of her background.

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She has also been a subject of gay rumors, but like her relationship status, nothing has been confirmed by the star journalist.

Other Interesting Facts

  1. As someone who works for a digital media company, one of the necessities of her job is a strong social media presence and she has it through her social accounts, @neweryork on Instagram and Twitter.
  2. Her show, Everyday Struggle airs every Friday from 3 to 5 pm. The show is available to listeners and viewers on Spotify, and Apple Music.
  3. She has a tattoo. It is on her arm.
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