7 Most Mysterious Crimes in American History

Difficult crime cases can be as mysterious as they are compelling and America has had it’s fair share of  heinous crimes, the serial killers, the shocking murder cases some of which has remained unsolved even till this day, some of these crimes were so difficult that it took years to fathom who did what, where, when and why. Who killed the music legend? who killed the movie star? Where is the body buried? these are the common questions that usually follow up these crimes and then you realise that some of these questions might never be answered at least not during our own life time. The History of America is full of inexplicable crimes that left the American people shocked. and so we’ve decided to bring you The 7 Most Mysterious Crimes in American History while hoping that you’ll find it informative

The Most Mysterious Crimes in US History

1. Marilyn Sheppard:

The year was 1954 in the month of July when Dr. Sam Sheppard, a Cleveland neurosurgeon was charged with the murder of his thirty-one-year-old pregnant wife. His wife, Marilyn Sheppard had been murdered while her seven-year-old son was sleeping in the next room. Although, there were clear indications that Dr. Sam Sheppard might have committed this crime, he maintained his innocence and implicated an intruder as the killer of his wife. Sheppard was to be found guilty of murder when the case ended. He appealed this ruling and ultimately the U.S. Supreme Court reversed his conviction on the grounds that excessive publicity influenced his trial unfairly. He was found not guilty after a retrial prompting him to swear that he must find his wife’s killer, a task that he had not accomplished until his death in 1970.His family continues with this mission- to find Marilyn’s killer to this day, this is one of the most mysterious crimes in US history.

2. The Zodiac Killer:

Towards the end of 1960s, the Zodiac Killer- a mysterious person operating in Northern California region of the United States, murdered people ruthlessly for about ten months. He killed at least five people in this area. What made him really sinister was the coded letters he sent to local Bay Area press with weird messages. The Zodiac killer sent a total of four secret codes, however only one has been solved by the authorities to know the hidden message that this killer wanted to pass on.

3. The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum Art Heist:

The Gardner Museum art heist took place in 1990 and involved two men, who were disguised as Boston Cops, went inside The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum where they gathered and tied up all the guards on duty before stealing valuable pieces of fine arts that included the highly rated pieces by Rembrandt, Degas and Vermeer. This is recorded as one of the biggest art heist in history. The two walked away with paintings, artefacts and sculptures valued at over US$500 million. There are empty frames remaining in the places where these pieces of art once hung. The National government issued a US$5 million reward for information leading to the recovery of the stolen artworks.

4. Jimmy Hoffa Mystery:

Jimmy Hoffa disappeared in July 1975. Jimmy Hoffa was the immediately deposed teamster’s president. His corpse was not found, he was only declared dead in 1982 after fruitless search of his body. Hoffa had made himself many enemies as a result of his strong-arm tactics. These included government officials with high rankings, mobsters and labor leaders whom he had rubbed shoulders with. A novel (I heard You Paint Houses) released in the year 2004, claimed that Hoffa was shot outside Detroit and the body left there.

5. The Tylenol Killer:

This is perhaps the most mysterious crime scene in the history of America. It was the year 1982, when seven Chicago-area citizens died from taking Tylenol that had been laced with cyanide. This incident prompted the police to go out in the streets blaring warnings from loudspeakers about the dangerous drug. The following day Tylenol was pulled from the shelves of shopping stores. No arrests for the murders have been made. This has been described as a near perfect crime as there was no known motive, no crime scene, a very little evidence and no good suspects, 31 years later the case is still unsolved. It is widely believed that the suspects of these killings are still at large, roaming the streets of America freely.

6. The Black Dahlia:

On 15th January 1947, the body of Elizabeth Short, a young actress was discovered in Los Angeles cut in half and drained of blood. She was only 22 years old. The corners of her mouth had also been sliced three inches on either side in a most frightening clown-like smile. Newspapers and Televisions named the case “The Black Dahlia” because of her dark wardrobe and highly adventurous lifestyle. It is also important to note that no arrests have been made in the case. There are Several books and movies that have been made about this crime.

7. Jon Benet Ramsey:

In 1996, one of the most mysterious crime scenes took place in America. Jon Benet Ramsey, 6-year-old beauty pageant winner and her family were murdered in cold blood. A ransom note demanding $118,000 was discovered 8 hours before the little girl’s body was found in her Boulder, Colorado home. There are no detained suspects in this case. Jon Benet Ramsey’s father still works on tracking her daughter’s killer.

These mysterious crimes took place in America in the past years. Some of these crimes have been solved and prime suspects apprehended, others are yet to be solved while others continue to cause so much pain in the lives of relatives and friends of the slain victims.

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