10 Most Valuable Gemstones in the World

Glittering, alluringly prepossessing and incredibly beautiful to behold, gemstones are, without doubt, some of the most exquisite natural treasures that human beings have ever been blessed with. Also, fondly referred to as ‘precious stones’, gemstones are formed deep in the Earth’s crust and when they are discovered, cut and polished, they are used to make jewelry or other very eye-catching adornments. Some of the most valuable gemstones in the world are incredibly expensive and have been sold for several millions of dollars because of their rarity.

Since time immemorial, men and women of influence have appreciated and explored the worth of gemstones, using them for all kinds of demonstrations and show-off. Kings have used gemstones to beautify their palaces and powerful women have used the precious stones to glamorize themselves. Now, majorly used as a part of dressing and some other mouthwatering decorations, gemstones have come to represent great affluence among the well-to-do as no ordinary man can afford them except for the rich who have more than enough to spare, given their immense wealth.

Gemstones have also played an array of different roles in the development and legends of the various human cultures over the years. For instance, it is said that in early Indian culture, diamonds were associated with the gods. Today, gemstones are used by Indians to decorate idols. Some cultures saw gemstones as healing magnets that could even cure mental illness. Also, the pharaohs of ancient Egypt adored gemstones and used them for varying degrees of beautification.

According to research, there are currently in existence more than two hundred varieties of gemstones in the world right now. Interestingly, these gemstones are individually very distinct and possess uniquely special colors. Some gemstones are rarer than others which is why some have been considered more valuable than the rest. It is noteworthy that some of these precious stones have been discovered thousands of years ago while some have only just been discovered, and more will still be unveiled as attempts at their discovery continue. However, one thing that they all share in common is their charming beauty and dazzling attraction.

So, what are the most valuable gemstones in the world at the moment? Are they very much circulation or are they incredibly rare? To answer these questions, we have compiled a fine list below for your reading pleasure. Scroll down to see all of it.

The 10 Most Valuable Gemstones in the World

1. Blue Diamond – $3.93 Million Per Carat

Most Valuable Gemstones

One can simply not talk about the most valuable gemstones in the world right now without mentioning the Blue Diamond as this one sits right at the top of the list. The is partly because Blue Diamond is one of the rarest gemstones in the world. In fact, it is so rare that whenever auctioneers announce that the gemstone would appear at auctions, the top collectors in the world are often seen battling over each other and struggling to stand in line to have a glimpse and buy one. The Blue Diamond currently holds the record of the most valuable gemstone with a price of price about $3.93 million per carat. Blue Diamond is no doubt a darling of precious stone collectors around the world.

2. Jadeite – $3 Million Per Carat 

Most Valuable Gemstones

Jadeite is a highly valuable precious stone in a gemstone family called Jade. In fact, the Jadeite is now considered to be the purest and even rarest in the Jade family. The Jadeite gemstone is known to come in different alluring colors, however, it’s most beloved and craved after color is its semi-transparent emerald green shade. People and cultures around the world value the essence of Jadeite but the Chinese people especially hold the gemstone in really high esteem. According to reports, the Jadeite represents prestige and status in the Chinese culture. At the moment, Jadeite costs about $3 million per carat making it the second most expensive gemstone after Blue Diamond.

3. Pink Diamond – $1.19 Million Per Carat

Most Valuable Gemstones

Pink Diamond is also one of the most valuable gemstones in the world. It is also considered to be one of the rarest colored diamonds in the world at the moment. That is why any time the Pink Diamond is brought to auctions, it ends up breaking the $1 million mark for price per carat, stunning collectors with its rare beauty. At the moment, the Pink Diamond costs about $1.19 million per carat. In 2017, during an auction in Hong Kong, a pink diamond which weighed about 59.60-carats sold for a record-breaking $71.2 million.

4. Ruby – $1.18 Million Per Carat

Most Valuable Gemstones

Any list of important gemstones cannot be complete without the mention of rubies in it. Rubies are among the most valuable gemstones in the world and they are often referred to as ‘King of Gemstones’ by collectors. A very eye-catching and beautiful species of precious stones, they come in different colors starting from pink to a darker red.

Rubies are now priced at about $1.18 million per carat, placing them among the most expensive precious stones out there. This comes after a 26-carat ruby named ‘The Sunrise Ruby’ was sold off at $1.18 million per carat in 2015 in Geneva.

5. Emerald – $305,000 Per Carat

Most Valuable Gemstones

Highly admired and craved after because of their exotic green shades, emeralds are often considered to be among the most popular precious stones in the world and are primarily found around 4 countries namely; Zimbabwe, Colombia, Brazil, and Zambia. The most expensive emeralds ever sold, identified as the ‘Rockefeller Emerald’, were priced at about $305,000 per carat at the Christie’s auction. This makes the emerald one of the most valuable gemstones in the world.

6. Alexandrite – $70,000 Per Carat 

Most Valuable Gemstones

Alexandrite is also one of the most valuable and most admired gemstones in the world right now. The interesting thing about the Alexandrite is that it changes colors. When you bend Alexandrite to different sides, it changes its shades. This is very rare and it is so beautiful to behold. According to reports, the Alexandrite is actually found primarily in Russia, however, it is also been mined in other places including India, Sri Lanka, and Tanzania.

Sources say the Alexandrite gemstone can cost up to $70,000 per carat at the moment. Currently, the Smithsonian Institute has what is said to be the largest faceted Alexandrite in the world and it is valued over $4 million and weighs about 65.08 carats.

7. Musgravite – $35,000 Per Carat

Most Valuable Gemstones

The Musgravite is one of the rarest gemstones in the world as only a few are in existence right now. The precious stone is admired for its array of beautiful colors ranging from a translucent olive-green to a greyish purple. First discovered in Australia in 1967, the gemstone got its name from the Musgrave Region in South Australia where it was originally found. According to reports, the Musgravite is so rare that just about eight gem-quality musgravite stones were mined in 2005. The exact worth of the Musgravite gemstone is not very clear because of its extreme rarity. However, many experts have asserted that the precious stone costs nearly $35,000 per carat.

8. Red Beryl – $10,000 Per Carat

This is another very rare gemstone which is considered to be one of the really mesmerizing precious stones currently in existence. The stones are red in color but they all display different shades of a darker red color. However, in spite of their different shades of red, one thing that is common about these precious stones is their charming outlook. It is noteworthy that the Red Beryl has been found in different regions including New Mexico, Utah, and Mexico. However, it is only the ones that were distinctively mined in the Wah Wah Mountains of Utah that have been of good gem-quality.

The exact worth of the Red Beryl is being debated but many experts have pointed out that these precious stones can reach up to $10,000 per carat at the moment.

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9. Black Opal – $9,500 Per Carat

Black Opals are gemstones from the Opal family of precious stones. They are generally considered to be among the most valuable and craved opals on earth. Originally discovered in Australia, black opals are specifically mined at the Lightning Ridge area in New South Wales, Australia. They are often referred to as one of the royal treasures of Australia because of their very stunning outlook. The Black Opal has a black body which happens to be a really perfect background for the astounding display of its bright outer colors.

According to reports, the most precious black opal at the moment which is fondly called ‘The Royal One’ is valued at $3 million and it weighs 306-carats. This means that the Black Opal is currently valued at about $9,500 per carat.

10. Tanzanite – $1,200 Per Carat

Just like the name implies, the Tanzanite comes from Tanzania. In fact, unlike other gemstones that can be found in different places, this precious stone can only be found in Tanzania. It was first discovered at the foothills of the famous Mount Kilimanjaro. Tanzanite became well-known when Tiffany and Co., a jewelry company started to use the stones in their jewelry. These gemstones come with a deep blue-violet hue which gives it a very distinct look.

According to experts, the Tanzanite is currently valued at about $1,200 per carat at the moment. However, it is expected that the value will skyrocket in the near future considering the fact the supply of the Tanzanite is said to have started depleting.


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