Who Has The Most Twitter Followers?

The most recent statistics available to us shows that the famous microblogging platform Twitter has a population of well over 320 million. This number is drawn from the entire Earth and it is composed of people from all walks of life as well as all sorts of groups, establishments, firms and more. This got us wondering who has the most Twitter followers in the world today. You are probably with us in this wondering which is certainly why you are here. So, stay with us as we try to find out which Twitter account has the most followers. We will also try to find out why and how the account achieved the feat.

Who Has The Most Twitter Followers?

It was not easy deciding who has the most Twitter followers out of that huge number as already related above. The fact that the statistics are constantly changing at every moment made the decision all the more difficult. We eventually found that the highest number of followers for any single account on the platform is indicated as ‘108 million’ on their profiles. But then, there are two accounts with this figure, which belong to the former US President, Barack Obama, and the singer Katy Perry. A closer inspection of the figures reveals that they are approximated because actually, Obama has 107,832,553 followers at the time of writing this while Perry has 107,838,291 followers. So, the singer carries the day based on the facts and figures available to us just now as already explained.

Who Exactly Is Katy Perry?

Katy Perry has the most Twitter followers
Katy Perry: Image source.

Yeah, we already know she is a singer. But what more can we know about Katy? What has distinguished her to the point of having the most Twitter followers on the whole Planet?

Although she is now very much known with her professional name ‘Katy Perry’, available facts indicate that the American singer was born and named  Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson on October 25, 1984. Although she is now so popular that she has the most Twitter followers as already said, Katy struggled a lot in her career. She started out as a gospel singer, after singing in her local church choir for some years as a child. However, she was commercially unsuccessful as a gospel artist. This forced her to relocate from Santa Barbara to Los Angeles and to transform from the gospel genre to singing secular music.

After transforming, Katy moved around a bit – from pop to rock to disco, and perhaps, more. Her first album as a secular musician was again a commercial failure. But, her career breakthrough started from her second album entitled One Of The Boys, and which was a blend between pop and rock. Then, from her third album entitled Teenage Dream (released in 2010) Katy suddenly rose to a point in her career that she began to be reckoned among icons like Michael Jackson. In fact, with that album, she became the second artist – after Jackson – to ever have up to 5 songs in a single album reaching the number 1 slot on the Billboard Hot 100.

With this and other impressive records, Katy has earned several other highly prestigious recognitions ranging from Guinness World Record to AMA and more. Having sold over 18 million albums in her career, Perry is named on the lower limits of the list of the best-selling music artists of all time. While she now enjoys a net worth of over $330 million, we are here more concerned with her most immediate achievement as the individual who has the most Twitter followers.

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How Katy Perry Became So Popular With The Most Twitter Followers

From what we have just said about her – and more – Katy Perry is no doubt a great achiever. So, it is not quite a surprise that she is popular on Twitter. But, if you consider the fact that she may not be the most celebrated celebrity on Twitter (or even the most recognized music artist on the platform), you may begin to wonder how she became the very first on the list of persons with the most Twitter followers. So, it ultimately boils down to how she has managed her image on the platform.

Apart from using the platform to update her fans regularly (for example, promoting the #SmallTalk hashtag), one of the secrets we have noticed for Katy’s high Twitter popularity is that she follows other famous subscribers from various backgrounds which also helps to expose her account to many more subscribers. For instance, she follows the highly respected MSNBC political commentator Rachel Maddow and the US Presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg. Also on the list of those Katy Perry follows are Sriram Krishnan, an Indian Twitter executive who specializes in ad technology. She also follows bigshots in the entertainment industry such as record producer Rick Rubin and many others.

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