Most Expensive Sneakers On Earth Comes Heavy With Diamonds And A $4 Million Price Tag

I’m guessing the price tag on this sneakers as seen on the title may have already got you green with envy or red with anger and you’re probably wondering whose precious feet would be gracing a shoe beaming with such opulence or why people spend so much money on vanity, but before you go too far with your thoughts, let’s burst your bubbles by revealing that the shoe might never even be used for the conventional primary purpose and the proceeds from its sale would be donated to Soles4Souls a US-based non-profit global charity organization aimed at alleviating poverty by providing shoes to thousands of shoe-less children in the six continents of the world.

The gold and diamond-encrusted sneaker which was unveiled in New York on 29th March is the brainchild of the collaboration between sneaker designer Dan Gamache of Mache Kicks and New York-based lifestyle brand Bicion Jewels, both brands are into the business of customizing sneakers and other shoes for athletes and celebrities and they thought it would be amazing if they could design a piece that would appeal to the luxury spenders but this time instead of depositing the money into their individual accounts, they’ve decided to donate it to help those who can’t afford any type of shoes let alone, gold and diamond-encrusted ones.

The piece for the transformation process was a “Way of Wade” sneaker, named after one of the highest-paid basketballers and hubby to actress Gabrielle Union, Dwayne Wade. The sneaker was further customized with several hundreds of carats of white diamonds, blue sapphires all set in 18 Karat gold. Floral designs in gold, blue, and white along with a bedazzled logo of Way of Wade is found on the sneakers. The final product is dubbed “The Fire Monkey” with respect to the Chinese new year of the monkey which signifies prosperity.

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Buddy Teaster, CEO of Soles4Souls had this to say about the project

In a time when celebrities have increasing power, the fact that the Bicion team has chosen to put that influence to good use is amazing. Their donation to Soles4Souls will literally put shoes on the feet of hundreds of thousands of people in the year ahead.

Soles4Souls since its inception in 2006 have provided over 26 million shoes and clothing to impoverished areas in more than 100 countries of the world. We really hope some celebrity(Hello Floyd Mayweather) or billionaire (Hi Donald Trump) buys these sneakers really soon because there are currently a whole lot of children out there walking the streets on barefoot.

Here’s a video at the unveiling show

For a closer look

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