Most Expensive Rings

Rings may not have been an accessory critical to the survival of our species during our evolutionary journey, but they have become necessities today, especially if you are trying to distinguish yourself as a person of wealth and substance. From simple fashion accessories to symbols of love, rings have evolved to become essential parts of modern life, and like everything of value to modern life, they range from the cheap to the most expensive.

Rings are heavily dependent on precious stones, and the bigger and rarer the stone, the higher the price of the ring. In this article, we took a look at the costliest rings in the world, what makes them so expensive, and the lucky people who own them. Check it out below.

Most Expensive Rings in the World

1. Pink Star Diamond Ring – $83 million

Most Expensive Rings

If there is any truth to the narrative that millennials are ruining the diamond market, it was not a memo that was received by the person who purchased this ring for a record price of $83 million, becoming the most expensive amount a person ever paid for a ring.

So why would a person pay that much for a ring? Well, that would be because it comes with the pink star diamond, one of the most coveted diamonds in the world, a precious stone that was discovered in Africa in 1999 and had an original size of 132.6 carats.

For two years, the Pink Star Diamond ring was cut, shaped, and polished into the beautiful piece of jewelry that it is today, going from 132 carats to 59.6 carats.

The ring was sold by Sotheby’s at Geneva, Switzerland, in 2013 for $73.99 million, rising to $83 million with commission fees. The Pink Star Diamond ring was initially expected to sell for $61 million, but it proved to be a desirable piece of stone, resulting in a bidding war that eventually made it into the most expensive ring in the world.

Before the auction, it was owned by an anonymous owner, and its current owner is also unknown.

2. Wittelsbach-Graff Diamond Ring – $80 million

Most Expensive Rings

There are hundreds of things you could do with $80 million that would signify to the outside world that you are a wealthy and successful person, one of those things does not include owning the Wittelsbach-Graff Diamond ring because you would need all of it to afford it.

The second most expensive ring in the world has a mind-blowing effect, both in its price and its look. The precious stone fueling the price of this ring is the Wittelsbach Diamond, which was discovered in India in the 1600s. Philip IV of Spain once owned the diamond before it became the property of the Wittelsbach family.

Before making its way into the hands of its current owner, a former emir of Qatar, Hamad bin Khalifa for $80 million, it was sold to Laurence Graff, a London jeweler who crafted the diamond into a ring.

The Wittelsbach-Graff Diamond ring weighs 31.06 carats and has a color described as ‘fancy deep blue.’ The Emir acquired the ring in 2011 for its record price.

3. Oppenheimer Blue Diamond Ring – $57.5 million

Something rare happened in the gemstone and jewelry industry in 2016. It had one of the largest blue diamonds ever was offered in an auction, and as one would expect, it fetched a record price, selling for $57.5 million.

At the time of sale, The Oppenheimer Blue was the largest fancy vivid blue diamond ever at a size of 14.62 carats, and it is housed in a ring made out of platinum with two trapeze-cut white diamonds.

The ring was named by Sir Philip Oppenheimer, a member of one of the world’s most powerful diamond families and owner of the De Beers Mining Company that discovered the indigo-colored diamond in a South African mine in the 90s.

4. The Graff Pink Diamond Ring – $46.2 million

Laurence Graff, the London Jeweler, is often referred to as ‘The King of Diamonds,’ and it is difficult not to see why when two of his jewelry makes it onto the top five of most expensive amounts ever paid for a ring.

The second one to make this list is the eponymously named ring, which fetched a price of $46.2 million at a Sotheby’s auction in Hong Kong in 2010.

The Graff Pink ring is a 24.78-carat fancy intense pick diamond owned by the London jeweler. At the time the diamond was sold, it was expected that it would go on to maintain its place as the most expensive ring in the world for a long time until the Pink Star came.

The diamond is set into a platinum ring flanked by two shield-shaped white diamonds. Before it became the property of Laurence Graff, it was owned by Harry Winston, the American jeweler.

5. Cullinan Dream – $25.4 million

At number five is the Cullinan Dream diamond, which was sold for a price of $25.4 million at an auction in Christie’s New York in June 2016. The diamond in the ring, the Cullinan Dream, is the largest fancy intense blue diamond to ever appear at an auction.

The diamond, which is cut into a rectangular mixed-cut, is set into a platinum ring with baguette-cut diamond side stones. Although the Cullinan dream pales in price to the Oppenheimer Blue, it is nearly 10 carats larger.

The diamond was discovered from the Petra Cullinan Diamond Mine, which has produced other notable diamonds like the De Beers Millennium Jewel 4 and the Blue Moon.

6. The Winston Blue Diamond Ring – $23.8 million

Most Expensive Rings

This ring is named after its diamond, the Winston Blue Diamond, a precious stone that was named by one of the most revered names in the gemstone business, Harry Winston. The ring

The diamond, which carries the higher value of this ring, is a flawless, vivid blue diamond with a carat size of 13.22, the second-largest blue diamond in the world. It has the shape of a tear, and the ring itself is made out of the diamond. One thing is for sure; you won’t find this ring in your walk-in jewelry store.

As for the current owner of this gorgeous looking diamond, their identity is unknown, but whoever it is, we are most certainly jealous.

7. Perfect Pink Diamond Ring – $23.2 million

Do you know why we have to find things like winning and giving your date a candy ring romantic? Because actual quality rings are some of the most expensive things in the world.

It is a luxury reserved for the richest in society, as shown by the cost of this beautiful ring when it came up for auction at Christie’s. The perfect pink diamond ring sold for $23.2 million, and considering the quality of the diamond, we understand why.

The perfect pink diamond ring has a 14.23-carat diamond named The Perfect Pink, while the ring band is made out of platinum and rectangular-shaped 18k rose and white gold and a diamond that weighs 1.73 and 1.67 carats.

As far as quality colored diamond rings go, the Perfect Pink Diamond ring is not only one of the most expensive, but one of the most popular. Pink diamond rings are one of the leading types of engagement rings, and the Perfect Pink Diamond Ring is the most expensive of them all.

We will just have to settle for whatever our three months’ salary savings can get.

8. The Bulgari Blue Diamond Ring – $18.3 million

Most Expensive Rings

The Bulgari Blue Diamond Ring was sold in December 2018 for $18.3 million at Christie’s New York Magnificent Jewels sale. The fancy blue diamond ring has two distinctive features – a perfect looking diamond and a ring band decked out with smaller diamonds.

The Bulgari Blue Diamond is considered one of the most beautiful blue diamonds to ever hit the market, which is why it is no surprise that an anonymous buyer was willing to part with $18.3 million to own it. After all, who wouldn’t want to own a ring by one of the most respected luxury brands in the world?

9. The Vivid Yellow Ring (Dream Diamond Ring) – $16.3 million

A riding theme about the most expensive rings in the world so far is that every single one of them has something that makes them unique, a fact that helps them stand out in a sea of specially crafted rings. In the case of this ring, it is its size and its color that sets it apart.

The Vivid Yellow Ring stands out with the help of the Dream diamond, a precious stone capable of emitting and mirroring all colors, creating a dreamlike look.

The ring was sold in a Sotheby’s Geneva auction, and aside from the large dream diamond, which is about 100-carat in size, it has a ring band made out of platinum and two white diamonds that flack the sides of the enormous centerpiece.

10. Chopard Blue Diamond Ring – $16.26 million

Most Expensive Rings

Walking in at number ten among some of the expensive rings in the world is the Chopard Blue Diamond Ring, another blue diamond ring to make this list.

The ring band is made out of platinum and covered in 18 carats of white gold and white diamonds. The centerpiece itself, the Chopard Blue Diamond, is the work of Chopard Jewelers, who cut the 9-carat oval-shaped diamond.

This ring might pale in price compared to the number one ring on this list, but aside from the fact, its $16.2 million price tag is nothing to be laughed at, the diamonds on the ring band that houses the centerpiece has a distinctive color that is made out of bright teal and light aquamarine.

As for the current owner of this ring, their identity is unknown.

11. Mariah Carey’s Emerald Cut Diamond Ring – $10 million

Most Expensive Rings

Beyond the top ten most expensive rings in the world is the first ring given to a celebrity, the 35 carats emerald cut diamond that was given as an engagement ring to Mariah Carey by the Australian billionaire, James Packer.

The diamond ring has two delicate tapered baguette diamonds, and the band is made out of pure platinum, both of which are married into a single focus design.

Although the engagement was broken off, the splendor of this ring remains.

12. Krupp Diamond Engagement Ring – $8.8 million

Rounding up our top twelve priciest rings in the world is the Krupp Diamond ring, which cost $8.8 million.

For a long time, before Mariah Carey’s engagement ring, it held the title of the most expensive celebrity engagement ring ever and looking at it, it is easy to why it held on to the title for so long.

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The ring has a huge diamond centerpiece, a 33-carat Asscher cut Krupp diamond and it is set on a ring with a platinum band.

This ring belonged to Elizabeth Taylor, who was given the $8.8 million ring by her ex-husband, Richard Burton.

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