10 Most Expensive Perfumes for Women and How Much They Cost 

The women’s fashion industry is in the business of making women feel beautiful and attractive, and one of its prominent products are perfumes. The confidence that comes with the knowledge that you smell great and its appealing qualities make it one of the most lucrative fashion markets in the world, as shown by the price of some of the most expensive perfumes for women.

So what makes an expensive perfume? By now, you know it’s not just about fragrance, as most medium and cheap perfumes fulfill that criteria. However, when it comes to the highly expensive perfumes, the price difference is reflective in the concentration, with a single drop enough to last throughout the day. Other determinants include packaging, brand name, and precious ingredients used in the production.

We took a look at 10 of the most expensive perfumes on the market for women below. Check them out.

Most Expensive Perfumes for Women

1.   DKNY Golden Delicious Million Dollar Perfume – $1 million

Most Expensive Perfume for Women

At the apex of the most expensive perfumes in the world is the DKNY Golden Delicious perfume, which costs a whopping $1 million. While the price itself is jaw-dropping, the packaging is where the DKNY perfume earns its price tag.

The bottle comes in a sphere-like shape similar to a Pokemon ball. It is made out of gold, specifically 14-carat yellow and white gold, and its exterior is encrusted with 2,909 precious stones which were sourced from around the world and arranged on the bottle to represent the New York Skyline.

Aside from the stones, it is also encrusted with diamonds, four of which are rose cut diamonds and another 15 vivid pink diamonds, all arranged to make this perfume both as attractive on the outside as well as the inside.

Speaking of its inside, the perfume itself is made of delicious notes like white musk, sandalwood, and apple, which combine to produce a royal fragrance well worth the high price.

2.  Clive Christian Imperial Majesty – $435,000

If the DKNY perfume is out of your price range, then you can settle for the Clive Christian Imperial Majesty perfume, which at $435,000, is the second most expensive perfume in the world for women.

The perfume comes from the reputable luxury brand, Clive Christian, known for its high-priced perfumes sold across the globe. Like the perfume before it, it is made out of a special bottle, specifically a Baccarat crystal and on its exterior are precious stones, five-carat white diamond, and 18-carat gold strapped placed around the neck of the bottle.

One of the factors that place this perfume high up among the expensive perfumes in the world for women is the fact it has been designed primarily for royalty, and a Bentley delivers every purchased bottle.

And if you happen to be wondering if the content matches the packaging, it does. The Clive Christian Imperial Majesty perfume is a combination of precious metals like benzoic, with sandalwood, mandarin orange, cardamom, Indian jasmine, white peach, bergamot, and lemon, producing a fragrance befitting of a royal.

3.   Clive Christian No. 1 Passant Guardant – $175,000 per ounce

Clive Christian makes another appearance in the top five with its collection item perfume, the No.1 Passant Guardant. Unlike the one before it, this perfume was created purely for collectors, with a lot more focus on the bottle than its actual perfume content. The brand designed the perfume in celebration of its latest boutique in London.

The bottle of the Passant Guardant is a work of art. It is made out of crystal, and it is encrusted with 2000 diamonds arranged in a 24K gold crown and body. The lion logo of the perfume is also formed out of diamonds, yellow and rare pink diamonds, to be exact.

To own this piece special edition perfume, you will have to fork out $175,00 per ounce. Talk about expensive and exclusive.

4.  Ora Ito’s Fragrance – $45,000

Ora Ito’s Fragrance, a perfume designed by Theirry Wasser, is the fourth most expensive perfume for women, and one only needs to take a look at the design to see why it is.

The high-end rain-drop and tear design of the perfume is made out of 18-carat gold that comes in a box made out of Baccarat crystal, a popular feature among luxury perfumes.

The Baccarat crystal is made to take the shape of a bubble, giving this perfume not just a unique look but an ultra-classy packaging to justify its expensive price.

The perfume itself is a combination of peonies, roses, and mild lilies, making this Ora Ito’s Fragrance three for three when it comes to packaging, design, and quality.

5.  Royal Arms Diamond Edition Perfume by Floris – $15,000

Most Expensive Perfume for Women

Rounding up the top of five among the most expensive perfume designed for women is the Diamond edition of the Royal Arms Perfume.

The perfume is a combination of lovely scents like sweet violet, vanilla, musk, rose, iris, amber, and patchouli. It shares a similar design feature with several of the perfumes higher up this list, i.e., it has 18-carat gold, and its own is made as a chain around the back of the bottle, giving its standard perfume bottle design a distinctive feature.

For those who find the DKNY perfume or the Clive Christian Imperial Majesty beyond reach, the Royal Arms Diamond Edition, at $15,000, is an excellent option of luxury perfume for women.

6.  Baccarat Les Larmas, Sacrees de Thebes – $6,800 per ounce

The pyramid shape is one of the most popular and classy shapes in the world, and it informed the design of this gorgeous looking bottle of perfume. The Baccarat Les Larmas Sacress de Thebes was inspired by the tomb of King Tut of Egypt.

Designed by Christine Nagel, the perfume comes in a Baccarat crystal, a design decision to combine the historical and classy trait of the pyramid with the refine and sensual character of the Baccarat.

Inside the perfume is a delicious fragrance made out of geranium, myrrh, sandalwood, basil, frankincense, and myrtle, a combination that continues the exotic look of this perfume.

At $6,800 per ounce, it is one of the cheapest expensive perfumes available for women in the world.

7.   Shalini – $4,900

On the surface, the Shalini does not look like a specially made perfume. It comes in a standard perfume bottle, but its selling point lies inside the bottle.

The seventh most expensive perfume for women has a floral fragrance made out of neroli, coriander, and ylang-ylang. It is the work of Maurice Roucel, and this elixir is considered among perfume enthusiasts to be one of the best in the world.

Along with this particular combination is the fact that there are only 900 bottles of this perfume in the world, and the most expensive of them cost $4,900, making this perfume not just exclusive in quality but also in price and availability.

8.   Clive Christian No. 1 – $2,150

Most Expensive Perfume for Women

The ingredients that make up the perfume in Clive Christian No. 1 are only available during certain parts of the year. Combine that with the fact the bottle is made out of Baccarat crystal with a neck made out of 18-carat gold and 5-carat white brilliant cut diamond, and you might start seeing why this perfume makes it to the top ten of the most expensive perfume in the world for women.

The ingredients for this perfume are jasmine, pineapple, paprika, Tonka bean, benzoic, orchid, rose extracts, apricot, ylang-ylang, and carnation.

9.   JAR – $4,000 per ounce

Most Expensive Perfume for Women

Don’t you love it when the initials of the creator of a product bare similarity to the product itself? We do. It is why we are fond of this JAR perfume, made by Joel Arthur Rosenthal, who is one of the most expensive and famous jewelers in the world.

The perfume comes in a jar shaped bottle, and this particular product is not commercially available, at least not in the sense of finding it when you walk into a random perfume shop, because one ounce of this perfume cost as much as $4,000.

The JAR perfume has a distinctive smell that stands out because of its proprietary ingredients, and which such levels of exclusivity, it comes at no surprise that it is one of the most expensive perfumes in the world for women.

10.  Baccarat Rouge 540 Limited Edition – $3,700 per ounce

Most Expensive Perfume for Women

The limited edition of anything tends to cost an arm and a leg, and unless you are a high earner, that is what it might cost to get the cheapest perfume among the most expensive perfumes for women.

The Baccarat Rouge 540 Limited Edition is an ultra-feminine perfume, not just in fragrance but also in its design. The perfume, designed by Baccarat, a brand that made its name from producing crystal glassware, launched the fragrance in celebration of its 250th anniversary in 2016, and only 250 bottles of this beauty were made.

According to the product manifest, the scent of this perfume was designed to smell like a ‘burst of blood orange, dazzling just like the summer sun.’ We are not sure we know what that means, but for $3,700 per ounce, you might be able to find out.

Other notable perfumes that didn’t make the top ten include Petite Mort by Marc Atlan ($3,000), Henry Jacques OUD Imperial ($2,267), Caron’s Poivre ($2,000) and the Chanel No. 5, which cost $1,850.


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