These 10 Most Expensive Diamond Necklaces in the World Will Blow Your Mind

Even though recent reports suggest a decline in the interests in diamonds, especially in young people, it remains one of the most beautiful and rare gemstones in the world, and are still very much, a girl’s best friend. Everyone knows that best friends don’t come cheap, that is why the most expensive diamond necklaces in the world are not only other-worldly beautiful but also costs a truckload of money.

From the Heart of the Ocean to Heart in the Bloom, the most beautiful diamond necklaces that money can buy are beautifully cut, super rare large diamonds that would leave a room stunned. In this post, we took a look at the top ten most expensive diamond necklaces in the world and we bet you are going to find them as jawdropping as we did. Check them out below.

Most Expensive Diamond Necklaces

1. A Heritage in Bloom – $200 Million

Most Expensive Diamond Necklaces
A Heritage in Bloom

They say if you ever want to apologize to a woman, buy her some diamonds. And if you ever think your offense is too big enough for some cheap diamonds, we recommend this diamond. At $200 million, it holds the record as the most expensive diamond necklace in the world and you only need to take a look at it to see why.

Designed by Wallace Chan, a Chinese artist who is a superstar in the world of jewelry, A Heritage in Bloom has a centerpiece of 104 carats of diamond, as well as an additional 600 pink diamonds attached to the bracelet of the necklace. It also has 19 other divine diamonds and it is accentuated with 114 icy green jadeites and 72 white mutton fat jades.

In design, A Heritage in Bloom is Wallace Chan’s masterpiece and you can say in the classy simplicity by which the diamonds have been distributed around the necklace. And the best part? It only weighs half a pound. So, if you’ve got $200 million lying around, this could erase a whole of sins.

2. L’Incomparable – $55 Million


This diamond necklace has been designed for the diamond pieces to look like leaves on a tiny branch and it is one of the most elegant of the necklaces that make up this list. Designed by the Lebanese jeweler, David Mouawad, the diamond attained its status as the second most expensive diamond necklace in the world when it was sold for $55 million in October 2013 at a Singapore Jewel Fest.

Although the identity of the buyer remains unknown, the value and quality of the piece have a global reputation. It weighs 637 carats and the necklace’s branches are made of 18K rose gold branchlet. On the neck of the necklace are 90 white diamonds perfectly cut into square, rectangle, and oval shapes. The centerpiece itself is a large 407.48 carats diamond. When this diamond necklace was sold in 2013, it achieved the record of the most expensive necklace in the world, until A Heritage in Bloom came along.

3. Heart of the Ocean Diamond $20 Million

Most Expensive Diamond Necklaces
Heart of the Ocean Diamond

Even if you are not a fan of jewelry, particularly diamonds, you are bound to have heard of the third most expensive diamond necklace in the world. It is the world-famous diamond necklace whose replica was a plot point in the classic film, Titanic. The replica, which was won by Kate Winslet in the film cost $10,000 but the real thing would cost you $20 million.

Designed to be worn by a Queen, Harry Winston designed necklace graced the red carpet of the 1998 Academy Awards on the neck of Gloria Stuart. The diamond necklace as a 15-carat blue diamond as the recognizable centerpiece woven around a chain of diamonds.

4. Blue Belle of Asia $17.7 Million

Blue Belle of Asia

In number four in our list of the most expensive diamond necklaces in the world is the Blue Belle of Asia, which has a similar look to the Heart of the Ocean with its blue sapphire diamond centerpiece. This diamond was discovered in Sri Lanka in 1926 and it traded hands at an auction in 2014 at Christie’s for $17.7 million.

What makes it so special? The Blue Belle of Asia was designed by O.L.M Macan Markar & Co and its large centerpiece diamond has a 392.52 carat cushion-cut blue Ceylon sapphire. Around the blue centerpiece are a large collection of gorgeous looking sapphires.

5. Heart of the Kingdom $14 Million

Most Expensive Diamond Necklaces
Heart of the Kingdom

Rarity, beauty, and size are the determinant factors of the price of a diamond necklace and the Heart of the Kingdom come swinging in at number five of the most expensive diamond necklaces in the world with a Ruby centerpiece crafted into a 155-carat diamond necklace. This design is one of the creations of renowned jeweler, Garrard & Co. the Ruby gemstone has a 40.63-carat size while the diamond neck of the necklace as 155 carats.

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To behold upon this beauty is to see why an aspiring owner would have to fork out $14 million to get their hand on this necklace.

6. Magnificent Ruby and Diamond Necklace $12.99 Million

Magnificent Ruby and Diamond Necklace

Sometimes a necklace doesn’t need a huge centerpiece, sometimes the entire necklace is the centerpiece and the Magnificent Ruby and Diamond Necklace brilliantly illustrates that design model with a perfect blend of Ruby and Diamond gemstone. Bonded in a lattice-work band, this necklace is a masterpiece created by Etcetera and sold an auction to an anonymous buyer at a Christie’s in Hong Kong in 2015.

This beautiful work of gemstone art has two rows of rubies cut in the shape of cushions, divided by pear-shaped transparent diamonds in the center. The necklace’s diamonds are flawless, so are the rubies and overall, the necklace itself and that is why it cost almost $13 million for the anonymous buyer to own it.

7. Begum Blue $12.3 Million

Most Expensive Diamond Necklaces
Begum Blue

The Begum Blue diamond necklace returns us to the traditional centerpiece diamond necklace and it does with aplomb. Ranking seventh at $12.3 million, the Begum Blue has a blue heart-shaped centerpiece and it is named after its former owner, Princess Begum Salima Aga Khan.

Before she became a princess through marriage to Prince Karim Aga Khan IV, she was a British model, Sarah Frances Croker-Poole. The necklace landed in a charity after the couple’s divorce and it was sold at auction for $7.7 million, a figure that translates to $12.3 million today sans inflation.

The final owner of the necklace, Laurence Graff bought the necklace at Christie’s auction in Geneva. The necklace consists of a D-color heart-shaped diamond with 16.04 carat and a blue heart-shaped diamond with 13.78 carats. On its neck are small heart-shaped diamonds.

8. Elizabeth Taylor’s La Peregrina $11.8 Million

Elizabeth Taylor’s La Peregrina

This particular necklace has the distinction of being one of the most expensive pearls in the world as well as one of the most expensive diamond necklaces in the world. The necklace achieved this status when it was sold in an auction in December 2011 at Christie’s New York. The iconic necklace was bought at the auction by an anonymous buyer for $11.8 million.

What makes it so special? Aside from its connection as part of Elizabeth Taylor’s collection, the La Pregrina is a diamond, a ruby, and a pearl necklace. The pearl, which is one of a trio of rare gemstones in the necklace was found in the Gulf of Panama in the 16th century and 400 years after its loneliness, it was crafted into a necklace by Cartier who added the star-shaped diamond with ruby details to the neck of the pearl, which is the centerpiece.

9. Briolette Diamond Necklace or The Star of China $11.1 Million

Briolette Diamond Necklace or The Star of China

Sometimes, simplicity is brilliant and The Star of China made its way onto the most expensive diamond necklaces in the world with that attribute. This necklace, which has a 75 carats purple-pink diamond as its centerpiece, was crafted by notable craftsman, William Goldberg over six months. Attached to this briolette diamond is an 18-carat white gold chain that forms the neck of this necklace.

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It is total brilliance in simplicity and beauty and it became the property of Tiffany Chen, the vice-chairman of China Star Entertainment Ltd. in May 2013 when it was sold to her at Christie’s Hong Kong during an auction. She subsequently named the necklace The Star of China. Although it is 9th on the list of the most expensive diamond necklaces ever sold, it is first among briolette diamond necklaces in the world.

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10. Leviev’s Vivid Yellow Diamond Pendant – $10 million

Most Expensive Diamond Necklaces

Another diamond that shines when it comes to beauty and simplicity is this yellow diamond necklace created by the diamond tycoon of Israeli origin, Lev Leviev. Aside from the reputation of its creator, this diamond necklace, which wraps up the top ten most expensive diamond necklaces in the world, has a yellow diamond pendant, made out of one of the largest diamonds ever found in the world.

The original diamond was discovered on one of his mines and the tycoon went to work to create this beauty. The diamond necklace, which consists of a yellow diamond pendant with 77.12 carats suspended on a string of white diamonds has been seen on a number of fashion runways across the world. However, if you do ever plan on owning one, it will cost you $10 million, if you are the only interested buyer. Expect to pay more if you’ve got competition.

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