The Prices For These Most Expensive Diamond Earrings Will Blow Your Mind

Apparently, anything that has to do with diamonds especially things created with diamonds, including earrings and other fashion items, are very expensive. Without a doubt, earrings made from diamonds are really dear and costly. However, the prices for the most expensive diamond earrings in the world at the moment will totally leave you dumbfounded. There is no doubt that diamonds are rare and very high-priced and so anything made from them is bound to cost a fortune. However, this has not stopped people, especially the very wealthy and influential ones, from buying these diamonds for decorations and other forms of adornment.

It is noteworthy that throughout history, men and women of influence have craved diamond jewelry and other such ornaments especially because of their incredible glitter and rare, charming magnificence. Often described as ‘precious stones’, diamonds have been of great significances to different cultures since time immemorial. The ancient Greeks believed that diamonds were the “tears of Gods” falling on the earth, and the Romans considered them to be particles from falling stars. The Pharaohs of Egypt also used diamonds to make incredible decorations while the Indians covered their idols with the precious stones.

Diamonds are formed and found deep in the depths of the earth. As a matter of fact, some of these precious jewels are found lying up to 155 miles into the earth’s crust. They are thought to be aged billions of years and are unearthed by explorers who dig deep to fetch them out. Now, even though some diamonds are rarer than others and are more expensive, they all share common traits which include exceptional beauty and charming radiance. That is why whenever pieces of diamond jewelry go up for auction, collectors are seen rushing over each other to get their hands on one.

Today, diamond jewelry holds special significance in society. Wealthy women wear diamond jewelry including earrings to make a solid point about their social status and men buy them for their women to prove their worth. Celebrities are often seen adorned with different types of diamond earrings and necklaces especially when they appear at special events. Also, at different auctions around the world, people gather to buy rare and really dear diamonds for their private collections. Apparently, despite being very costly, these diamond jewelry are still in very hot demand. So, what are some of the most expensive diamond earrings in the world right now? Let’s take a look below.

The Most Expensive Diamond Earrings

1. Apollo Blue Pear-Shaped Diamond Earring – $42 million

Most Expensive Diamond Earrings

Like we have mentioned earlier, there are many costly and high-priced diamond earrings around the globe right now but none is as costly as the Apollo Blue diamond earring. This earring is considered one of the most highly valuable pieces of jewelry on earth today because of its near perfection. Shaped like a pear, the Apollo Blue diamond earring which weighs about 14.54 carat is now worth more than $42 million. In 2017, the diamond jewelry was up for auction by Sotheby’s, an art dealer company. The earring was eventually sold for an amazing $42.08 million after hours of bidding during the auction making it the most expensive diamond earring right now.

The interesting thing about the auction was that the Apollo Blue diamond earring was purchased by the same person alongside another diamond earring called The Artemis Pink which was bought for an incredible $15.3 million. Combined, the pair of earrings set a record for the most expensive earrings ever sold at auction in 2017 for $57.4 million.

2. Boehmer Et Bassenge Diamond Earrings – $17.5 million

Most Expensive Diamond Earring

The second most expensive diamond earring right now is the Boehmer Et Bassenge earring. The Boehmer Et Bassenge diamond ear jewelry is considered to be among the most winsome pieces of jewelry because of their unblemished touches. In fact, the diamonds have been classified as flawless by the Gemological Institute of America which placed them in the type 2 category. The earrings are reported to weigh about 50 carats each.

The pair of ear jewelry which is actually a part Christie’s Geneva Magnificent Jewel collection went up for auction in November and ended up getting sold for an amazing 17.5 million to a buyer who has chosen to remain anonymous.

3. Pink Artemis Pear-Shaped Diamond Earrings – $15.3 million

Most Expensive Diamond Earrings

This incredibly high-priced diamond earring occupies the third place on this compilation of most expensive diamond earrings. Like we have mentioned earlier, the Pink Artemis jewelry sold alongside the Apollo Blue Pear-Shaped Diamond earring, and ended up setting the world record for the most costly pair of earrings ever sold at auction ever for a whopping $57.4 million.

At the auction, the Pink Artemis diamond earring, which weighs about 16-carat, was purchased for a whopping $15.3 million by a collector who prefers to remain unknown. It was declared a type 2 diamond by the Gemological Institute of America and it is considered to be one of the best diamond jewelry in existence.

4. Golconda Diamond Earrings – $9 million

Most Expensive Diamond Earrings

The Golconda Diamond earrings are among the most coveted pair of jewelry in the world and are fondly called the Imperial Cushions considering their majestic shape, glimmering touches, and exceptional clarity. Weighing in at more than than 23 carats, the earrings are shaped like a bell and are a part of the Christie’s Magnificent Jewels collection.

The Golconda diamond earrings went up for auction in May of 2011 in the city of Hong Kong. During the auction, the Golconda earrings were purchased for a whopping $9 million by a collector who preferred to be kept anonymous.

5. Diamond Drop Earrings From The House Of Harry Winston – $8.5 million

The Diamond Drop earrings are among the most highly sought after objects of fashion on earth. Designed by Harry Winston, Inc., one of the most famous American luxury jewelers in 2006, the Diamond Drop is admired for its perfect gleam and has been worn by several high-class people from around the world.

Now available at the House of Winston in Beverly Hills, California, the diamond jewelry weighs about 60.1 carats and costs about $8.5 million at the moment, placing them among the most expensive diamond earrings in the world.

6. Diamond Pendant Earrings – $4.8 million

Just like the other costly pieces of fashion adornment mentioned above, these are another set of diamond earrings which are considered to be a very important piece of jewelry. It is thought to be among the most famous jewels on the globe as its ownership dates back to several centuries ago. The Diamond Pendant/earrings were once displayed an at auction which was hosted by Sotheby’s, one of the world’s most popular art dealer companies and it stunned the different collectors at the scene. During the auction, the bidding for the Diamond Pendant earrings began at $4.1 million and was expected to reach as high as $4.8 million.

At the moment, the exact selling price remains vague but the selling price alone sets it among the most expensive diamond earrings on earth at the moment.

7. Diamond And Emerald Drop Earrings – $2.5 million

The Diamond and Emerald Drop earrings are highly admired for their silky feel and dark green, fluid outlook. The earrings have been worn by the high and famous women in society, one of whom is Angelina Jolie. The famous American actress stunned fans and admirers when she rocked a pair of these earrings to the red carpet at the Academy Awards in 2009. Apparently, as an A-list Hollywood star, being able to acquire these earrings was not an issue for her.

The Diamond and Emerald Drop earrings are currently priced at an incredible $2.5 million, making it one of the very expensive jewelry in the world.

8. The Diamond And Pearl Earrings – $2.3 million

The Diamond and Pearl earrings are a set of silky smooth designs which have been often listed among the most classy and yet the most simple of precious jewels in the world. A smooth combination of diamond and pearls, this earring is hailed as a timeless classic which is widely regarded to be among the most prepossessing ear jewels in existence.

Apparently, the pair of earrings are also among the most expensive in the world; the earrings were sold for a whopping $2.3 million during an auction in Geneva in 2013. However, the buyer remains anonymous.

9. Diamond And Pearl Danglers – $1.45 million

The Diamond and Pearl Danglers are a pair of earrings which are highly admired and greatly coveted because of their fluid and very tasteful look. Another reason why the earrings are highly coveted is because of where they were mined. Sources have revealed that the earrings were made at the Golconda mines in India. The diamond earrings which weigh about 6 carats of diamond stones, also have one pearl each, a design which adds some more taste to their looks.

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The Diamond and Pearl Danglers sold for about $1.45 million in 2017, placing them among the most expensive earrings in the world at the moment.

10. Cartier Nouvelle Vague Earrings – $50k 

The last item on this list of the most expensive diamond earrings in the world at the moment is the Cartier Nouvelle Vague earrings. Widely regarded as some of the most instantly recognizable jewels in the diamond jewelry industry, the Cartier Nouvelle Vague earrings boast of having been worn by some of the most elite in society. With their well-polished looks and lightweight feel, the earrings are also among the highly craved in the world. The diamond earrings are made of 18-carat white gold linings with the diamond firmly set in the round space.

Experts say one set of the Cartier Nouvelle Vague earrings are now priced at about $50k at the moment.

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