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Blessed with the gift of imagination and creative writing, Morgan Macgregor is a Canadian writer and editor who has forged a path in the literary world with her writing skills and her editorial expertise. She has developed a passionate flair for writing and has very keen eyes for editing. However, she has been able to keep a lot of her private affairs from the public eye and this has raised some curiosity about her.

Apart from being known as a writer and editor, Morgan Macgregor is even more known as Michael C. Hall’s wife. Michael C. Hall is a popular American actor who started his career in the ’90s, appearing in countless movies and TV series and winning lots of awards for his work. He has become very famous among Americans and his fame has apparently rubbed off on his wife. We have dug up some facts about Morgan for your reading pleasure. Continue to see more about her.

Who is Morgan Macgregor and How Old is She?

Morgan Macgregor has been a very private person for a long time and very little is known about her background. In fact, the exact day and month in which she was born are not known just yet. Some reports have claimed that she was born in the year 1987. However, it is noteworthy that this is yet to be confirmed.

We know that Morgan Macgregor was born in Canada, however, we do not know the exact city or town in which she was given birth to. This is mainly because she has not made mention of her birthplace before.

The dearth of information about Morgan Macgregor’s early life extends to her educational status. Details about the institutions where she had her education remain in the dark. However, it is believed that her education extended to the college level in Canada, especially considering what she has been able to do over the years in the literary world.

Morgan Macgregor’s Family

Fans have often wondered who Morgan Macgregor’s parents are. Well, the writer has not spoken about her parent’s identity and so their names have remained vague over the years. We can only call them Mr. and Mrs. Macgregor at the moment.

Also, there are no records to show that she has siblings with whom she grew up in Canada. Some reports have claimed that she was a shy, reserved girl in her growing up days and kept herself engaged by reading so many books.

Interesting Things To Know About Michael C. Hall’s Wife

Her Career

Morgan Macgregor is a writer and a passionate one too. According to reports, she started out by writing many literary articles and short stories for magazines and caught quite some attention with it. She is now writing a novel which is believed will soon hit the shelves and perhaps become a blockbuster ‘must-read’.

Morgan is also a book reviewer and critic. At the moment, she works as an Associate Editor at the Los Angeles Review of Books.

She Hopes to Open a Bookstore

Morgan Macgregor’s love for books is unrivaled and it has been revealed that one of her plans for the near future is to open a bookstore. According to reports, Morgan plans to call the bookstore ‘Dead or Alive’. Fans are watching to see when this will happen.

Marriage to Michael C. Hall

Morgan Macgregor is happily married to Michael C. Hall. The exact time and place where they met and fell in love is unknown however, we know that she was first seen publicly with Michael in 2012 when they made an appearance at the 2012 Emmy Awards red carpet event together. Morgan’s romantic attachment with Michael shot her into the limelight and fans of the actor began to dig into her life to know more about her.

Morgan Macgregor
Morgan Macgregor and Michael C. Hall.

After dating for some time, the couple finally tied the knot as husband and wife on February 29, 2016, at the City Hall in New York City. They have remained together ever since.

It is noteworthy that before marrying Morgan, Michael was previously married two times. He was first married to Jennifer Carpenter, an American actress but the marriage crashed and he moved on to marry Amy Spanger, another American actress but that one crashed too.

Nothing is known about Morgan’s previous relationships.

Morgan Macgregor’s Net Worth

Having been in the literary world for quite some time, Morgan Macgregor is expected to have raked in some money for herself over the years. She works as a book critic and has written various articles. These ventures sure have fetched her money for her efforts.

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However, at the moment, her exact net worth is not quite certain. It is believed, though, that she is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Body Measurements

Morgan Macgregor is a beautiful lady with a cute body shape. Not quite a tall woman, she stands at 5 feet 5 inches in height. She has blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes. However, her other body measurements remain vague.

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