Monifah Shelton Biography – 5 Fast Facts You Need To Know

Monifah Shelton is an American lady who shot into the limelight in a rather painful manner; she became popular after her dear friend, Kenneka Jenkins died in a very tragic way during a party. The news of Kenneka Jenkins’ death threw Chicago and social media into frenzy especially because of the way she died and, as expected, her friends who were with her at the party became the ones people turned to for some explanation.

Shelton became popular on social media especially because she was the one who raised the most awareness about the situation, calling for help in trying to locate her friend who as initially declared missing before being found dead. Her popularity soared after some people accused her of aiding the killing of her friend.

Monifah Shelton’s Biography

Monifah Shelton was born on the 15th day of the month of September in 1998. The exact city in which she was born is not clear but it is known that she had been living in Chicago for quite a while before she became known. There are reports that she was born in Chicago but this has not been confirmed.

Because of the sudden way in which she shot into fame, very little is known about her parents or her other family members. The only part of her life that is widely talked about is the death of her friend and her involvement in trying to find the deceased. It is not known if she has any siblings.

Monifah Shelton used to work at McDonald’s, one of the world’s very popular fast food companies. According to sources, she had the job about a year prior to the event that took her friend’s life in 2017. She is a party-lover and usually went out to have awesome moments with friends. It was during one of these parties that tragedy struck and her life was changed forever.

5 Fast Facts You Need To Know

1. Her friend went missing 7 days to her birthday

It was just seven days to Monifah Shelton’s birthday that the tragedy occurred. The day was the 8th of September 2017. That day, Monifah with her friends, Kenneka Jenkins and Irene Roberts decided to go out and have a good time partying. The venue of the party was Crowne Plaza Chicago O’Hare Hotel & Conference Center in Rosemont, Illinois. When the girls arrived there, the party picked up fine and everything moved on well until around 4 am when Monifah and Irene found out that their friend Kenneka was missing.

A search began to find Kenneka to no avail and soon Monifah and Irene decided to put a call across to Kenneka’s mother, Teresa Martin who immediately came over to the hotel. The woman began searching for her daughter in all the nooks and crannies of the hotel and even asked hotel staff to check the surveillance feed from the CCTV cameras, however, the staff refused to do so because Teresa did not have a missing person report from the police.

Teresa decided to call 911 but she was told to wait a few more hours just in case, her daughter turns up home. She decided to wait for some time, anticipating the return of Kenneka – who never showed up.

Monifah Shelton
Monifah Shelton and Kenneka Jenkins.

2. Monifah Shelton flooded social media with posts to find her friend

After Kenneka’s mother called 911 and was told to wait, Kenneka’s sisters filed a missing person report and police officers immediately began an 11-hour search for the missing lady. They searched the hotel and the surrounding areas but Kenneka was nowhere to be found. Video footage from the party was also viewed but it did not provide clues.

On her part, Monifah Shelton took over social media and pleaded with everyone to help find her friend. She posted Kenneka’s photos on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, calling for people to help identify the girl if they saw her anywhere. However, Kenneka was not found.

3. Kenneka was found dead nearly two days after going missing

After failing to find the missing Kenneka, her family came back to the hotel for the third time on Saturday and started asking guests if they had seen her. The hotel staff didn’t like this and felt that Kenneka’s family was disturbing guests. They, therefore, called the police to complain. When the police officers came, one of them decided to help the family after seeing their plight and reviewed the video footage from the party again. It was then that something interesting was noticed; one of the video feeds showed Kenneka who was visibly drunk, walking staggeringly to the front desk.

Immediately, a fresh round of searching began and the family remained at the hotel to 1 am on Sunday morning when Kenneka was finally found dead in the hotel’s walk-in freezer. This discovery left everyone, especially the family, completely devastated.

4. Many people believed Monifah Shelton set Kenneka up to die

After Kenneka’s death was announced, many people were blamed. The hotel was blamed for not taking quick action to save Kenneka and the party-goers were also lambasted for not taking due diligence. Among those being blamed was also Monifah Shelton.

In fact, so many people pointed accusing fingers at Monifah, accusing her of setting up her friend, Kenneka with some shady men in exchange for money. They felt that she was completely aware of what was happening with Kenneka before the girl died. However, this has never been proven.

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5. There were rumors that Monifah Shelton had killed herself

Soon after Kenneka was reported dead and Monifah was accused of setting her up, reports emerged that Monifah had killed herself because she could not take the accusations that she helped to kill her friend. The report even claimed Monifah left a suicide note behind explaining why she committed suicide.

However, this report has never been confirmed and even the source claiming that Monifah has killed herself is not a credible one. At the moment, despite the widespread claims that Monifah has died, it is safe to say that this is untrue because there is no credible source to back up the claim.

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