Monica Lewinsky – Biography, Son, Is She Married, Who Is The Husband
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The story of Monica Lewinsky’s popularity is one that dates back to the ’90s. It’s a well-known story among the older generation and quite a popular one to the younger ones especially those who have a thing for the White House, its history, presidents, as well as the scandals that accompany such eminent position. That being said, Monica Lewinsky is a famous American activist, designer, psychologist, TV personality, writer, and a former white house intern during the summer of 1995. She became known globally because of what was considered as an inappropriate relationship with the then president of the USA, Bill Clinton. Without wasting time, let’s unravel the mystery behind Monica Lewinski, her early life, scandal, as well as her relationship status.

Biography of Monica Lewinski 

Monica Samille Lewinsky was born on July 23, 1973, in San Francisco, California to Bernard Lewinsky and Marcia Kay Vilensky. She is of American Nationality and White ethnicity. She had her elementary school education at John Thomas Dye School. Upon completion of her elementary school education, she attended Beverly Hills High School but transferred to Bel Air Prep during her senior year and finally graduated in 1991. After graduating from high school she attended Santa Monica College for two years before enrolling at Lewis and Clark College in Portland, Oregon where she studied Psychology and eventually bagged her bachelor’s degree in 1995.

By virtue of coming from a well-connected elite family, Monica Lewinsky got the chance to practice as an unpaid summer intern in the office of the then Chief Of Staff, Leon Panetta. Delighted at the prospect of working in the white house, Monica moved to Washington DC and commenced operation at her duty post in July 1995. During the course of her internship, she was known to exhibit a high level of diligence; competence and obedience which helped land her a paid job at the White House Office of Legislative Affairs.

In April 1996 she was transferred to PENTAGON by superiors who had noticed her affinity and level of familiarity with President Bill Clinton, who at that time was on the news for several allegations ranging from sexual misconduct to an illegal land-use deal he made while he was governor of Arkansas. She continued working at PENTAGON until December 1997 when allegations of sexual misconduct against President Bill Clinton became rife, thus leading to her being indicted for being sexually involved with him – an allegation she vehemently denied in an affidavit. Unknown to Monica Lewinsky, her co-worker at Pentagon (Linda Tripp) who she had confided in about her inappropriate relationship with President Bill had several recording tapes of Lewinsky recounting her experiences with the president. As the case developed she was hit with perjury and was offered immunity from all charges by prosecutors, using a testimony against Bill as bait.

Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky
Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky: Image Source

Following the end of her long-lasting legal trials, Monica Lewinsky was hit with an even bigger ordeal as a result of debt and public shaming by the press and members of the society, which made her decide to keep a low profile. Choosing to do something worthwhile with her life, she adopted knitting as a form of coping mechanism, before moving to London in 2005 where she bagged a Master’s degree in social psychology from the London School of Economics.

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Is She Married? Who Is The Husband and Son?

Ever since her public re-emergence, Monica Lewinsky has featured on several magazines and  TV shows where she hurriedly expressed her distaste on how wrongfully portrayed she was by the press at the same time, also detailing the traumatic experiences she had endured during and after the trials. However, she hasn’t been so keen to reveal much about her personal life, one question she has been most unwilling to talk about is that of her marital status as well as motherhood.

Nevertheless, during an interview with People in 2015, she revealed that she had been in several relationships in the past but refused to say anything as regards her current relationship status. Furthermore, she went ahead to reveal she doesn’t have a child of her own. Monica Lewinsky also stressed that she is not opposed to the idea of marriage. According to her, she promised Barbara Walters a dance on her (Monica’s) wedding, a promise she intends to keep.

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