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Although Sadie Calvano is a young actress, she has quickly become a recognizable name in the world through her appearances on the show, Mom. The CBS sitcom, which has her playing the daughter of comedic actress, Anna Faris on the show has become a spring for Sadie to become a nationally recognized actress.

That achievement at a young age is part of the many beautiful things about acting as an art form, with its low age barrier that allows young talents like Sadie Calvano to express themselves and be suitably rewarded for it.

There is plenty of interesting things to learn about Sadie Calvano and we cover everything in the article below. Scroll down to learn more.

Sadie Calvano Biography and Age

Sadie Calvano has made a series of appearances on television and film such as starring alongside legendary actor, Leonardo DiCaprio in J. Edgar, enough to make film and TV enthusiasts wonder who she is.

Well, Sadie was born on the 8th of April, 1997 in Los Angeles, California and as shown by her early appearances on TV and Film, she is a part of a growing list of young actresses who are ready to take the industry to the next level. She was born to Piper Calvano and a mother whose identity is unknown.

Raised in a small middle-class family, Sadie Calvano got an early start to her acting career when she began to perform in musical theatres at the age of seven. She has featured in a number of musicals from Alice in Wonderland to High School Musical and Beauty and the Beast.

The early start to her career allowed for Sadie Calvano to quickly gain experience in a field she would one day dedicate her life to. Following the completion of her high school and subsequent graduation from Occidental College, Sadie Calvano has grown into her own in Hollywood.

After making several stage performances during her childhood days, Sadie Calvano got her first onscreen role in an episode of a TV show, NCIS as Rebecca Mason in 2010. In the following year, she appeared in another solitary episode of the show, Eagleheart, starring as Julie in the episode titled Death Punch.

In the same year, Sadie Calvano made her big screen debut in the film, J. Edgar, where she played the niece of the titular character, played by Leonardo DiCaprio. In 2012, she made two appearances, one in TV Movie and in a TV show, for Village People and Crash & Bernstein respectively. When 2013 rolled out, Sadie began to attract more sizeable roles and had her first recurring role in Melissa & Joey as Keira.

Sadie Calvano
Sadie Calvano (middle), Anna Faris (L) and Allison Janney (R)

Also in 2013, Sadie began to star in Mom as Violet; she appeared on the show for 52 episodes till 2018. During her time on the show, she appeared in other projects like The Perfect Daughter, The Skinny and a couple of others.

Personal Life

If Sadie Calvano was a single woman, it would be understandable, after all, she is a young actress and her career is still at its budding stage, but unlike some of her peers, she hasn’t allowed love to wait. Sadie is in a relationship with a man named, Alex Brisker.

Not much is known about him other than the fact that he is a photographer and a producer. Sadie and Alex have reportedly been in a relationship since 2016.

So far, Sadie Calvano has done a good job of keeping both her career and personal life afloat without one negatively impacting the other.

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Her Height And Body Measurements

There are a number of factors that are necessary for having a successful career in Hollywood, and whilst talent is at the top end of the list, having an enviable physique is up there too. The unfair and sad truth is that some actresses struggle to maintain a glowing career despite recognizable talent, the absence of the latter deprives them of what they could truly be. However, that is not the case for Sadie Calvano who at, 5 feet 6 inches and a body weight of 54kg, is in great shape.

Along with her height and weight, she also has a body measurement of 37-24-35 inches, which measures her bust, waist, and hips respectively. Sadie Calvano also has blonde hair and blue colored eyes.

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