Milestones That Best Define Sadie Calvano’s Major Successes and Her Biography

Although Sadie Calvano is a growing actress, she has quickly become a recognizable name in the world through her appearances on the show, Mom. The CBS sitcom, which has her on the role of the daughter of comedic actress, Anna Faris, has become a spring for Sadie to grow into a nationally recognized actress. Being able to achieve feats like this at a young age is part of the many beautiful things about acting, with its no age barrier that allows young talents like Sadie Calvano to express themselves and be suitably rewarded for it.

There is plenty of interesting things to learn about Sadie Calvano and we covered everything herein.

The Truth About Sadie Calvano’s Background

Sadie Calvano has made enough appearances on television and film to make film and TV enthusiasts wonder who she is. Born on the 8th of April 1997, in Los Angeles, California, to Aimee and Steven Calvano, the actress is of mixed ethnicity. Her father has Italian, Basque and Irish roots while her mother is of Jewish ancestry.

Raised in a small middle-class family, Calvano’s interest in acting was kindled from the time she was a little girl. As a result, she got an early start to her acting career when she began to perform in musical theatres at the age of seven. Thus, she has featured in a number of musicals from Alice in Wonderland to High School Musical and Beauty and the Beast. This provided her with the opportunity she needed to quickly gain experience in a field she would one day dedicate her life to.

Apart from acting, Sadie also spent a part of her childhood doing competitive gymnastics. She participated in the 2009 California State Games that took place in San Diego and ended up with a gold medal. However, she eventually abandoned gymnastics at the age of 13, giving in to her passion for acting. Speaking of her mother’s reaction to her choice of an acting career, Sadie said she (her mom) was scared to allow her to go into the industry where she believed that the lives of so many young children are turned upside down. But she subsequently succumbed to her daughter’s pleas and gave her blessings.

Since then, Sadie Calvano dedicated herself to building a professional career in acting and as shown by her early appearances on TV and Film, there is no doubt that she is a part of a growing list of young actresses who are ready to take the industry to the next level.

She Values Education A Lot

Her early start in Hollywood notwithstanding, Sadie Calvano never quit school. Though there is no available information about her elementary education, it is a known fact that she attended The Los Angeles County High School for the Arts (LACHSA). The tuition-free school, which offers specialized training in visual and performing arts, is situated on the campus of California State University in Los Angeles, California. Considering the kind of education LACHSA offers, it might not be untrue to assume that attending the school contributed to helping Sadie make her career choice early as she went into acting full-time as soon as she was done with fourth grade.

As of early 2015, the actress was already in her senior year in high school with her career already off the ground but that did not stop her from making plans for college. Speaking with Valerie Tejeda of TeenVOGUE in a March 2015 interview, the then 17-year-old actress, who was already part of the cast of CBS’s Mom at the time, revealed that she had just finished her application into college and everyone on the show was in support of her decision to study further.

She went on to explain that among the things that inspired her to go to college was the fact that all the artists she looks up to were all educated. Additionally, she said, her mother would likely kill her if she failed to go to college. With the thought of acquiring a tertiary education on her list, she decided to major in a course she was passionate about. The actress eventually graduated from the Los Angeles, California-based private liberal art institution named Occidental College.

From Musical Theatre To The Big Screen

As earlier stated, the talented actress began acting as a child in productions of musical play and played different roles in several of such productions. She portrayed the lead character of Alice in the 2008 production of Alice in Wonderland that was staged at El Portal Theatre in North Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, and acted the role of Belle in Beauty And The Beast – performed at The Barnsdall Theatre in 2008.

The following year, Sadie was cast as Sharpay in High School Musical and she also appeared for four weeks in the role of Christina in the production of A Chicago Christmas Carol that took place at Crown City Theatre, Los Angeles, in 2010. Young Sadie also portrayed the character of Tallulah in the 2011 production of Bugsy Malone, staged at the Madrid Theatre in Kansas City, Missouri.

After making several stage performances, Sadie Calvano got her first onscreen role in 2010, in an episode of the TV show, NCIS, where she played the role of Rebecca Mason, the kidnapped granddaughter of William Devane. In the following year, she appeared in another single episode of the show, Eagleheart, starring as Julie in the episode titled Death Punch.

Also in 2011, Sadie Calvano made her big-screen debut in the film, J. Edgar, where she played the niece of the titular character portrayed by Leonardo DiCaprio. In 2012, she made two appearances, in a TV movie and TV show, for Village People and Kickin’ It respectively. When 2013 rolled out, Sadie began to attract more sizeable roles and had her first recurring role in Melissa & Joey as Keira. Nevertheless, she didn’t pass on the opportunity to make a guest star appearance on the pilot of Crash & Bernstein in the same year.

Nailing Her Major Breakthrough Role

Sadie Calvano landed the biggest role of her career so far in 2013 when she was cast on the CBS series, Mom, as Violet Plunkett, the teenage daughter of Anna Faris. Sadie was so ecstatic about getting the role that even two years later, she said “It still doesn’t feel 100% real,” adding that she was so lucky to have booked the show.

This was because, among other reasons, she said in an interview, it gave her the opportunity to meet two amazing women – Anna Faris and Allison Janney, who went out of their way to take her under their wings. Thus, they went from being just co-stars on the show to become a part of her family, Sadie explained.

Sadie Calvano
Sadie Calvano (middle), Anna Faris (L) and Allison Janney (R)

Premiered on CBS on the 23rd of September in 2013, the story of Mom revolves around a single mother named Christy (Anna Faris) and her mother, Bonnie Plunkett (Allison Janney), who were alienated for many years while they were both fighting with addictions. They eventually decide to come back together and rebuild their relationship by making every possible effort to stay clean.

Actress Sadie Calvano was among the main cast of the series from its first season to the third. However, her role became a recurring role in the fourth season but she was completely absent the following season. Reappearing in season 6, Sadie made just a guest appearance in the season’s 52nd episode, which aired in 2018. Since then, she has not been seen on the series and the makers of the show are yet to give any official explanation as to why it is so.

Meanwhile, being on Mom opened doors of other acting opportunities for Sadie and as a result, while she was still on the show, she was cast in a major role in The Perfect Daughter and The Package. She also landed a main role in the web TV series Why Women Kill in 2019.

Sadie’s Career Recognitions

Considering the amount of competition in America’s movie industry, earning a recognition usually comes with a lot of work, especially for the newbies. However, Sadie made it look so easy when just one year after she began her on-screen career, she was nominated for Young Artist Awards for Best Performance in a TV Series – Guest Starring Young Actress for her role on NCIS.

During the 2013 edition of Young Artist Awards, the talented actress was again nominated for Best Performance in a TV Series – Guest Starring Young Actress for her outstanding performance in Kickin’ It. This was eventually followed by her first award win for Outstanding Female Actor – Rising Star at the 2015 edition of Gracie Allen Awards for her perfect portrayal of the character of Violet Plunkett on Mom.

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How Much Is Sadie Calvano Worth?

Sadie Calvano has been acting professionally since 2010 and no doubt, she has made quite a good amount of money from her career, however, the exact figure is unknown.

Her breakthrough television series, Mom, has been a strong performer on CBS and WBTV. The show, at the moment, is also popular among comedy series with millions of viewers and considering its success, it will not be wrong to say that its cast, including Sadie, has been well-rewarded for their roles.

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