What Happened To Molly Rosenblatt and Where Is The WCCO Meteorologist Now?

Molly Rosenblatt is one face people are yet to forget for her impacts in weather reporting. She had a distinguished career as not just a weather journalist but also as an occasional actress. Her first acting stint was in 2009 in the short drama, The Last Day of Joseph Goebbels. She also guest-starred in Simon West’s crime and action thriller, The Mechanic and worked as an art department assistant during the filming of The Grand Budapest Hotel in 2014. She gained a lot of attention in the world of journalism for her work with the CBS affiliate, WCCO-TV in Minnesota. But then, she left the channels without leaving a single word for her fans. Her disappearance has been a shock to fans who are now curious to know what happened to her. Read on and uncover everything you should know about the matter.

Who Is Molly Rosenblatt?

As stated earlier, Molly Rosenblatt is a famous Television star known for Fox 25 Morning Meteorologist. Rosenblatt was born on 21st February 1989 in Rochester, Minnesota, the United States. According to reports, she was educated at Century High School in her hometown where her early fascination with journalism made her serve in her school’s newscast team where she reported about the weather. Throughout her stay in the school, she served in that capacity and was nicknamed “the weather girl”. This deepened her love for journalism, such passion that made her major in the field at the University of Minnesota.

Molly Rosenblatt also became interested in sports while in college with a particular love for Nordic skiing and sailing. After graduation, Rosenblatt went on to join Mississipi State University in Starkville to obtain an education in meteorology. Her goal was to bolster her knowledge and make herself a standout reporter.

She succeeded in doing so, obtaining a certificate in meteorology. Within a year, she got a job in KRTV, the CBS affiliate channel in Great Falls Montana and was entrusted with the task of reporting and editing. For a while, she worked with the channel but soon moved to El Paso, Texas to assume the duty of a reporter at the NBC affiliate television station, KTSM-TV. Two years later, she relocated to Orlando Florida to become the chief meteorologist at the ABC affiliated channel, WGNO. In her new position, the professional experiences she gathered over the years were evident in her method of reporting. Soon, Rosenblatt moved again, this time to Fox affiliate channel, WOFL, where she served as an anchor.

But then, Molly Rosenblatt couldn’t stay for a long time before she went back to Minneapolis to work for WCCO-TV, a channel owned by CBS where she was tasked to anchor its weekend evening weather program. This new responsibility felt like a dream come true given that she had always wanted to work in her hometown. To everyone’s surprise, however, she suddenly disappeared from the channel, leaving many to wonder what happened to her.

What Happened To Molly Rosenblatt?

Molly Rosenblatt
Rosenblatt and Herman Geller: Image Source

If you are one of those wondering what happened to the Meteorologist, she wants you to know that she is fine. Molly Rosenblatt has nonetheless refused to discuss why she left the network or what she currently does. There were rumors that she was in an abusive relationship that consequently pushed her into becoming an alcoholic. As such, she was dismissed and thereafter, spent some time in rehab.

However, from the look of things, particularly her posts on her Instagram page, this speculation doesn’t hold water as Rosenblatt continues to enjoy her life in different striking holiday destinations. More so, she got married in 2018 to the love of her life, Herman Geller and although she hasn’t shared a recent picture of them in 2019, the two looked happy in all their pictures together.

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Where Is The WCCO Meteorologist Now?

Sometime in 2018, Rosenblatt took out time to respond to her curious fans who showed concern about her whereabouts. According to her, she was in Big Sur and doing fine. She left out details bordering on why she left WCCO-TV and didn’t say anything about joining another network.

For now, nobody knows what Molly Rosenblatt is up to, but her social media pages show that she is having the time of her life, touring the world and gushing on its beauty. Perhaps, she is taking some time off from having to worry about work.



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