Molly Brazy – Bio, Family and Career Achievements of The Rapper

Since time immemorial, music has been one of the leading forms of creative expression and over the course of history, it has recorded a number of personalities who have achieved fame and wealth through it. In modern times, there is an ever-increasing number of young people who have chosen the art as their career and are doing well for themselves. One such young person is the female rapper, Molly Brazy.

Molly Brazy’s arrival on the music scene has come with its own share of controversies along with her singles and album releases. A Detroit based rapper, Molly is not relenting on finding herself at the top and we will take a closer look at her journey so far, including other fun details you never knew about her.

Molly Brazy Biography

Molly Brazy was born on the 22nd of February, 1999 in Detroit. She is one of two children born to her parents and for a brief period, while she was still in her childhood years, she was raised by both parents until she lost her father to gun violence as he was shot multiple times. The unfortunate incident changed her personality, giving her an aggressive persona that is also reflective in her music. It also affected her basic education, as she struggled to complete her high school. She eventually got expelled for truancy.

Before she committed to her music career full time, Molly Brazy worked in a salon as a stylist. Since she became a full-fledged rapper, Molly has been growing her name steadily via social media, with her Instagram account, @mollybrazy with over one million followers. She also has a noticeable presence on Facebook and Twitter and while her growth as a musician has made her worthy of interest from music platforms like Genius and Apple Music, it hasn’t been without its own controversies either.

A video that was posted online, which went viral, once showed Molly Brazy pointing a gun at a toddler. Although nothing injurious happened, it caused a bit of a buzz and became a subject of an investigation by the Detroit Police and other Cyber Experts. It, however, turned out to be a prank in order to get some attention as one of her music projects was dropped in the middle of the controversy.

Over the course of her music career, Molly Brazy has worked with other rappers such as Rocaine and she considers her role models to be famed hip-hop personalities, Chief Keef and Logic.

Molly Brazy’s Career Achievements

Molly Brazy
Molly Brazy during one of her show performances

As a young aspiring rapper, Molly Brazy took advantage of social media to build her career as a musician, starting off with posting videos of her work on Instagram. The popularity of the videos eventually earned her a collaboration with 4sho Magazine, a YouTube-based hip hop channel where she began to showcase her work to a larger audience.

Since the collaboration, Molly Brazy has witnessed increase popularity and has achieved a great deal as an aspiring musician, including releasing her debut single, More Facts. The single was released in 2016 and in the following year, she released a mixtape, Molly World and her first album, Big Brazy. Molly released her second album, Queen Pin in the following year.

Outside the release of a couple of musical projects, Molly Brazy has also had her work featured in popular music platforms like Genius, The FADER and a couple of others.

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Family Life

When it comes to her family, Molly Brazy has had quite a few challenges, many of which a lot of rappers in the American hip hop community can relate with. We do not have much in terms of the identity of her family members, but we know that her only sibling, a brother, is in jail for an unknown crime. While she still does have her mother and her cousins, the rapper does not share a similar bond with them as she does with her brother.


In the modern music industry, being a talented singer or rapper is also as important as having an attractive look and in that regard, Molly Brazy isn’t completely lacking. With her height of 5 feet 2 inches and a bodyweight of 57 kg, Molly has a body shape and size of an admirable woman.

Additionally, she is also a tattoo aficionado and although she is more likely to be seen wearing a wig of different colours, her natural hair is dark brown.

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