Mitch Grassi biography and other facts to know
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Popular among top influential social media sensations is Mitch Grassi, an American YouTuber, singer and founding member of the five-piece a cappella group, Pentatonix. Known also as one of the members of the chart-topping pop duo called Superfruit, Mitch has always been a key personality in the success story of his band, thanks to his early passion for musical performance.

Currently, the young artist is working so hard to fulfil his ambition of becoming a well-known professional electronic musician and DJ. Let’s get to know more about the music artist and his private life.

Mitch Grassi – Bio & Age

Best known by his stage name Mitch Grassi, Grassi’s full name is Mitchell Coby Michael Grassi. He was born on the 24th of July 1992, in San Antonio, Texas, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. His parents are Mike and Nel Grassi and he has a sister who is a writer. Mitch belongs to Italian, Irish, Scottish and Welsh ancestry but he is an American citizen.

Grassi attended Martin High School where he developed a penchant for theatrical performance and as a result, he took part in his school’s stage play titled Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. As per his musical career, it was a passion he nursed within him since childhood and as fate may have it, he met and became close friends with Kirstin Maldonado and Scott Hoying who, with time, became instrumental to the formation of the widely recognised musical group called Pentatonix. After forming a music trio, Grassi and his friends became known for their acapella style.

While his high school mates were preparing for their graduation, Mitch Grassi was busy auditioning for The Sing-Off with hopes that they would win, fortunately, they did. In order to win a radio competition, Grassi and the rest of the trio uploaded their first music cover of Lady Gaga‘s song with Beyonce, ‘Telephone’, in which Grassi sang alto. Their popularity grew when in their school campuses, their songs were a major hit but in 2011, the trio evolved to become Pentatonix with the band members increasing to five.

The name Pentatonix follows the blend of their various unique musical influence. The new group won NBC’s 2011 ‘The Sing-Off’, after performing a cappella, pop, soul and R&B music. They were then awarded $200,000 and a recording contract with Sony Music. In 2012, they released their debut EP PTX, Volume 1. The same year, they had their PTXmas.

Following the success of their music career, Mitch Grassi worked with Hoying to launch their YouTube channel, Superfruit, which serves as a platform to publicise their music videos. On the channel, they release videos every Tuesday and have over 2.5 million subscribers as of April 24, 2019.

As a tenor singer for his music group, Mitch Grassi has a voice that spans 6 octaves and 1 tone, from A1 to B7. Today, he is known for most of his popular numbers like ‘Can’t Sleep Love’, ‘Na Na Na’, ‘First Things First’ and ‘If I Ever Fall in Love’. With SUP3RFRUIT, Grassi has released two albums namely “Future Friends – Part One” (released on June 30, 2017), and “Future Friends – Part Two” (released on September 15, 2017). 

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What Is Mitch Grassi’s Net Worth?

Being a talented person who is bent on fulfilling his dreams in the music world, Mitch Grassi now enjoys a lavish lifestyle thanks to his music career. While the net worth of his band is estimated to be $60 Million, Grassi has his net worth put at $8 million.

 Is He Gay With Boyfriend or Married?

Mitch Grassi
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One question that keeps recurring when it comes to Grassi’s personal life is about his sexual orientation. Mitchie publicly declared himself as gay after questions where raised about his relationship with his high school friend and co-SUP3RFRUIT founder, Scott Hoying.

The bond between Scott and Grassi have physically grown beyond best friends to lovers. They are in fact, likened to that of old couples who are still in love. Their lifestyle and music have been helpful to parents who are finding it difficult to accept their children’s sexuality. It is, however, not known if Grassi and Scott are married, although Grassi is fond of referring to Scott as his husband. What we know so far is that the two are happy together.

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