Who Is Missy Rothstein Margera, Why Did She Divorce Her Husband and Who Is She Dating?

Bam Margera is famous for his numerous stints with the ladies, the American stuntman and pro-skateboarder has won the hearts of so many ladies with his exceptional stunt performing skills. He has equally appeared on several television shows including Jackass movies, as well as MTV’s Bam’s Unholy Union. The skating prodigy has been married twice and his first marriage was to Missy Rothstein Margera.

While Margera has been making waves on the TV screens, there hasn’t been much information regarding his first marriage. Missy’s private lifestyle has made her less visible to the limelight despite being formerly married to a famous star.

The Early Life of Missy Rothstein Margera

Missy Rothstein Margera is a multi-talented American photographer, model, reality TV star, and actress who garnered fame through her marriage to Bam Margera. Born on the 3rd of June 1980 in Springfield, Pennsylvania, the United States, the gorgeous model was raised where she was born. Even though the name of her mother has been given as Marian Rothstein, that is practically the only information available about any member of her family. Almost nothing is also known about her childhood and this is a direct consequence of the fact that she prefers to keep things about her away from the public.

Despite her brush with fame through her former marriage to a man who can be counted among the most popular celebrities, Mellisa has never ceased to avoid public attention and interview. On several occasions, she has respectfully refused to disclose details about herself when asked. Notwithstanding, it is common knowledge that growing up, Missy, as she is fondly called, began to nurture a dream of becoming a model. As a result, she would entertain herself with nascent fashion television shows, admiring the grace and confidence of the models thereof.

This further convinced her that she was cut out for modeling, prompting her to pursue a career in it but not without first getting educated. She completed her basic education in 1998 at West Chester East High School, situated in Pennsylvania. When she was done, she enrolled at Penn State University where she acquired a bachelor’s degree in communication, a choice of course which turned out to be useful when marriage threw her into the limelight, leaving her with no choice but to deal with all the media attention that came with being a celebrity’s wife.

Details of What She Does For a Living

As a university undergraduate, Missy Rothstein Margera began living her modeling dream and successfully managed to balance it with her studies. Thanks to her height (5 ft. 7 in.) which is well above that of an average woman, she was able to win the attention of modeling agencies. Coupled with her perfect physical appearance, she was also able to land opportunities to be the face of some campaigns both at the national and regional levels.

With each of these achievements, her stakes as a model went higher but despite being focused on becoming a top model, Missy never passed on other opportunities. Upon her graduation from the university, she delved into acting, playing a minor role in the comedy show produced by Bam Margera titled Haggard: The Movie in 2003. After that, she went on to appear in several episodes of Viva La Bam in 2005. She came into the limelight in 2007 while featuring on the reality television series titled Bam Unholy Union. The show was about Missy and Bam Margera’s preparation for their wedding.

Bam Margera and Missy Rothstein in Bam’s Unholy Union: Image Source

The following year, she appeared in another of Bam’s reality comedy show called Bam Margera Parents: Where the #$&% Is Santa? alongside Brandon Novak and Mark The Bagger, among others. Additionally, Missy Rothstein Margera made an appearance on CKY’s music video titled Roller Rager in 2009.

How She Met and Got Married to Bam Margera

Missy Rothstein knew Bam Margera long before they ventured into showbiz. They were both students of West Chester East High School and according to Bam, he was always drawn to Missy but was never bold enough to approach her. Nevertheless, they stayed in contact and eventually started a relationship around 2005, after Bam’s breakup with his former girlfriend, Jen Rivell.

Bam is most notable for his appearance on MTV’s stunt show titled Jackass and Bam’s Unholy Union. He is also a pro-skateboarder who became popular in the late ‘90s following his exceptional skating skills. During his skateboarding career, Bam was a member of Team Element, he also earned sponsorships from popular brands including Volcom, Landspeed Wheels, and Electric Sunglasses.

Missy Rothstein Margera’s ex-husband

Not long after the pair started dating, they decided to walk down the aisle. They tied the knot in February 2007 and their wedding took place at the Loews Hotel situated downtown Philadelphia. After their wedding ceremony, the couple took a trip to Dubai to celebrate their honeymoon.

Facts Surrounding The End of Their Union

Missy and Bam had a seemingly blissful married life but their marriage wasn’t without hiccups and controversies. In July 2009, Bam was hospitalized following four days of heavy drinking. After the incident, he reportedly told TMZ that it was due to issues in his marriage and that he might be getting a divorce soon. In October 2010, Bam appeared on Howard Stern’s show where he was asked about his affairs and relationship with Missy. He disclosed that Missy was aware of his extramarital affairs and that they see each other once a week because they were both living in separate cities.

Shortly after the news of Bam’s extramarital affairs surfaced, the duo’s relationship turned sour and in the wake of the event, the pair got separated. However, they remained legally married until 2012 when they jointly released a statement disclosing that they were in the process of getting divorced. Owing to the fact that they were still very much popular, the announcement raised so much dust, leaving people wondering what exactly could have influenced their decision.

A lot of speculations made the rounds for many months after the announcement, with some reports alleging that Missy had been unfaithful and others claiming that Bam had violent behavior. Nevertheless, none of the two ever addressed the rumors but it was generally believed that Missy was the one who walked out of the marriage as a result of Bam’s alcohol abuse. Bam later told The Inquirer that his alcoholism was a major part of the reason his marriage to Missy crashed.

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Missy’s Love Life After The Divorce

After their divorce, Missy Rothstein Margera decided to stay away from the limelight. She began to keep a low profile; hence, there is no news of her subsequent relationships.

Surprisingly, she doesn’t have any social media account that is open to the public. This has made it very difficult for people to keep up with her.

The case is different for her ex-husband as he got married to a lady named Nicole Boyd in 2013. Their wedding took place at Reykjavik located in Iceland and after four years of marriage, the couple announced they are expecting their first child. On the 23rd of December 2017, Bam and his wife welcomed a son named Pheonix Wolf.

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