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Like industry experts and famous comedian John Oliver once said, everyone seems to be worried about Artificial intelligence and other forms of technology taking over their jobs, but not a lot of people are paying attention to the ones being created by them. One of those jobs is social media influencing, which is a growing multimillion dollar industry which has been a source of major income for people like Miracle Watts, who is a recognized influencer on social media, particularly Instagram.

In the case of Miracle Watts, who is a model, she has been able to build on the popularity afforded her by Instagram to become an entrepreneur and a social media influencer. Her impact on the platform has transferred into the real world in increased sales for brands in partnership with her and her own cosmetics business.

You can learn all about Miracle Watts, who is one of the faces of the new type of modeling below.

Miracle Watts – Biography

Miracle Watts was born on the 30th of January, 1993, in Houston, Texas. We do not know much about her childhood years, but according to her, since she was a child, she has always had a fascination with fashion, beauty, and photography, all of which she has combined to build a career as a social media personality.

It is understood she completed her high school education but there is no information regarding college which does not seem to matter much as she has become one of the leading names in the social media modeling community, a status which has kept the money rolling in for her.

Her journey to the top began when she started performing as an exotic dancer at the renowned Houston club, Dreams. While she was there, she met several superstars who had come to relax and enjoy the pleasures offered by the club. There, she met Drake, who took an interest in her. Through his fame and his affinity for exotic dancers, Miracle Watts’ social media standing was amplified and has been able to maintain the relevance afforded her by the meeting through the posting of well-curated pictures.

Her Instagram page (@miraclewatts00) has over 2 million followers and she has been signed onto Facet Studios. She has also established her own cosmetics company, a faux eyelashes company, The Miracle Lash.

As a model, Miracle Watts has also starred on the cover of magazines like Straight Stuntin Magazine.

Personal Life

Miracle Watt’s popularity has seen her name mentioned in a song ‘2 On Thotful’ by famous hip hop musician, Drake, a fact that sent fans wondering if she was in a relationship with the rapper/singer. However, there hasn’t been confirmation of a relationship between them at the time of song’s release.

The relationships that have however been confirmed since she became a public personality has been one in 2012 with Hasan Suliman, a businessman and another with the musician, August Alsina in September 2015, lasting till the early months of 2016.

Miracle Watts
Miracle Watts (right) with a friend during an event

After those two relationships, Miracle Watts hasn’t been confirmed to be in a relationship with anyone, although she has been rumored to have dated Tori (@sfyy_) and Rich The Kid since then. So far, the evidence suggests Miracle Watts might be a single lady.

Miracle Watts Family

Not much is known about Miracle Watts and her family, but she is known to have two siblings, a brother, and a sister, with their names currently unknown. If Miracle has a relationship with her father, that is information left to be discovered but she is believed to have grown up with her mother.

What Is Miracle Watts Net Worth?

As mentioned, Miracle Watts modeling on Instagram has gone beyond simply posting pictures on the platform, she has become a public personality, who gets invited for appearances in clubs, events and she also has a thriving cosmetic line of faux eyelashes. These ventures, combined with her brand endorsement and sponsorship as an influencer on the platform has helped Miracle Watts to a significant net worth of $600,000.

Her Height

Physical looks have been the defining quality for life as an Instagram model ever since it became a viable career option and Miracle Watts has maintained her popularity by having one of the most admired bodies on the platform, although there have been rumors she achieved her body via plastic surgeries.

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Regardless, she has a beautiful body which has a height of 5 feet 4 inches and a body weight of 61kg. Her curves are defined by a measurement of 36-25-34 inches, for her bust, waist, and hips respectively. Other features include black eyes and black hair.

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