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Mike Wolfe is an American actor best known as a finder and rescuer of objects in the popular American TV series, American Pickers. The creator and star of the History Channel hit TV show is almost a household name thanks to his long years’ of repute as the country’s foremost scavenger. Mike Wolf would comb through old barns, overgrown yards and dilapidated sheds in search of forgotten treasures. In other words, where people see a pack of garbage, Mike Wolfe and his team members find gold.

Today, he has transformed his nomadic lifestyle into a top successful business cutting across interiors, product lines, books, and retail stores. Most notable of his achievements is his creation of the widely viewed TV sitcom, American Pickers. Let’s enjoy some interesting facts about the professional treasure hunter below.

Early Life and Career

Born in Joliet, Illinois, to a single mother of three, Mike Wolfe was birthed on October 12, 1976. He is his mother’s second child and his siblings include his brother Robbie and his sister Beth Wolfe. Not much is known about his father as his parents separated when he was still very young.

Wolfe’s educational background and achievements have not been given but looking at his early life story, the now famous businessman did not grow up on the laps of luxury. In fact, he grew up being used to financial instabilities as the entire family depended on their mother’s meager earnings. To help lessen his mother’s financial burden, Mike began to pick what many would describe as trash. Although picking trash for Mike began as early as when he was four years old, he developed passion in it as he grew. He would pick dumped items and sell them to antique shops and with time it turned into a valuable business that marked the starting point of his successful life.

Today, Mike is not only operating as an important voice for professional scavengers around the world, but his business has also seen him make some remarkable contributions to the world of interiors. However, he only became popular after his appearance in the reality show, American Pickers. The TV series which premiered on January 18, 2010, has seen him share the screen with Danielle Colby and Frank Fritz, his friend for a long time. Mike Wolfe is the creator, executive producer and co-host of the series. Focusing mainly on being a motorbike collector, Mike Wolfe has collected quite a number of motorbikes. He has even signed an endorsement with Indian Motorcycles.

Does Mike Wolfe Have A Wife?

Mike Wolfe is a married man. He shares his love life with Jodi Faeth, his wife since January 30, 2012. Although not much is known about Mike’s wife, it is a known fact that the couple has been living together for over a decade. They had their daughter Charlie Faeth Wolfe eight months before their marriage in 2012 and currently, they are living happily in their home in Leiper’s Fork and Le Claire.

Mike Wolfe
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Mike has, however, been involved in a controversy since his appearance on the television. he has been rumored to be in a gay relationship with his partner Frank Fritz. The rumor sprang up after the two are often seen working together. While they are yet to address the rumor, Mike takes every opportunity to reveal his caring nature, especially to his wife and daughter.

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What Is His Net Worth?

Mike has garnered quite a lot from his picking career. The first episode of the series, American Pickers attracted over 3.1 million viewers while the entire first season had over 5.4 million Americans viewers. This not only marked the program as the highest- rated non-fiction program of 2010 but it also had Mike named among top American idols. Thanks also to the successful TV series, Mike was able to expand his retail business which he established in Nashville, in 2011. He also owns a house near Leiper’s Fork, Tennessee, where he currently lives with his family. Mike even launched an online community, Kid Pickers which is a forum where kids share what they picked.

Mike Wolfe is an author of many successful books with the first, “American Pickers Guide to Picking” published in 2011. His next book “Kid Pickers: How to Turn Junk into Treasure” was published in 2013. The book details picking guidelines for children. Through all the above-named endeavors, his net worth is estimated at $4 million and his salary is placed at $500k annually.

The reality TV star and businessman also commits to charitable works. He often hosts events that encourage people to raise fund for projects that benefit the ASCPA, St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, animal shelters, and Operation Smile. Mike is very popular on various social media platforms, including Twitter and Instagram. He has over 325k Followers on Instagram and over 647k followers on Twitter.

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