How Much Money Does Mike Stoklasa Make And Is He Married?

For a long time, movie reviews and media creation were limited to men and women who had corporate backing or were lucky enough to raise money on their own to produce their vision. However, the advent of YouTube has democratized creativity, making it easy for anyone to showcase their creations with the world with just the click of a button. This is the channel that Mike Stoklasa has taken advantage of to become a leading name in digital film review.

Today, with the success Stoklasa has accrued through the platform, he has been able to build a successful film and video production company named Red Letter Media, which has produced several projects like corporate videos, web series and comedies. Learn more about his journey below.

Mike Stoklasa Biography

Much is said on the negatives about the rise of technology, but very little is spoken about its benefits, which includes the democratizing of creativity and access to a global audience. For men like Mike Stoklasa, they may have found it challenging to break into the nepotism driven and legacy media companies that have dominated the old ways of media production. Today, with the help of technology, he is the owner of his own company which has attained huge financial success to go with it.

The journey to this success could be said to have begun on the 14th of November, 1978 when Stoklasa was born in Illinois. As with most personal information about the man, there is a lot that is left unknown, which in this case, includes his parents’ identities and the possible existence of siblings.

There is no information on where he got his basic education but he is known to have received his college degree at Columbia College, graduating in 2002. In what we presume is an influence of his college major, Mike Stoklasa began his professional career working for GMP Pictures, before he then established his own company as it is known today, Red Letter Media, LLC, alongside a business partner named Jay Bauman.

Established in 2004, Red Letter Media under the direction of Stoklasa and Co. has produced and grown into a successful film company with its own YouTube channel that has over 900 thousand subscribers. The company, whose YouTube channel is RedLetterMedia, has been producing content on the platform that is primarily reviews of films in the Star Wars and Star Trek franchise. It initially found fame via the release of the review of Star Wars: Episode 1 – The Phantom Menace in 2009.

Mike Stoklasa has been the face of the company’s YouTube presence, using his character, Harry S. Plinkett to review the films in the franchise. As a director, actor, and producer, he has produced several other works such as web series like The Grabowskis, Best of the Worst. He has also produced a number of short films, such as The Nerd Crew, The Recovered and a couple more others.

Outside of YouTube, Red Letter Media, the company has produced feature-length films, corporate videos and wedding videos.

Mike Stoklasa
Mike Stoklasa with crew members of Red Letter Media

Does He Have A Wife or Girlfriend?

Mike Stoklasa might be a popular personality on a platform that has many users divulging their personal information for views but that hasn’t been his method of operation so far. Even for traditional media interviews, where letting out some personal information about your life is par for the course, Stoklasa has remained tight-lipped about his personal life.

Rumors have it that he was dating Jessi Nakles at some point in time but as with most rumors, they have neither been confirmed nor denied. There is a general belief, however, that the Red Letter Media man is not married.

Mike Stoklasa Net Worth

When you have a film company that has a YouTube reach of over 900 thousand subscribers with over 400 million views, you are set for a major cash inflow through the platform’s ad revenue. When that is combined with the weight in the name of the brand and its reach which has attracted independent sponsors of its own, it is no surprise that its owner, Mike Stoklasa is worth a whopping $17 million.

The channel itself, RedLetterMedia, according to YouTube analytics report, has a yearly earnings potential between $35.6k and $569k.

How Tall is He?

If you are a fan of the man and or have come across him on YouTube, you must be familiar with his looks. However, if for some reason you have to describe him to a friend, Mike Stoklasa is 6 feet tall with black hair and black eyes.

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