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Michelle Mylett is a Canadian actress and a rising Instagram star. Although she does not have too many acting credits yet, the few she has appeared, featured or starred in, show that she promises to be a force to reckon with in the industry. Nicknamed Katy-kat Kathryn for her role in Letterkenny and El Camino Christmas respectively, the actress has become very popular within a short time under the spotlight and a lot of people often seek information on her background.

Therefore, this post has all the relevant facts and background details on Mylett. Enjoy the read.

Michelle Mylett’s Biography

She was born Robyn Michelle Mylett on January 4, 1989, in Ladysmith (formerly, Oyster Habour) in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. That’s also where she was raised by her very supportive parents. She has an elder brother named Patrick and a sister named Mikayla Mary Mylett but so far, we do not have details on these family members.

While we have no idea yet of where, when or whether Michelle went to school, we know a little about her career life so far. Although she is obviously a well-talented actress, Michelle is still new in the industry. Her first credited movie role is as Katy in Letterkenny, a role she has been playing since 2016.

After filling the role of Katy in Letterkenny, Michelle Mylett went on to act as Kate in El Camino Christmas the following year, 2017. In El Camino Christmas, she starred as Kate Daniels, the single mother who was held captive in a liquor store on a Christmas Eve. In that movie released in a timely fashion in December 2017, Michelle starred alongside veterans like Luke Grimes (as Eric Roth), Tim Allen (as Larry Roth), Vincent D’Onofrio (as Karl Hooker), and Dax Shepard (as Billy Calhoun). Earlier in 2017, Michelle had been on the set of Kiss And Cry as Gift Shop Employee.

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Other Facts About Michelle Mylett

Her Letterkenny spell is unique

Michelle Mylett
Michelle Mylett poses with some of her Letterkenny co-stars: Image source

Letterkenny is no doubt the movie that brought Michelle Mylett to the limelight and one remarkable feature of the movie is that it is dominated by male characters. In fact, Michelle’s character Katy is almost always surrounded by male characters. From her brother Wayne (Jared Keeso) to the rest, others who played lead roles alongside Mylett are Nathan Dales, Andrew Herr, Jacob Tierney, and Evan Stern.

Social Media Presence (Instagram, Twitter, Reddit)

Michelle Mylett is very active on social media. She posts updates about even her most trivial concerns and thoughts. For instance, she recently arrived at a London airport and immediately tweeted about seeing a set of twins dressed in matching outfits and she marvelled that parents still do that to their twins. She currently boasts over 116,000 followers on Instagram and more than 30,000 on Twitter. Although she doesn’t seem to have an account on Reddit, she is the subject of many heated discussions on the platform.

She loves her dog too much

Michelle Mylett owns a dog whose name we do not know. Instead, she addresses the dog frequently as ‘my girl’, ‘my sweet’ and such affectionate names. She often posts photos of her with the dog where she is carrying, cuddling or kissing it. Each time she travels out of her base for work, she keeps posting about missing her dog. She once admitted that she loves her dog “SO MUCH” and wondered if it was normal.

Relationship status

Michelle Mylett is reported to be dating a certain Jesse Antler. Our research shows that this Jesse is not popular – not on social media at least. Like Mylett herself, Jesse Antler maintains a presence on Instagram and Twitter. But his popularity on these platforms is a far cry from that of Mylett. For instance, he has only 411 followers on Instagram and 30 on Twitter at the time of writing this.

Although we cannot tell exactly what Antler’s profession is, there are indications that he is a rich dude and Michelle is enjoying her relationship with him. They have been posting pictures of each other on Instagram and are often seen travelling to other countries. From Antler’s Instagram account, we also found he shares a strong interest with Michelle Mylett which is love for dogs. You often see him carrying or cuddling his dog much like Michelle herself.

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